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 Starbucks and the Infinite Now3 comments
Friday, January 27th 2012
I was out doing the mommy thing last night. I had taken my daughter to her college class and I had to get some art supplies for the son that is in a local college as well. I had finished my errands and was with no place to go and nothing to do. I didn't want to head back to my home as it was too far and did not want to use the gas to get there and then turn around in a few minutes to pick up my daughter at 9 PM.
Ah! There is a solution. There is a Starbucks near the college (of course there is). I had been listening for a few weeks on some books on CD. I had borrowed them from the library. I listen to them when I drive, sew. or kitchen work. They are lectures and books by Eckhart Tolle. A very entertaining person to listen to. One does not expect such spiritual food to be delivered by someone to very easy to relate to.
Mr. Tolle talks about how one can be in "presence" anywhere. This encouraged me to try out the idea in a noisy coffee shop. I got my Vanilla Roobios tea and walked over to put sweetener and a little half and half in it. To my immediate right were two lovely young ladies having an energetic conversation. One of them was talking so quickly I was very impressed with the skill required to do that. She was not local I could tell by her generous sprinklings of "like" throughout her conversation. Southern California was my guess as she did admit to having just moved into the area. As we Northern Cali's say "Hella" a lot, I know some areas of Southern Cal does use "Like" a great deal.
I sat down in a corner with command of the room and waited for my tea to cool off. I could see the clock so I was able to know when I needed to go. In addition to the young ladies there was a man around my age looking at a skeletal anatomy book. A returning student was my guess as I had seen him walking from the college a few minutes earlier. To my immediate left was a table of Chinese American students.
I closed my eyes. Etta James' voice drifted softly, almost drowned by the din of the conversations. As I went into presence the words of the conversations stopped making sense and became sounds, rhythms, that were occasionally punctuated by the shout of the barristas for next libation finished.
The two young ladies... one was a high pitched motor and the other a softer and slightly slower one. The table of Chinese Americans would from time to time burst into enthused conversation then become suddenly silent as they texted on their iphones. I was amazed, impressed even. on how a table of 6 plus people could be so silent, heads bowed and totally absorbed.
There were eventually two tables of people talking in what I would consider the usual conversation at a coffee house. Being aware when I closed my eyes was truly enlightening. If ones sees as us all connected then all the 'noise" is superficial. I was not bored at all. Another thing I noticed was how slowly time seemed to move when I kept myself aware. So if you feel rushed and out of time, perhaps going into presence will give you more of it. As Mr. Tolle said in one of his Cd's. I am paraphrasing here. Even if you are rushed, you will get more accomplished if you are aware and truly see what is needed without going through the thinking process.  More >

 What is the nature of reality?7 comments
Thursday, March 5th 2009
And who thinks I could possibly have any clue?


Every once in a while... I really do think what I see around me is reality. Yet... I have this nagging feeling I am wrong!

*grins  More >

 Cult Programming- a survivor's tale4 comments
Monday, July 21st 2008
You probably didn't know....that I was a survivor... I AM a survivor.  More >

 Middle- aged women are invisible...6 comments
Saturday, July 19th 2008
I have been thinking about this...  More >

 A Friend in the Darkness0 comments
Saturday, July 12th 2008
A short story..  More >

 I am a daydreamer0 comments
Tuesday, June 3rd 2008
It isn't always understood or tolerated.. especially when we are supposed to be doing something left brain... like finances.. like I was doing with know who...  More >

 Green man in my garden3 comments
Tuesday, February 26th 2008
this is a post i put in daily grail... and forgot to put here on June 2007  More >

 Amazing!2 comments
Saturday, December 29th 2007
it is now 921

some from sites that have mp3 downloads

and some guy/gal called Loki  More >

 Mysterious numbers9 comments
Wednesday, December 26th 2007
I have noticed...the number of people finding my blog is.. well.. boggling..  More >

 Festivus.. for the rest of us8 comments
Thursday, December 20th 2007
I want to extend my heartfelt best wishes to all here on NCN.  More >

 Buddha said4 comments
Sunday, November 25th 2007
it is better to know who you are than where you are going.  More >

 Iv'e just been informed...4 comments
Wednesday, October 17th 2007
by my wasband... (we are physically separated, but still financially tied and we share the duplex we own.. he on one side.. me on the other.. it is complicated lol)  More >

 ANTI GRAVITY3 comments
Friday, October 5th 2007
I think this video tells us what we had an idea we already knew.  More >

 Dreams...What are they?12 comments
Monday, July 30th 2007
I have some ideas...would love to hear yours.  More >

 ho'oponopono Switchwords14 comments
Friday, July 13th 2007
I was sent this from my friend in reiki.

Maybe it will help you as it has me.  More >

 Ho'oponopono12 comments
Thursday, July 12th 2007
My friends at reiki are using this as a emotional baggage releasing tool.

Basically she explained...when an unwanted emotion rears its ugly and usually buried


"I'm sorry" *I see this as showing a certain responsibility for your issue.

"Please forgive me." *an acknowledgment of our humanity and vulnerability

"Thank you" *for the lesson I have learned or whatever you want to think it is.

"I love you" *a remembrance that you and others deserve love.

She basically said that this done with intention can work wonders. I believe her. Sometimes just facing the issue and addressing it and then forgiving yourself or others can do great good.

another good link

[link]  More >

 The Hummingbird Path1 comment
Wednesday, June 27th 2007
Not exactly the Red Road...but...


this pic is pretty close to what I saw  More >

 A friend in hospital:2 comments
Wednesday, June 27th 2007
a friend of mine.. Sally Maxwell is in ICU.. had a five way bypass.. her husband died in March.

Some loving thoughts her way would be soooooooo appreciated. A sweet and giving woman. Her husband was Glenn Maxwell.

he wrote the book.. Glances at Eternity.. and she is supposed to write the book he never finished.. according to my inspiration I am supposed to help her.


She used to write dialog copy for Gilligan's Island and shows like that back in the sixties.

thanks so much if you can throw her a hug or two



ps she is in UCDavis Med center in Sacramento California  More >

 weirdness of 234 comments
picture Thursday, May 10th 2007
anyone have any input on this? Can it be called a phenomenon or just a coincidence? Seems pretty odd stuff.  More >

 Vision Board for the Secret0 comments
Sunday, March 18th 2007
I am currently collecting pictures to put on my Vision Board.  More >

 The Secret5 comments
picture Thursday, March 15th 2007
I finally had the opportunity to watch the movie "The Secret"  More >

 The Strange Circumstances of the Jade Phoenix Medallion3 comments
Monday, February 6th 2006
I have no pic yet.  More >

 Eulogy.. to a cat6 comments
picture Monday, November 28th 2005
Rascal succumbed to some unknown malady tonight. Nevertheless, his memory and the stories I write about him will continue on. Speaking of something odd...A true story for you...  More >

 Life is a Journey2 comments
picture Sunday, November 6th 2005
Life is a Journey

Though I have cried and lashed back at my emotional pain, yet I realize it has transformed me.  More >

 I feel awful8 comments
picture Tuesday, August 16th 2005
Pic is taken by me.. (c) 5/2005 Marissa A Spencer

Just to let my readers know.  More >

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