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 Mother's Last Gift1 comment
Friday, October 19th 2007
true story...  More >

 Parable of the Rock0 comments
Saturday, March 3rd 2007
The Parable of the Rock

The rock lay suspended in his home of dirt and roots from the grasses above. He wondered when it would rain again. He loved it when it rained. The droplets would run over his form and tickle as they descended into the depths of the earth.  More >

 My California Childhood2 comments
Saturday, March 5th 2005
Bidwell’s Bar circa 1960


By Marissa A Spencer

Recollections of our childhood experiences are tinged by a rosy sense of wonder. I have often pondered the things we did as a family and the feelings that came with them.  More >

 The Parable of the Mimosa and Crabapple4 comments
picture picture Monday, August 23rd 2004
The Parable of the Mimosa and Crabapple

by Marissa A Spencer

There was a beautiful crabapple tree that bloomed in a lovely meadow in a calm, peaceful valley. About ten feet away was a lovely mimosa tree. The mimosa’s feathery leaves opened and closed with each sunrise and sunset. The crabapple bloomed bright pink blossoms in the spring. Mimosa’s blossoms were like pink fairies.  More >

 Mary and Jane, are you my friends? Smithsonian part 56 comments
picture Sunday, August 15th 2004
Mary and Jane, are you my friends? Smithsonian part 5

A year went by and life was pretty crazy. Thoughts of odd experiences were not at the top of the list of things to do. Then one quiet evening when I was relaxing, I sensed the thought in my head. It wasn’t a real voice, but a thought formed into words.  More >

 Going Into the Past: Smithsonian part 42 comments
Saturday, August 14th 2004
Going Into the Past

by Marissa A Spencer

I could have stayed in the Natural History Museum for a whole day, but there was still so much to see. In between the buildings there are outdoor exhibits. I was fortunate to go when the weather was perfect. With a smile on my face I continued to the next major building. The Museum of American History was no disappointment. I already mentioned my Grandfather’s shop. The Industrial Revolution had its good and bad side. Marvelous marvels of the modern era were all well represented.  More >

 More pictures0 comments
picture picture Friday, August 13th 2004
Of my wandering in Museum of Natural History.

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 Natural History Museum:Smithsonian part 3
picture picture Friday, August 13th 2004
Wandering around the collection of museums called the Smithsonian is a treat. I left the art museum and wistfully wondered what Mary Cassatt was trying to tell me. My next destination was the Natural History Museum. Touted as pretty impressive, I am happy to agree. The front of the building alone is massive.  More >

picture picture picture
 Mary Cassatt, do I know you?:Smithsonian part 25 comments
picture Tuesday, August 10th 2004
Smithsonian: Part 2

By Marissa A Spencer

In the late summer of 1999, the cherry blossoms of Washington, D.C. were done falling. I put my backpack on and grabbed a cab to go to the Smithsonian. I had dreamed for years of visiting it. I had no preconceived notions and was open to anything I could learn. Had I been guided to this place at this time? One could argue that, when you think about the events that transpired.  More >

  FORD THEATER AND ME: Smithsonian Part 110 comments
picture Wednesday, July 21st 2004
Chapter 1: Ford Theater and me.

In the late summer of 1999 I was fortunate to have an opportunity to go to Washington D.C. I had gone to be at the poetry convention. That was just an excuse to see the Smithsonian. I would like to recount an odd experience I had there in our grand Capitol.  More >

 Cloudy’s Contribution1 comment
pictureFriday, May 7th 2004
Cloudy’s Contribution
By Marissa A. Spencer

I remember his hands were gnarled from the numerous times he had broken them. The fingernails were split and blackened by years of hard work. He muttered, through clenched teeth full of nails, for the rasp. My hands lifted the heavy rough tool to him. I knew all the tools he worked with by heart.  More >