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 a lost halloween poem.. the Halloween Feast3 comments
Sunday, February 7th 2010
hope you like it  More >

 The Skeleton Crew4 comments
Monday, October 6th 2008
The Skeleton Crew  More >

 The Phantom 132 comments
picture Monday, October 15th 2007
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I write a Halloween poem every year. Hope you enjoy it. Just fixed the typo lol  More >

 The Hobgoblin of Hatchet Hill1 comment
Monday, December 18th 2006
The Hairy Hobgoblin of Hatchet Hill
by Marissa A Spencer

In the dark night it is such a fright
To walk down Hatchet Hill
The sounds that you hear will fill you with fear
When the Goblin hunts for you  More >

 On Hallow's Eve0 comments
Monday, October 31st 2005
On Hallow’s Eve

Be careful where you walk my lad when ye walk into the moor
Score’s been lost at such a cost beyond some demon’s door
The lights will beckon lonely souls to search ‘mongst stone and glen
With weeping that floats out each night when they ne’er return again.
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 In the Gallyrump by the Windygroo3 comments
Saturday, October 29th 2005
In the Gallyrump by the Windygroo

In the Gallyrump by the Windygroo
The wind howls cold by the lonely bog
On a moonless night, walking all alone
Dodging soggy peat and rotten log
A chill creeps into your every bone
Wondering if terror’s tale’s true  More >

 In Grampy's House1 comment
Thursday, October 27th 2005
In Grampy’s House

In Grampy’s house down the dusty stairs
No-seeums and skerlies catch ya unawares
They’ll grab you when you turn to go
Make the shutters shake,make the winds to blow  More >

 Hollow's Fright0 comments
picture Wednesday, October 26th 2005
Hollow’s Fright

By Marissa A Spencer

Don’t walk down the East Lawn Road
Past the marble orchard that is so cold
Where the hills dip and meander ‘round
And night birds call their eerie sound  More >

 Hallowe'en Feast8 comments
picture Thursday, October 13th 2005
Hallowe’en Feast

Strange things happen on Hallowe’en
With few survivors of things unseen
You dare to explore the woodland trails
Ignoring the legends and scary tales  More >

 Hallowe'en7 comments
picture Sunday, October 31st 2004

I walked among the tombstones,
One dark and stormy night.
There was a chill deep in my bones,
My hair swirled 'round in fright.  More >

 The Haunted Looking Glass4 comments
picture Tuesday, May 4th 2004
The Haunted Looking Glass

An Irish lass peered into the past
With a haunted looking glass  More >