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 In a Darkened Dream1 comment
pictureWednesday, May 19th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

In a Darkened Dream

In a darkened dream the stars fall
Never seeing the dawning morn,
Never shining upon the still waters.
In a darkened dream hope sighs,
Fearing the light’s brevity of time.

When in journey the resting mind
Seeks the hardened corners below,
There is colder fog that rolls anon.
The freezing breath seeks the fire,
While it lurks hidden in pits of stone.

Yet memories stir the dwindling coals,
And the slumbering beast of desire
Uncoil into unmanageable tendrils.
They reach into the black quietude,
And leave their searing scars.

In a darkened dream Medusa screams.
Her writhing diadem in scorn’s reply
Changes all love to stone.

February 22, 2002 Marissa A Spencer

ps.. I am a bit more cheerful than that most of the time lol



1 comment

26 May 2004 @ 23:50 by vaxen : not all...
there is another aspect to medusa
that only medusas creator/creatrix knows...

subtle, sweet, dreamlike,
suspended beyond the clarion calls of day,
across that abyss of years, of night...

across charybdys' ancient pond
where dwells the all, in all, with all,
delighting in all the spawn,
medusa especially...  

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