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picture Wednesday, April 7th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

A Favorite for Rascal
By Marissa A Spencer

Rascal found himself licking his paws and wiping his face. His orange and white fur was silky smooth. Sure he was an enlightened being, but cleanliness you know, cats do pride themselves on that. The ship was very organic. The walls are semi-soft with moving flashing lights within. The colors range from soft orange to bright violet, with all the other colors in between There are even colors that were not on Earth. It is hard to tell where machinery ended and the living host began.

His crew work like the inner workings of an archaic watch. All in their niche, all functioning in perfect synchronization. Nasra approaches with a glowing clip pad. Her bright orange reptilian skin shimmers. She is beautiful. Her enormous golden eyes look worried.
“Sir, we have found a slight murmur in the fore deck. Requesting permission to leave the command center and do my duties, Sir.” Her great eyes blink solemnly and she shakes her white mane impatiently.
“Of course Nas, go ahead. You know the ship has highest priority.” Rascal’s equally golden eyes blinked back and he twitched a whisker to cheer her up. She is a top of the line healer. A race that is too few in number. Rascal thanks his lucky stars.
The rest of the crew included the doglike Canis. Mr. Barker is on duty this morning. He is one of the best communication officers in the fleet. Rascal could see Barker’s floppy ears flip up occasionally while monitoring incoming transmissions.
“Where are we headed today, Sir?” said the blue salamander-like navigator.
“Sally we are going to Caseus star system, I have to pick up some supplies. Set in a course immediately, I have to be home by dinner.” Rascal licks his lips and closes his eyes half way, dreaming of the delights ahead.
Sally fidgets with some dials and thumps the console a few times softly. The engines start to whirr and the ship zooms into hyperspace. Flashing stars are mesmerizing, so Rascal decides to head for his cabin for a few.
“Let me know when we arrive, Sally.”
“Yes, Sir!” Sally’s toothless grin was good to see.
Rascal’s cabin was dimly lit and was attached to the command center. Various cubby holes and scratching posts kept him fit. His favorite was a toy mouse that really acted like a mouse. He curled up on a soft ledge and slept.
“Sir!” then she spoke a little louder, “Sir!”
Rascal opens one eye reluctantly. Sally’s beadlike eyes bore into him. “Is it time already?” Rascal opened the other eye.
“Yes Sir! We just arrived. It looks like a lovely day too Sir.” She waits expectantly. “Is there anything you need before we disembark, Sir?”
“No, no.” He stretches and yawns. “I will be right there.”
A few minutes later, Rascal saunters to the command chair. The planet Caseus is on the view screen. A small yellow planet, it hosts very little life. It is mostly home to various fungi and of course, the intergalactic favorite food.
“Assemble me a collection team, Gar.” Gar was very fishlike, with green scales and dangerous looking spikes on his back.
“Yes, Sir, anything else? I have to go soak for a bit Sir.” Gar definitely looked a bit dried out. His slime was not as glossy as usual.
“No, no… looks like you did a great job as usual. I will take three bots with me. Sal, Barker, let’s go.” The three bots were modest sized boxes on wheels, they had a collectors scoop that came out of a hidden door in the front. They could store a considerable amount of whatever they collected.
Nas appeared suddenly and she looked anxious. “Sir, may I come? You know how much I love going planet side.”
Rascal could never resist her sweet tone. “Sure, let’s go. Bring the data recorder would you?”
They got into a small space dinghy and headed for the planet. It was rather oblong and was often a problem on earth, as it was spotted easily. It didn’t have any cloud disguise or anything like that. Since no one lived on this planet it wasn’t a problem. This planet was easy to land on; the soft surface was almost mushy.
“Ok, Sal you take BOT1 and go north… some of the firmer stuff with the holes in it would be nice. Barker, go to the east, get me some of that stuff with blue fungus in it.
Barker cringed slightly, his brown tail drooping “Yes, Sir, whatever you say. I will take BOT2. Barker just hated the way that stuff smelled.
“Nas, get me BOT3 and come with me. I want some of the good stuff.”
“Sure, I am ready Sir!” Her toothy smile broadened and she thumped her long tail.
Nas and Rascal traveled a few minutes to the west. A field of orange was before him. “Ok, BOT3, do your thing!” Rascal commanded the robot. BOT3 immediately headed out to the orange field and scooped up mass quantities of soft, crumbly stuff.
After an hour, Rascal called his team together. His communicator was inset on his collar. They all headed back to the dinghy and returned to the ship with a hold full of booty.
“Sir, we are approaching Earth, any last orders?” Barker wagged his tail.
“Yes, I want my portion of today’s take from the planet. Put it in a storage canister. I am taking some with me.” Rascal purrs at the thought.
The dinghy hovered over the back yard and a bright light transported Rascal and his canisters to the ground. They didn’t dare land as taking off made so much electrical disturbance.
Rascal was curled up on the couch. His female owner was rummaging through the fridge. “I found some for you son.” She yelled to the back of the house. “I guess you can make nachos now. I don’t remember buying this much though. Where did this blue cheese come from?”
Rascal heard the microwave starting up. A large young man sits next to him and strokes him softly. Rascal waits. The young man is done eating and sets the plate down on the floor and leaves the room.
Rascal hops down and starts licking the plate. “MMMM… my favorite” he thinks, “Fried cheese; heavenly!” He purrs with delight.

© April 7, 2004 Marissa A Spencer




7 Apr 2004 @ 10:52 by shawa : *beamin´*
How about becoming as rich as the Queen of England with Rascal´s adventures?
T´would be a lovely tail, I mean "tale"...! ;-)  

8 Apr 2004 @ 05:23 by skookum : now that would be nice
I could be home with my kids.  

18 Apr 2004 @ 11:49 by jmarc : just as i've always suspected about cats
That's an entertaining tale.

Thank you!

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