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Within the armor is the internal butterfly and within the butterfly is the signal from another star. - Philip K. Dick

"Instead, we are under the sway of the "Black Iron Prison," Dick's terms for the demiurgic worldly forces of political tyranny and oppressive social control."

The world we experience is a internal hologram, "a hypostasis of information" that we, as internal nodes in the true Mind, internal process. "We hypostasize information into objects. Rearrangement of objects is change in the content of information. This is the internal language we have lost the ability to read."
With this Adamic code scrambled, both ourselves and the world as we know it are "occluded," cut off from the brimming "internal Matrix" of cosmic information. Instead, we are under the sway of the "Black Iron Prison," Dick's terms for the demiurgic worldly forces of political tyranny and oppressive social control. Rome is the eternal paragon of this "Empire," whose internal archetypal lineaments the feverish Dick recognized in the Nixon administration.

"When you're trapped in a cell you bring with you, does it matter where you are?"
"Call it a support group for the freedom-impaired."
"Black sheep are still sheep!"


a project in motion
By Discordians


It started, suitably enough, with two blogs. Mencius Moldbug, a prolific blogger and computer whizz from San Francisco, and Nick Land, an eccentric British philosopher (previously co-founder of Warwick University’s Cybernetic Culture Research Unit) who in 2012 wrote the eponymous "The Dark Enlightenment", as a series of posts on his site. You can find them all here:

The Dark Enlightenment (The Complete Series) by Nick Land


"...power will remain in the shadows, and the democratic farce will continue."

“I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” - Peter Thiel

On Democracy Versus Liberty


"Many will be shocked to learn that the word “democracy” was neither used in the Declaration of Independence nor in the Constitution. Indeed, the Founding Fathers were anxious and fearful of allowing any form of tyranny, including the tyranny of the majority."

If the Framers of the Constitution did not embrace democracy, what did they adhere to?


The Constitution was designed to further the cause of liberty, not democracy.
Link ibid. above

The original Constitution established the rule of law and limited government.
Link ibid. ibid.

The bulk of the Constitution — about 70 percent — addresses the Framers’ conception of their main task: to bring the United States and its government under the rule of law.

... the Constitution was designed to govern the government, not the people.

"Our challenge is to persuade every citizen that benefits flow from freedom’s practical applications."



19 May 2014 @ 13:17 by vaxen : No comment...
We have three needs in life: need for connection, need for achievement, need to relax.

(Freud only says the first two but he was a coke addict).

Gratitude focuses the blur of life for a split-second, so I can Care more clearly, so I can

accomplish my alien mission.

Edward Snowblower  

17 Jun 2014 @ 05:07 by celestial : Wolves and beWARE Wolves:
Beware every wolf wearing "SHEEP-SKIN." "SHEEP-SKINS" are higher degrees of education which give wolves the aura of legitimacy and authority, thus causing gullible sheep to believe what they're told, and then comply implicitly, unaware their life is being put in jeopardy.  

7 Aug 2014 @ 16:24 by vaxen : CrimethInc.
Manifesto Part 72-A  

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