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 Strangers May Cheer You Up, Study Says0 comments
Friday, December 5th 2008
an article on MSN this morning.. had to share.. real food for thought! forgive the earlier typo! lol  More >

 The Haunted Cell Phone0 comments
Saturday, September 20th 2008
I was going to a link on one board and found this gem of a story on the sidebar.


Train Victim's Cell Kept Calling Loved Ones After He Died  More >

 Touched by his Noodly Appendage12 comments
picture Sunday, August 10th 2008
What greatness inspires great art!!!

check this site out

[link]  More >

 6.6 degrees of separation1 comment
Saturday, August 2nd 2008
Are we really surprised how connected humanity really is?  More >

 Life is cheap.. but.. 0 comments
Wednesday, July 9th 2008
you'd better not steal from the library!


in disturbing contrast...  More >

 Sahaja Yoga Meditation1 comment
picture Sunday, July 6th 2008
Now.. this lady has the right idea...

we all become enlightened and the process brings peace to the world

[link]  More >

 TAPAS acupressure technique.. TAT for short0 comments
Thursday, July 3rd 2008
Magnus of the EFT training videos.. sent me a link to learning this technique.  More >

 EFT Emotional Freedom Technique6 comments
Tuesday, June 24th 2008
it works... I use it all the time now

here is main site


you will have to suspend disbelief a bit.. but it isn't hard when the results are so quick

it is time to release your burdens, baggage and misery  More >

 Tong Ren Today0 comments
Thursday, June 19th 2008
an ancient Chinese Healing modality...

it will surprise you

It certainly amazed me!  More >

 Pandora Radio3 comments
Tuesday, May 13th 2008
It is awesome!  More >

 Ulcerative Colitis0 comments
Thursday, March 13th 2008
20 year old son just diagnosed.. many years suffering  More >

 Went to Holistic Fair1 comment
Monday, February 25th 2008
and met this gentleman.. Alpha Lo, a physicist. He did some energy body work on me. Was great. He also spoke of his book and the one his father wrote.  More >

 Native American site0 comments
Wednesday, December 29th 2004
check it out


I am especially drawn to Black Elk's teachings...

not sure why.. sometimes you don't question some things you just learn the message.

 Because I care0 comments
Tuesday, November 16th 2004

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