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Monday, February 16th 2004, by Marissa A Spencer

Winter’s Arabesque

The frigid waste ran endless into the starry sky
Twinkling lights to wait in turn to counterpoint the night
Elvin singing in windblown whispers drift ‘cross the ice
“Come dance the winter’s arabesque, come dance the winter’s waltz.”
Dizzying the mind with merriment and giddy celebration

Spiraling balls of colored lightning came across the hills
Around the cottages and across the frozen fence posts
Through silver edged streams and sparking meadows
Giggling faerie voices tinkling on the blue wind
“Come dance! Come dance! One chance, come dance!”

Meadow brightens with glowing figures swaying gracefully
As movements flow from sparkling maidens and lithesome lads
Dancing on this starry moonlit night to magic’s own music
Mistletoe in flowing tress, e’ergreen boughs strewn on the frost
Quickened feet to meet the tempo, disappear into the night

Sleeper wakes as the last gaily song is o’er and morn has dawned
No less amazed at dreams that haunt the early hour
Daring dreams less spoke the better, midst the day’s reality
Bundling up for celestial walking upon the white drifts
Finding delicate footprints in empty meadow fair

Wind in sighing echo, a gentle chill across the cheek
“Come dance… come dance…come dance…come dance.”
As laughter ripples through the leafless trees
And light spins about in dizzying confusion
Awakened one runs to fire and safe haven’s hearth.

Marissa A Spencer
© December 30, 2001




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