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 So it is...0 comments
picture Saturday, June 11th 2005
Pic.. by me.. (c) 2005 Marissa A Spencer

so it is.. often so.. we lead each other in turn.. to places we've never been  More >

 The sweetness of life3 comments
picture Saturday, May 21st 2005
Photo (c) 5-2005 Marissa A Spencer

The degree of the sweet joys of life I imagine are determined partly by the events in our lives and partly in our perceptions and attitudes of them.  More >

 Update on UFO group0 comments
Wednesday, February 23rd 2005

This is a nice group. I won't be posting in there anymore, but will read from time to time.


 I was thinking..7 comments
picture Monday, December 20th 2004
yes I know, dangerous thing right? Anyway... I was thinking of how we in our lives grow and progress. So many things we have experienced have been processed and refined through our inner workings.  More >

 The Winds Do Blow4 comments
Saturday, October 23rd 2004
The Winds Do Blow

The winds tore through our town the other day. Watching out the window at work reminded me of scenes of tornado winds. I knew though that these winds were no comparison to those incredible raging blasts. I dared not wander around the trees on my walk that day, so I gazed wistfully as the storm blew by,making the trees dance almost gaily.  More >

 Hello, Raven5 comments
Friday, October 8th 2004
Hello, Raven

When I was a young mother and my oldest son was about four years old, we had a strange experience. I was divorced and I was living with my mother. We had a very large black cat named Maynard, a Siamese named Tillicum and several fish. We obviously loved animals. There was a park nearby and the river not too far either. The small park was at the end of the street and always had joggers running around it and kids playing soccer.  More >

 The Great Stone0 comments
Sunday, October 3rd 2004
The Great Stone

How great is a stone that sits by flowing water? It in its massiveness seems impervious, omnipotent. If there is one crack upon its great face, there comes opportunity for new things to happen.  More >

 Gather ye Nuts While ye May2 comments
Sunday, September 26th 2004
Gather ye Nuts While ye May

By Marissa A Spencer

In the crisp autumn morning you can hear the soft crinkling of falling leaves and the occasional thud of ripened acorns. During my daily walk amongst the trees my path brought me before a harried squirrel.  More >

 Precarious Perch11 comments
Saturday, September 18th 2004
Precarious Perch

My morning walk was a bit brief today. I had not put on the proper shoes; nonetheless, I walked into the courtyard behind my work. The stream was still foaming here and there and bubbling appropriately. I stepped along the path over the bridge and to the tall oaks lining the walkway. I stopped abruptly, struck by the sight before me.  More >

 It seems8 comments
Monday, September 13th 2004
I am thoughtless today.

Streams of my consciousness seem to be stuck in foam today.  More >

 Foam in the Stream13 comments
Thursday, September 9th 2004
I was sitting this morning again in the wooded courtyard. I had taken my walk. I was reading "Suffering is Optional by Cheri Huber". I was sipping my coffee when I saw this odd shape in the small stream.  More >

 hmm0 comments
Friday, August 27th 2004
"At the center of your being you have the answer; You know who you are and you know what you want." (Lao-tzu)

 Sigh11 comments
picture Thursday, August 26th 2004
did you know  More >

 Sleep apnea2 comments
pictureFriday, May 28th 2004
For many years I was living with undiagnosed sleep apnea. I would stop breathing for short periods during my sleep. I finally asked my primary doctor to refer me during the summer of 2002. I waited and waited. No referral. I finally faxed a request to my pcp to get me a referral. It had been almost a year and I was not feeling any better.

The doctor taking the patients (NOT my pcp) finally referred me within a week of my fax to them. A few weeks after that I was scheduled to get a sleep study done. In August of 2003 I went in for a sleep study. They hooked me up to all kinds of electrical recording devices. None of it was painful; I looked like a gutted android.  More >

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