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Insider Whistleblower Ted Gunderson, Former Chief of the Los Angeles FBI, Has Passed Away...
2011 08 02


"Monarch" refers to young people in America who were victims of mind control experiments run either by U.S. government agencies such ’as the Central Intelligence Agency, or military intelligence agencies.

"Franklin Case Witnesses Implicate FBI and U.S. Elites in Child-Torture and Murder."

Paul (Bonacci) has told investigators that the ring which plunged him into Satanism was centered at Offutt U.S. Air Force Base near Omaha; that he was taken to Offutt to be sexually victimized by a babysitter’s boyfriend when he was about three years old, around 1970. Offutt is the headquarters for the Strategic Air Command, and has had a cadre of thousands of intelligence personnel.

These are some of the widely occurring separate "persons" which have been formed under torture, and the corresponding "triggers":

* ALPHA, General personality-accessible under the code name ALPHA, with possible Alpha-001, Alpha-009, etc. "persons" with distinct task orientations.

* BETA, Sex programs, accessible through code name BETA; particular programs (and thus commands) are for pornography, acting, oral sex, etc.

* DELTA, Assassination programs, utilizing very specific modes, and espionage, accessible through code DELTA.

* OMEGA, self-destruction programs, ranging from self mutilation to suicide by many different specific possible acts.

* GAMMA, system deception, amnesia and disinformation programs. Under this or ’other codes are track-covering false origins for the structure, giving the child memories of tormenters dressed as space aliens or Mickey Mouse or in Wizard of Oz costumes.

And what they all have done, and will continue to do in this case, Franklin, and no doubt many others like it, is this: Protect the "system" at all costs.


"Coupling an Electronic Skin Tattoo to a Mobile Communication Device,"

Google's Neck Tattoo Patent Works Like a Lie-Detecting Microphone


George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography


alien mind control and assimilation


"Cosmic Humanism and World Unity"

This was the threat of Falun Gong -- Self-reliant free

The Actual Matrix Plan

Radio-Eugenics is still openly promoted
by the World Institute -- except now it is called "orthosynthesis."

The essence of this plan is to create a new global religion -- Cosmic
Humanism (now called "transhumanism") -- or in general

"The Empire Never Ended"

[link] Empire Never Ended.htm

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."
--Philip K. Dick


...more than $11 million per day in military aid for Israel.


The Actual Plan for the Matrix: Incommensurability, Harmonic Resonance, and the Religion of Technology


PirateBrowser (29,7 MB) - No more censorship!


"Search for:"utts1996.pdf" *wink*


Odyssey and the Martian Trojan Horse


Are We Irradiated Mutants in a Techno-Spiritual Matrix?


overcoming poverty consciousness---

"In order to prevail, we must make ourselves immune to the game. We must walk away, separating ourselves from it completely. We must relinquish all unnecessary fear, doubt, and hatred, and do what we know needs to be done. We must ignore the rhetoric of defeat and nihilism. We must take that long solemn step beyond the veil of doubt, knowing that all great men before us fought their own battles despite the so called "certainty of death"."


The Web is not the culmination of the digital revolution.
The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet
August 17, 2010 | 9:00 am ☺


Each one of us changes the direction of Spaceship Earth.

Turn it off. Turn off their sources–mainstream media, staged events, manipulated music, shallow publicity, even phony personal responses and relationships.

It’s time to get real.
Remember, their whole plan is designed to replace reality with a false matrix of power that’s fed by fear. Don’t dwell on it, and see it for what it is. And reverse the flow. Their flaky construct will crumble.

Each one of us changes the direction of Spaceship Earth.

With each and every wake up the war is won.

It was won in the beginning. Stand on that. We need to stop believing the illusions around us and learn to act on our true conscience.

At that point it becomes now. Really now.

That’s our event horizon. Be there.

Love, Zen


Dissolving the Make-Believe Matrix


What are they afraid of?


The world is a giant mind lab where human egos are tempted, tantalised, teased, and tormented.


"Consciousness gives us just enough scope to hold down a dull job and conform to a tedious, brain-dead society."

If we know how to control the unconscious mind then, like Trinity in The Matrix, we can load any program we like and be an instant expert. It's useful to think of all human activities as subprograms which are all potentially loadable into our minds. They don't load as abstract programs, sets of rules, or mathematical instructions. They load as GODS!

r >= 0.

The God Program:
It's up to us to raise our consciousness to the next level.


Good creator; good world. Bad creator; bad world.

Satan (n.) Etymology of: [link]

Meaning and etymology of the name satan


Name of Satan


Is There A Connection Between Ancient Indian And Hebrew Language?


Universe and multiple reality


The Rotten Root
by Drew Hempel


“Epicenters of Justice.” is Drews' Masters Thesis



I AM. The Mantra





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Dingbat gloriosa was a pregnent mule spawned by the pope in ages past when wonder wasn't bread and bread was really bread...

"Let them eat cake!" - Marie Anoinette - before she lost her head over truffles.

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