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 Phrack!6 comments

Phrack!  Read More

 MADOFF MOSSAD AIG 9117 comments


The Madoff investigation is very similar to the 9-11 investigation in that evidence of a larger conspiracy is being avoided and ignored. It is possible that the billions that Madoff stole, and is still unaccounted for, was being used to finance Israel’s vast global spy and sabotage network Mossad with connections to both AIG and quite possibly 9/11 itself: Allen L Roland

Talk about red flags! I always felt there was something fishy about the Madoff scandal as if the government was going to great lengths to portray this as a simple one man Ponzi scheme while avoiding the very real possibility of a major conspiracy.


For active links please go to Allen's site whose address is included at the end of the article. Thankyou...  Read More

 Astronaut Jones Trending16 comments

In keeping with the urge to simplicity...
Temporal Discontinuity...
Timeline Shifting...
Taos Hum...

AUM Mane Padme Hum

Image from: [link]

Why is Astronaut Jones trending? Help explain why at What The Trend? [link]  Read More

 Freedom of Speech6 comments

I knew this article would engeander some "ahem" but so what? It is about freedom of thought. The thought police of the Fourth Reich are the same as the thought police of the Obamination or the Red Chinese. They have something to 'cover up' and be damned if they won't kill you if you dare to even broach the subject with any kind of facts and figures to back you up. They'll hunt you down and incarcerate you or worse for uncovering their delicate derrieres. The posteriors they prefer to keep very well hidden behind layer upon layer of whole cloth.

So, that being said, I hope you'll read the following article with an open mind and an eye to our future. Knowing full well that the implanter orgs, oppressors, and tyrants of this world have set their shock troops into full motion against any and all who would oppose their reign of terror and genocide inspired by the likes of Malthus et al...  Read More

 Mining The Thought Stream8 comments

Yeah...gonna "paste" an article here because it says something about a service that I use that I'd like to repeat and the only way that I can duplicate the message is to duplicate it thus "paste" it here for any one who comes here to see. Is that so wrong detractors of the "cut and paste?"

So without further adieu I'll slap it down here and hope that someone will come by and read it and then go here: [link] and maybe get interested in the pheno of the mena. A search engine that outdoes google, plain and simple.

If you have eyes to see with, and ears to hear with, and a telepathic bent of mind...

Then come along and mine the thought stream with me.  Read More

 The Auschwitz Files14 comments
The Transnational Law Digest & Bibliography (TLDB) is the world's first online knowledge & codification platform for transnational commercial law.

The TLDB is unique in many ways. It contains a comprehensive Digest ([link]) of principles and rules of transnational commercial law like good faith, standard of reasonableness, duty to renegotiate, invalidity of contract due to fraud or bribery, claims for interest and compound interest, damages for breach of contract, duty to mitigate, set-off, unjust enrichment, piercing the corporate veil, distribution of burden of proof, duty to compensate for expropriation, settlement privilege etc.

It provides, in the Digest, quick, reliable and free-of-charge access to precedent-authorities needed to ascertain the disputed meaning of key legal terms of transnational commerce, e.g. "force majeure", "hardship", "best efforts", "time is of the essence", "FOB", "CIF" etc.

It provides in the Digest thousands of full text references (arbitral awards, court decisions, law review articles, domestic laws, conventions, model laws, international restatements etc.);

It contains the largest bibliography ([link]) on transnational commercial law on the internet.

Developed and operated by the Center for Transnational Law Center for Transnational Law (CENTRAL), University of Cologne, Germany.

The TLDB  Read More

 MOSSAD AND 9/11 10 comments
Well I received this in my inbox this morning and, having come from Allen, it rather blew my mind for Allen isn't given to this kind of conjecture at all and is generally very staid in his attitudes and opinions about the world within which we live and have our being. That Mossad is capable of this kind of heinous act there is no doubt in my mind and no amount of so called Jewish or Israeli accusations of 'anti-semitism' will ever again sway me from discourse on this, and other related items, subject matter.

The coverup behind 911 and the present state of the world economy go hand in hand. So I think it is time for you to seriously begin to question the events of 911 and what has come after it. "It ain't over till the fat lady sings," goes the proverbial saying. In this case is that Fat lady going to be singing Hava Nagila with an eye to ruling the world from Tzion?

As more and more Americans lose everything they've ever worked for to the vultures and sharks of Finance Capitalism I'd suggest that those supporting the trojan horse called Israel re-examine world history in the light of present events. You might be able to fool some of the people some of the time but eventually the emperor will be seen to be wearing no cloths then heaven help you Israel. I wash my hands of you and would hope that all others who've been duped by your incessent lies do the same.



Calculated clash … the September 11 attacks in 2001 marked a turning point in the history of the US empire

"The more I look into the 9/11 attacks, the more I see the dark hand of Israel's Mossad and the more I follow that lead ~ the more I glimpse the barely hidden truth and rationale for this blatant terrorist act:" - Allen L Roland  Read More

 The Obamanians Are Wrong7 comments
"The privacy and dignity of our citizens are being whittled away by sometimes imperceptible steps. Taken individually, each step may be of little consequence. But when viewed as a whole, there begins to emerge a society quite unlike any we have seen – a society in which government may intrude into the secret regions of a person's life." – William O. Douglas


The great failing of the Obama administration is that it is packed with people who show no apparent knowledge of the essential truths of liberal theory. That theory, which is the core of the American political contribution and the driving force of modernity itself, is that freedom is the foundation of and the reason for social and economic flourishing. All evidence suggests they know nothing of this.

Obamites, in contrast, hold the opposite view, the one advanced by the Pharaohs and Emperors of old all the way through the Talibans and Hugo Chavezes of our own time. It is the view that nothing is beyond the competence of the state and its great leader. Particularly in economic affairs, these people have a wildly inflated view of what the nation's chief executive can accomplish through sheer will.  Read More

 Nationwide Tea Party8 comments

"When you cannot speak your mind among friends, you are not among friends." - Blair Warren

[link]  Read More

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