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Yup, good old yellow root (Goldenseal) is being over harvested & is now on the endangered plant list. Isn't that just wonderful.

Corporatism in the aftemath of the storm & Hillary will be president & we'll all fly to the `Dark Side of the Moon (Dreamland/S-4)' together towards another light/life and another `Alien Summer (Sumer)' breeding program. Spreading the likes of Zuckerbergian mellowdrama throughout the Pegasus Galaxy where, arms akimbo, we'll dance the dance of Mid-Summer Night's all hallowed witchery... Oneness!

New Civilization? Brave New World? George Orwell's 1984? Way, way, beyond those antique treasures into the present IoT Police State we love to die in.

Reality? Tavistock Institute's Bio Electro Magnetic Behavior Modification, Cognitive Captive Manipulation, Retro Amusement Park, Monarch Butterfly theme.

Fat Boy's Institute graduates fleeing the interstellar Bio-Bot forces behind Galac Patra's weaving, warp and woof steaming like recently patterned dung...

Stockholm Syndromed Meccamerica sailing the Darknet's slimeworld dungeons just for the FoI!

Tata... BBL ♥

Recorded Future Blog



8 Jul 2016 @ 04:09 by vaxen : DED...
DED DEDEX --- Google it... ☺ Good old NCN just as dead as it ever was or...
Imagine Hillary Clinton (CFR/Tri-Lat stooge) as your next Commander in Chief Amerika!

Or better yet just forget politics completely! Can you say "RIGGED?'

Both Trump & Clinton register 1000% on the Bullshit-o-meter but I'm sure jazzolog is voting for her. As if your votes really mattered. G'day M8...  

21 Aug 2016 @ 00:47 by Jasavideophoto @ : Amazing
Wow...very good your post...tanks  

14 Sep 2016 @ 20:42 by vaxen : Sad...
NCN is such a nice site to have gone the way of the Dodo bird so soon... I don't see a comeback in the near future but ... maybe? Anyhow I'm glad the old watering hole is still standing thanks to Mingus Tyrannicus & Maximo the Magnificent.  

30 Sep 2016 @ 12:38 by celestial : Hey Vax,

Just loved your article. One abbreviation went over my head. Would appreciate if you would put in parenthesis immediately following them the spelled out definition as I'm sure others couldn't follow the whole message completely either. The more that understand what you're saying may accelerate the end of the police state!

So I'm left wondering about this, I heard a rumor that there won't be a Christmas; so, Will Halloween come on October 31st? Or will it be cancelled, too?

If this is true, Then I'm going to let the black cat out of the bag early!  

4 Oct 2016 @ 18:50 by crack software @ : great
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9 Oct 2016 @ 14:45 by vaxen : celestial...
Hello Celestial! FoI (Fun of It). IoT (Internet of Things)... any others? ;) Hope that helps.  

27 Oct 2016 @ 09:32 by roblox @ : Great
I like the information that you provide in your articles. I am sure I will learn a lot of new stuff right here!  

12 Nov 2016 @ 05:35 by MP3 Juice apk download @ : good one
Good article, but it has been decided now by the people of USA that DONALD Trump will be the NEW American President for the next four Years  

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2 Mar 2017 @ 11:29 by celestial : Thanks Vax,
Sorry for the delay in responding. I wish there was a way to track my comments on others posting here (other than keeping a written log on my desk). That helped.  

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