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 Be the Creator1 comment
Friday, October 15th 2010

Be the Creator.

As I was drinking my coffee this morning watching the hummingbirds sip away above my head, I sighed contentedly. What a morning! Blue sky and all the wildlife busy preparing for winter felt so comforting. So incredibly right and all as it should be.
I try to sit there on my front porch every morning, weather permitting. I have already gotten my youngest to his high school and done dishes and made coffee. Pausing for a bit to connect to that formless being-ness that permeates everything, I waved each time a neighbor drove by. A smile and a wave; so easy, so simple, so meaningful.
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 Buddha said...2 comments
Thursday, February 18th 2010
thought this was good  More >

 Animal Spirit Guides50 comments
Thursday, September 18th 2008
Shamanism: Working with animal spirits.


I have in the last few weeks had unusually frequent contact with a high number of Praying Mantis...

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 Intentional Chocolate1 comment
Tuesday, July 8th 2008
who would have thought...

something this good could make you happy?  More >

 Happy New Year!6 comments
Sunday, December 30th 2007
to all my friends!  More >

 manifesting... and the surprising results2 comments
Thursday, December 27th 2007
I guess I can blame myself for this....

or congratulate myself..  More >

 Manifesting...oh yeah!1 comment
Tuesday, March 27th 2007
I was waiting this evening at nine thirty pm to pick up my daughter Krystal at her job at Payless Shoe source. It is located right next to a Walmart.  More >

 Broken Spirit
picture Monday, December 6th 2004
I used to meet up with people on the audiochat program called MPlayer. There were rooms with Native Americans. One evening and older gentleman and I were the only ones left in the room. He asked me if he could recite a poem to me. I said, sure, thinking he was just going to read it. I was delighted when he put some NA flute in the background.
I was crying by the time he was done. It is a powerful poem, unfortunately the author is unknown. If any of those reading this know who wrote it, please let me know.  More >

 Abstract Thought3 comments
Sunday, September 26th 2004
Abstract Thought

By Marissa A Spencer

Am I imprisoned by my limiting concepts of my world and myself? Where in the path of self-realization did my thoughts and feelings send me to odd paths and darkly lit alleys?  More >

 Web of Light8 comments
Monday, August 30th 2004
Web of Light

I arrived early to my workplace this morning. The sun was filtering through the trees behind the building. We have a man-made stream and large trees in a big courtyard there. As I sat on a bench, I could see the spider webs flashing in the sunlight.  More >

 Watercolor I did3 comments
pictureMonday, April 5th 2004
It is a picture of a South American woman sitting before a waterfall in the jungle. I got the idea from National Geographic.. hope they don't mind.  More >