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 At the Bat of the Eye3 comments
Saturday, August 1st 2015
I think I am writing again... maybe.. ?  More >

 Fearful Geography5 comments
Sunday, February 16th 2014
Fearful Geography

Though the nobler paths may be fraught with thorny snares
I shall not find them to be fearful geography
The sharp wisps that lash at me as I pass by shall be as nothing
My furrowed brow shall be a token of my own absolution
The sunlight sprinkling upon my skin shall warm me
I shall not be alone; I see others all around me
They do not see me, but I see them
Perhaps if I give a shout they shall look up from their stony paths
I shall wave and smile and perhaps they shall too
We travel together, whether they know it or not

© 2014 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 Fairy poems....8 comments
Wednesday, December 19th 2012
written for some friends of mine  More >

 poem. Gathering Roses4 comments
Monday, May 3rd 2010
I know I haven't written in a while.. so here goes  More >

 Turning (poem)8 comments
Monday, September 22nd 2008
for the changing season..  More >

 In the Garden1 comment
Friday, July 25th 2008
you know what I mean  More >

 Beyond3 comments
Sunday, June 15th 2008
another from my archive  More >

 The Food Prayer1 comment
Sunday, June 15th 2008
tell it like it is.. lol  More >

 Between Here and There2 comments
Sunday, June 15th 2008

In the space between here and there  More >

 poem: we are dancing2 comments
Wednesday, May 28th 2008
jazz festival this weekend.. it rocked!  More >

 Fading8 comments
Sunday, May 18th 2008
read on  More >

 The Winds8 comments
Thursday, April 10th 2008
a poem  More >

 Perfect9 comments
Sunday, February 24th 2008
It could be...  More >

 My Garden Waits3 comments
Wednesday, February 13th 2008
on a funnier note...  More >

 Poem: Penance of Winter2 comments
Thursday, February 7th 2008
No buds on the Dogwood.... this year  More >

 Rose Calico Skies10 comments
Tuesday, January 1st 2008
a poem for the new year  More >

 The Frozen Woods12 comments
picture Friday, December 14th 2007
Winter makes me think of Robert Frost... and that makes me think of poetry..

so.. In honor of traditional poem writing..

here is a winter poem

pic is from this site.. and is free..

[link]  More >

 Just In Case18 comments
Thursday, December 6th 2007
I am paying attention...  More >

 Apparently9 comments
Saturday, August 25th 2007
things are not as they seem  More >

 Sing to the Earth9 comments
Friday, August 17th 2007
a blessing  More >

 Beneath the Towering Spires9 comments
Saturday, August 11th 2007
a friend on The Daily Grail remarked on my last poem...

"aren't poems supposed to rhyme?"

so... I wrote one that did lol  More >

 A Prayer for the Earth11 comments
Wednesday, August 8th 2007
Sweet Universe:
A Prayer for the Earth  More >

 Earthbound7 comments
Sunday, July 29th 2007
a poem  More >

 Poem: Water3 comments
Sunday, July 15th 2007
don't ask me why  More >

 Tears6 comments
Sunday, July 8th 2007
yeah... and it isn't even raining...;-)  More >

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