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picture14 Feb 2004 @ 23:19

The avarage marijuana users are no trouble makers, not violent, healthy hard working people.....the ideal slaves, as the US government has found out.

Most people don't realize how this slave labor system backs up the economy. Most people believe the statistics provided by the government. Those statistics are made to make people believe that the prison system costs money to society.
I think that's a load of crap, those prisoners WORK. They also work for a few cents/hour and make REAL PRODUCTS.
Those products are paid for by consumers who use them.
When those products would be made in low wages countries, this would mean US $ going out of the country, this is a hidden economical factor but can be counted as profit, on top of the profit there is for slaves that only need to be housed, fed and guarded. Any manager would love to get labor at those conditions; many managers of private owned prisons already got their private slaves, all in the name of justice?

Click here to see the slave industry at work:

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