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 recipe three.. what to do with leftover Turkey adobo0 comments
Wednesday, December 1st 2010
ha.. bet you wont guess  More >

 Recipe two.. Turkey too!2 comments
picture Wednesday, December 1st 2010
here is another one.. a hit to say the least  More >

 After Thanksgiving recipes2 comments
Wednesday, December 1st 2010
I know what you are thinking.. oh no more on how to fix turkey after the holiday. Well, yes that is what I have for you here. I really do not care for some of the dishes traditionally done with leftover turkey, so I decided to step into less traveled territory.

oh I just came up with these on my own.. but then.. I have been cooking all my life.. and well. that is a lot of years!  More >

 Winter Reading 2 comments
Friday, January 18th 2008
I am usually reading more than one book at a time.  More >

 Time to plant7 comments
Monday, January 14th 2008
I know for some of you it is way too early to think about gardening.  More >

 needlework for charity 0 comments
Wednesday, September 19th 2007
It is feeling like fall again and I am planning my fall garden and my needlework projects.  More >

 a garden wild9 comments
picture Sunday, April 29th 2007
In my wild back yard grew an amazing assortment of things that 'volunteered' as my dear mother would have said. I made a passing wish that I had a fig. Voila...there is a fig growing...and I didn't even plant it. My Cherry tree is laden, my grape vines are meandering everywhere.  More >

 some of my art5 comments
Friday, March 19th 2004
[link] thanks guys.. you are all the best!  More >