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"In order to prevail, we must make ourselves immune to the game. We must walk away, separating ourselves from it completely. We must relinquish all unnecessary fear, doubt, and hatred, and do what we know needs to be done. We must ignore the rhetoric of defeat and nihilism. We must take that long solemn step beyond the veil of doubt, knowing that all great men before us fought their own battles despite the so called "certainty of death"."


When you first created your "present time" on this time track you were unable to study the material on this website because it did not exist then! The material contained here was written by You, for you, from outside of time as you presently understand it. What is happening to you is utterly different than what happened to you originally. You have already begun to change the past! It is by no means easy. You will need all of the help and encouragement you can get! This is the beginning for us. We are the pioneers that people a thousand years from now will be grateful to for having paved the way. [link]



19 Sep 2014 @ 03:17 by bushman : :}
Hey, Nice :} I knew you would show me the way eventually. :}  

13 Nov 2014 @ 14:02 by vaxen : November
Hello Bushman! The icyness of NCN has led me to the conclusion that there are fish beneith the ice & we need but hook them! Landing robots on asteroids... the oligarchs are having wet dreams of exploiting all asteroids... funny when you finally understand that the asteroids will be sucking out their brains! Yahu!

"If the universe is made of mostly "dark" energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"

Cars are so obsolete and ... they are beginning to all look the same! Starships United is coming to a drive in near Persepolis. A 'New Brand' day or a brand new day or to frak with all brands. One brand, one verse?  

2 Dec 2014 @ 14:18 by vaxen : Here we are... the end of 2014. Of course that 'date' is largely 'mythic' as is `the-notion-that' there is an intelligent species of life on Plan-ET Earth.

Sorry Dolphin brethren but I don't see you being able to help out, much, with the ruination greed based systems are causing on this planet. Starkids (ala Boylan) don't seem to be in great abundance either.

And then there were...

2 Dec 2014 @ 14:25 by vaxen : Patois, patois...
Avatarless age dawning wherein the concept of 'leader' will be moot/mute and beings more than HU/EA-Man will in-habit the interstices between the stargates sorting out the dark energies as one would sort chocolates on a sunny day.

Be Back Later (BBL) ... but - there never was a later to be! WTF! Find me on twitter. ☺  

14 Dec 2014 @ 09:58 by vaxen : running...
running, running, running, everything! take a peek at the hexagram number 16... enthusiasm. .asm is an assembly file. and then there was light... but what preceded the light? no light, no dark, then what? no thing... humanosapientic sorts can't fathom no thingness... too caught up in the realms of 'be, do, have... especially 'have!' ugh. trance end the madness. go old soul!  

8 Jun 2015 @ 23:45 by jerryvest : Such a beautiful presentation
of Life...goes around and around and are the best there is...jerry  

30 Jul 2015 @ 16:44 by vaxen : Wow!
Thankyou! (I think...☺) Just bebopping around the net, slightly depressed, but no more than just 'slightly' as I have the keys to infinity within & use them daily... so stopped off here at the old star station & found your lovely comment! Also I come here, sometimes, to laugh at my own 'wit...' or lack thereof.

PTSD is such a ... chimera. Great to see ya jerry. Hope all is more then, well, well mit du. ;)  

13 Aug 2015 @ 09:06 by Ole @ : Nice
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21 Oct 2015 @ 05:04 by vaxen : In/Out...
The Three Dimensional view point is from a single point to all directions of out. In order to simulate a 4-D view point, we would have to establish a view point coming from everywhere, converging upon a single point! To help you do this, imagine yourself as coming from everywhere in space, looking inward toward a single point of white light at your very center. As you converge in upon this point from all directions, you are moving in a direction of "IN".  

1 Sep 2016 @ 18:29 by jasa video shooting @ : Like
I Like Your Post....Tanks  

18 Sep 2016 @ 15:19 by a-d : linklinklinklinklinklinkliinliknliknoikm
got lost.......................................................................... connect the dots, thank youuuuuuuuuyyuiooyou're stilll the best................... still not connected with heidi on paper so to speak (sos - for short) if I manage to find her email now, I will.... oooohhh, I miss us so much!!!the newciv time became my life's best time and then the time following, when keeping up the friendships by phone and emails. we had a blast, remember?  

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