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 Need for a peacefull candidate in the US2 comments
picture14 Feb 2004 @ 20:40

Lately the American government has seen it's popularity drop in most parts of the world. Reason for this could be the invasion of Iraq and the motives to start this war. Questions also appear when it comes to things like the 'Patriot act', taking away most of the American people's constitutional rights.

None of the outside world's busyness but it makes you wonder how democratic this nation is lead...and by who. Never in history there were so many conspiracy theories as today. Besides coca cola and mc donalds, we now get a new product : "fear", and a new kind of war, a war on 'terrorists', terrorists have no name, no country, they can be anyone the American government declares to be terrorists, "If you are not with us, are against us." is what the US President warned the world for before he started to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Not a good move in terms of public relations and I think a more peacefull president would do a lot of good to the US and the rest of the world. Looking at the candidates for the elections in the US for this year I can see only one candidate who has the right vision to change things and that is Dennis Kucinich. If I was American I would vote for him.

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15 Feb 2004 @ 08:54 by athedge : I agree
I agree with your assessment of Kucinich. Welcome to NCN.  

15 Feb 2004 @ 15:14 by fleer : Never heard of him
But I´m not living in the US...

It seems to me that only the leading democratic candidates get some press. Unfair, but freedom of the press also include what not to report on...  

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