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 If I Could Find You5 comments
picture Monday, March 8th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

If I Could Find You

It comes in hushed, whispered breaths.
See the turnings of the spirit flounder,
and twist and beseech the unseen.
Is it the lives or the deaths,
that makes the sanity founder?
You discover you stand between.

No world in purity is solely yours.
Glimpses of other whens and wheres
take you to other tomorrows.
As you pass by endless glass doors,
and gaze up at ever spiraling stairs.
In the light you cast down your sorrows.

There is a yesterday to visit today.
A familiar face is seen in every door.
How did you get from then to when?
That whispering again, what does it say?
Now that whisper becomes a roar.
We are together briefly once again.

Sweet partings and joinings in flashes,
Memories are lost in the fading light.
Where are you in this time I live?
The focus, the dream now crashes,
no more sparks are left to ignite.
If I could find you…
how much would I give?

Marissa A. Spencer
© September 26, 2002




10 Mar 2004 @ 18:31 by Roger Eaton @ : Gives me the chills!
A wonderful poem.  

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