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 Something very odd happened4 comments
Monday, November 8th 2010
and.. I know you won't believe me!  More >

 Fridge Space2 comments
Friday, February 15th 2008
this very cool writers site has a weekly challenge to writers to write on a topic they choose. The topic this week was "Fridge Space". It can be a poem, story etc. This is my contribution. Hope you like it. lol

[link]  More >

 The Curse of Nathaniel Granger0 comments
Friday, March 2nd 2007
The Curse of Nathaniel Granger
by Marissa A Spencer

There was a small dock that extended out into the stream. I remember dropping my fishing line into the water and watching the trout look at me. I had a feeling they would roll their eyes at me if they could have.  More >

 The Prize:a twisted story0 comments
Sunday, August 8th 2004
I wrote this for an online contest.

The Prize
By Marissa A Spencer

“Shhh…. yer gonna wake em up! Shhhh… I tell ye… Shaddup!” In the darkness a soft splash was heard then a loud clang. Gruntbag whispers as he feels along in the fetid darkness, “Lumpwart! How are we supposed to steal that prize with you making such an awful racket?”  More >