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picture16 Feb 2004 @ 14:13

Hemp seed is a highly nutritious source of protein and essential fatty oils. Many populations have grown hemp for its seed -- most of them eat it as `gruel' which is a lot like oatmeal. The leaves can be used as roughage, but not without slight psycho-active side-effects. Hemp seeds do not contain any marijuana and they do not get you `high.'

Hemp seed protein closely resembles protein as it is found in the human blood. It is fantastically easy to digest, and many patients who have trouble digesting food are given hemp seed by their doctors. Hemp seed was once called `edestine' and was used by scientists as the model for vegetable protein.

Hemp seed oil provides the human body with essential fatty acids. Hemp seed is the only seed which contains these oils with almost no saturated fat. As a supplement to the diet, these oils can reduce the risk of heart disease. It is because of these oils that birds will live much longer if they eat hemp seed.

With hemp seed, a vegan or vegetarian can survive and eat virtually no saturated fats. One handful of hemp seed per day will supply adequate protein and essential oils for an adult.

What are the benefits of hemp compared to other food crops?

Hemp requires little fertilizer, and grows well almost everywhere. It also resists pests, so it uses little pesticides. Hemp puts down deep roots, which is good for the soil, and when the leaves drop off the hemp plant, minerals and nitrogen are returned to the soil. Hemp has been grown on the same soil for twenty years in a row without any noticeable depletion of the soil.

Using less fertilizer and agricultural chemicals is good for two reasons. First, it costs less and requires less effort.
Second, many agricultural chemicals are dangerous and contaminate the environment -- the less we have to use, the better.

How about soy?
Is hemp competitive as a world source of protein?

Hemp does not produce quite as much protein as soy, but hemp seed protein is of a higher quality than soy. Agricultural considerations may make hemp the food crop of the future. In addition to the fact that hemp is an easy crop to grow, it also resists UV-B light, which is a kind of sunlight blocked by the ozone layer. Soy beans do not take UV-B light very well. If the ozone layer were to deplete by 16%, which by some estimates is very possible, soy production would fall by 25-30%.

We may have to grow hemp or starve -- and it won't be the first time that this has happened. Hemp has been used to 'bail out' many populations in time of famine. Unfortunately, because of various political factors, starving people in today's underdeveloped countries are not taking advantage of this crop. In some places, this is because government officials would call it `marijuana' and pull up the crop. In other countries, it is because the farmers are busy growing coca and poppies to produce cocaine and heroin for the local Drug Lord. This is truly a sad state of affairs. Hopefully someday the Peace Corps will be able to teach modern hemp seed farming techniques and end the world's protein shortage.


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16 Feb 2004 @ 14:22 by vibrani : Hemp
I agree hemp can be used for many purposes and is easily grown. I am against the government regulating the growth of it. However, I have never heard of any doctor prescribing hemp for digestive disorders to a patient. Do you personally know a doctor who has done this? Who is it?  

16 Feb 2004 @ 14:57 by jmarc : i'm appreciating your efforts
for the legalizing of the weed, but i have to say that i find the whole legalizing hemp thing to be a straw dog. i think those who like to smoke the weed should come right out and say it and demand their right to do so. i'll do so now, though i won't go down to the local cop shop and spark one up just yet. I'd wear a hemp shirt if i could find one, and if i had cancer i'd be happy if it were legal to ease any dicomfort, and if it aids digestion, that's good too, but i think the larger issue is that the GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHT TO TELL US WHAT WE MAY CONSUME. To me this is the real issue, and all the hemp talk makes us all who smoke look a little sneaky, trying to get our way through loop holes. I'm aware of all the good qualities inherent in hemp though;) Let's bring back the great smoke outs, and forget the hemp festivals which seem to be run by under cover cops any way. Again, though, thanks for speaking up and not hiding your support for the weed.:)-  

16 Feb 2004 @ 14:59 by ferre : I don't know, really
This is part of an article, not written by me (see link in art.)
I suppose hempseed is good for digestive problems, as are all the hard parts of other seeds but I personally also never came across a doctor who discribed it. I must say I never came across digestive problems too. lol  

17 Feb 2004 @ 02:27 by fleer : Acutally
Recently several political youth organisations have joined together here in Denmark to legalize Marijuana. It could free up police ressources for drug related crimes like selling ecstasy. (Which i a major problem among teens and young people here in Denmark.) 3 guys were selling ecstacy just last week at a local business college here in Vejle and the police caught them downtown. - with 2.5 Kilos of ecstacy !  

19 Feb 2004 @ 19:06 by jmarc : i thought i'd drop this
{LINK:|LINK} here for your perusal ferre. Pretty disgusting to me. waddya think? Basicly, what it's about, is the U.S. gov. spent 12 million dollars to prosecute tommy chong for selling bongs. arg!  

6 Mar 2004 @ 21:24 by vibrani : And now
David Crosby was busted for having marijuana and some weapons in a suitcase he left behind at a NY hotel. Big mistake, David!  

26 Jan 2008 @ 12:58 by phill : hemp seed's are great
Hemp seeds are one of the best foods ever. It is a complete protien source.
Hemp is different to cannibis, and cannot get you high.

Any hydrogenated soy product is not good for you, according to Dr mercola who has a website.  

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