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phill: hemp seed's are great
Hemp seeds are one of the best foods ever. It is a complete protien source. Hemp is different to cannibis, and cannot get you high. Any hydrogenated soy product is not good for you, according to D..
Can Hemp be used as food?
b: Thank you for the good information
Use and abuse of drugs: Drugs should be legalized, regulated and treated and abuse treated. Behavior modification by governments should be resisted. Keep up your good work.
The hard way forward to another drug policy
vaxen: wuhu
"That was an insult you sob." Typical, eh? The US position on 'drugs?' It's carted in by the CIA and their MAFIA workers, as well, and the U.S. Military is often used for transporting the stuff like f..
The hard way forward to another drug policy
rishi: very interesting
See my newslog, (Truth; Revelation and Revolution) for the articles "Entheo Genius" and "The Higher Self" which speak of the spiritual/meditative value of this herb, even for expanding consciousness. ..
Marijuana and My Fear of Death
spiritseek: pot
A very well written article here. I'm glad you shared alot of your own perceptions and use along with your medical history.
Marijuana and My Fear of Death
vibrani: And now
David Crosby was busted for having marijuana and some weapons in a suitcase he left behind at a NY hotel. Big mistake, David!
Can Hemp be used as food?
jmarc: i thought i'd drop this
{LINK:|LINK} here for your perusal ferre. Pretty disgusting to me. waddya think? Basicly, what it's about, is the U.S. gov. spent 12 million dollars ..
Can Hemp be used as food?
fleer: Acutally
Recently several political youth organisations have joined together here in Denmark to legalize Marijuana. It could free up police ressources for drug related crimes like selling ecstasy. (Which i a m..
Can Hemp be used as food?
ferre: I don't know, really
This is part of an article, not written by me (see link in art.) I suppose hempseed is good for digestive problems, as are all the hard parts of other seeds but I personally also never came across a ..
Can Hemp be used as food?
jmarc: i'm appreciating your efforts
for the legalizing of the weed, but i have to say that i find the whole legalizing hemp thing to be a straw dog. i think those who like to smoke the weed should come right out and say it and demand th..
Can Hemp be used as food?
vibrani: Hemp
I agree hemp can be used for many purposes and is easily grown. I am against the government regulating the growth of it. However, I have never heard of any doctor prescribing hemp for digestive disord..
Can Hemp be used as food?
fleer: Never heard of him
But I´m not living in the US... It seems to me that only the leading democratic candidates get some press. Unfair, but freedom of the press also include what not to report on...
Need for a peacefull candidate in the US
athedge: I agree
I agree with your assessment of Kucinich. Welcome to NCN.
Need for a peacefull candidate in the US

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