THE FOREST GREEN: Dragon’s Sleep    
 Dragon’s Sleep1 comment
pictureFriday, April 2nd 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Dragon’s Sleep

A great green dragon dwelt alone,
Curled and coiled in a cave so deep.
Sulfur billows oozed past trees,
A slithering banner of dragon-sleep.
To other lands he has oft flown,
O’er countless skies and endless seas.
A wing-ed prince none dare fight,
Challenged not in gliding flight

Tremors roll from the mountain’s core,
Golden eye un-shuttered glows.
Flicking tail and stretching wing,
Awareness of some danger grows.
Flames chase out a searing roar,
Embers crackle, hiss and sing.
Prince of the air goes to flee
Soaring o’er the cobalt sea.

Down below sinks his fair isle,
Treasure’s cave beneath the sea.
Screaming a loss of princely home,
Where now will the dragon be?
A wanderer faces another trial,
Upon world, he now must roam.
Great green wings embrace the sky,
Only heard is his receding cry.

© May 25, 2003 Marissa A Spencer



1 comment

2 Apr 2004 @ 11:33 by shawa : Sounds familiar...
The Lady Dragon.  

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