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 Happy Valentine's Day!3 comments
Friday, February 13th 2009

to all of us.. love in all its wonderful forms, shades, nuances and flavors!

[link]  More >

 My Odd Little Dream2 comments
Wednesday, June 14th 2006
Some of this dream is like a memory and some of it is obviously symbolic.  More >

 UFO DREAM 44 comments
picture Thursday, January 20th 2005
pic on MS Paintbrush by Ben age 7

I am probably going to take them down.. but wanted to post my last dream for those interested.  More >

 UFO DREAM 35 comments
picture Wednesday, January 19th 2005
Picture by my son Ben.. age 7

The third dream is a bit different. I am in a community where there are many buildings. I do not feel this is earth…or perhaps it is another time, or era.  More >

 UFO DREAM 221 comments
picture Saturday, January 15th 2005
picture from [link]

Here is the second dream. might just be a dream, we all have them. Nothing odd about weird things that live in our heads is there?  More >

 UFO DREAM9 comments
picture Monday, January 10th 2005 much is real?
how much is our fear of the unknown
how much is both?
I will be posting a series of dreams I have had. Promise not to send in the white coated men ok?  More >

 What is this?11 comments
picture Thursday, August 19th 2004
I saw it when I woke from a meditation..

I had my eyes open and the sight of it lingered for a few moments..

I have a pastel of it.. I will scan it when I can. This will have to do to let you know... six spheres... connected

when I looked at it , it was sitting on the horizontal...

I opened my eyes and it glowed in the darkness...  More >