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 Who Turned Out the Lights?1 comment
Tuesday, May 20th 2008
A story from my childhood.  More >

 Orbs orbs ORBS... hmmm..3 comments
picture Thursday, August 2nd 2007
Last night my daughter and I went looking for anything odd we could find in my garden. I did find some references to solid ones online.

[link]  More >

 dust orbs0 comments
picture Friday, May 25th 2007
see the difference?  More >

 Face on an orb2 comments
picture Thursday, May 17th 2007
this one at the Winchester House doesn't seem to look like a dust one.  More >

picture picture
 OK smarty pants..2 comments
picture Thursday, May 19th 2005
so they are dust motes.. or vapor.. of whatever lol..

I submitted this one to Coast to Coast.. now.. they may not put it up.. hey.. it was a try.. but here ya go.

Here is what I wrote them to put as my statement.  More >

 Outdoor Orbs0 comments
Monday, May 16th 2005
my daughter took these pics in the redwoods of California. No flash was used.. there is sunlight involved. One pic shows clearly a sun flare at the top of the tree. The unknown nature of orbs make the other pics interesting to say the least. No flash was used, remember...

picture picture picture
 Book orb3 comments
picture Monday, May 2nd 2005
ok.. but why is it so bright.. compared to the others?  More >

 Moving orb2 comments
Friday, April 29th 2005
I know.. just dust.. or water droplets right?  More >

picture picture
 girl orb2 comments
Friday, April 29th 2005
do you see her?  More >

picture picture
 Window Orb7 comments
Thursday, April 28th 2005
what do you think?  More >

 More Strange and Amazing tales4 comments
picture Wednesday, March 16th 2005
Miracle Mile or Won Ton Soup Anyone?

Many of us have experienced strange things when we travel.  More >

 Ghosts, and other Things, part 58 comments
picture Thursday, March 3rd 2005
photo from:

Who Turned Out the Lights?

In Sacramento in the old part of the city is a neighborhood of Victorian homes. They are two stories and have wide steps that walk up to the front door. The cement banisters are wide and you can slide down them if you don’t mind tearing your shorts. They all have a basement and small back yards.  More >

 Ghosts, and other Things, part 42 comments
picture Tuesday, March 1st 2005
clipart from [link]

A Haunting for Rent

By Marissa A Spencer

The details of this ghost story are a bit hard to comprehend. It doesn’t fall under the typical haunting I have read about.  More >

 Ghosts, and other Things, part 34 comments
picture Sunday, February 13th 2005
pic from [link]

Can You Believe Your Eyes?

Did you ever wonder if you could believe your eyes? I can recount a few tales for you about things that could stretch your sanity.  More >

 Ghosts, and other Things, part 25 comments
picture Tuesday, February 8th 2005
Pic of my mother...probably late 1930s

The Fire

Let me tell you what I recall of the story told to me by my mother. When I was a baby, our ranch house we lived in caught fire. The electrical system in the house was faulty. My understanding is most everything we owned went up in flames.  More >

 Ghosts, and other Things, part 14 comments
picture Sunday, February 6th 2005
pic from Gimpsavvy

In Some Lonely Place

I have wondered about my own childhood and the things I remember about my experiences and myself and my family. The stars and the possibilities of life ‘out there’ have always fascinated me. Odd and unusual events and experiences have always peaked my interest. I always took this sort of things as reasonably commonplace. The times my extended family would gather, was a time of stories of the bizarre and unusual. Just about every member of my family would have a collection of stories they could tell about some strange experience they had. So, in light of this I have never felt that I was too terribly strange.  More >

 Strange and perhaps wonderful things Part 17 comments
picture Sunday, January 30th 2005
What Childish Thing is This?

an account through a childs eyes...

Often we experience things that are merely mysteries to ourselves. Somewhere out there is knowledge that answers those mysteries.Sleep paralysis…can be a disturbing and unexplainable experience to a young person or even an adult. Sometimes other things happen in the twilight of sleep.  More >

 Odd Happenings at Coloma2 comments
Friday, August 20th 2004
Odd Happenings at Coloma

By Marissa A Spencer

One year our family went to the Coloma mill, where Marshall’s men found gold in California. It is lovely in the foothills and we often took a picnic with us and panned for gold in the cold shallow river there. The area is covered with preserved buildings. The blacksmith shop will have someone demonstrating the art from time to time.  More >

 My Personal Monster7 comments
picture Wednesday, June 30th 2004
My Personal Monster

Sometimes a person can have an experience that really defies the things you’ve been taught all your life. Human beings are very prone to self-deception, and I am not immune from this malady. I have not recently been able to do much meditation or reflection lately. My life seems to have taken a hectic turn recently. I do, however, try to remember the lessons I have been taught.  More >

 Reluctant Visionary Part Two:2 comments
picture Thursday, April 29th 2004
Reluctant Visionary Part Two:

Now having had this dream, I really didn’t know what I was to do. The next time I lay down to rest for a few and I was immediately was transported to a familiar place.  More >

 The Reluctant Visionary4 comments
picture Tuesday, April 27th 2004
The Reluctant Visionary

I was attending a meditation/metaphysics class taught by an older gentleman from my reiki group. I was not one to do a lot of meditation and I felt it would do me good to learn a bit about the process. So I started sitting quietly from time to time, emptying my thoughts and relaxing.  More >

 When do you believe in yourself?3 comments
picture Monday, April 26th 2004
When do you believe in yourself? In my reiki group I have a dear friend, an older gentleman who has experienced many spiritual things. We had been discussing the Cherokee. Now, many debate the origins of this group. He had some dreams regarding this and was curious.  More >

 It could Happen to YOU!6 comments
picture Thursday, April 22nd 2004
It could Happen to YOU!

I know what you are thinking….I imagined this all. Right? I admit it seems a bizarre thing. I was returning from Los Angeles late April 2000, and found myself sitting around 2 AM at the Sacramento Airport Terminal. I was waiting for one of those cute little blue vans to take me home. I was waiting at the front where the vans picked you up. The night was still dark and the view to the parking lot and attending streets was in good view. There were not many cars around at that time of day. I had some fellow weary travelers for a while, but their ride arrived and spirited them off. Funny thing I should say spirited…isn’t it?  More >

  An Awakening4 comments
picture Saturday, April 17th 2004
Indian Grinding Rock

It was in the late summer of last year(2002) when we took our family to see Indian Grinding Rock in the foothills of Northern California.  More >