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Just had to say something, really didn't matter what, after seeing the same old Megatrend hanging in there since... way back when the feud was still new & the iceman melted causing new streams of parapatetical madness to gusher forth as windsong.

Twitter still claims my heart, though less and less with each passing phase. At least the moon is still made of Kasher & Rye & I can howl at her, in her duress, feigning interest, when the dog crowns skies high and the wending gets wet...

War with Korea. How nice but just a fat little gundam dancer clapping his hands to see so many jolly robots marching in Hitlerian frenzy thinking that will scare us into the arms of oblivions' latest night mare.

Planet Earth, you are insane...

John Kerry as Secretary of State? My dogs are howling with derision at the mere mention of such a one holding high court with the devils of Zinn as he did with the Bushes over strawberry wet dreams when conquering Poland.

Nevertheless I'll take a cue from the wasteland and forget about what can never be thus strengthening my position for hacking the Crown of the future.

Hack the Future! Just do it.

We're watching you...



Hillary for 2016... Bwuhahahahaha! America died how long ago?
To sleep, perchance to dream of alien stars and spaceships...
El Ron, El Ray, returns as - Claetemnestras' Dubonnet!
Be, Do, Have...
Have what?



13 Jun 2013 @ 07:28 by vaxen : And now...
... as the gated twitter city obfuscates the would bes into caged oblivions' open maw no 3rd party dev has any oxygen left for the clients which once made twitter fun.

Twitter API 1.1! Hooyah! ... and the old, easy to dev, API 1.0 has been laid to rest along with all the apps that used her. R.I.P., Echofon for windows desktop & Firefox browser, etc. I miss you very much.

Though you betrayed the desktop by going totally mobile & still do remain for those that are on that yellow brick road.  

15 Sep 2013 @ 17:45 by vaxen : So, yeah...
...and NCN, once populated by dirgemen & fey, all crystal glinting in the wet dawn of every nevernight, slips, sadly, off into oblivions' maw greased with the blood of so many hapless avatars. Oorah!  

15 Sep 2013 @ 18:17 by vaxen : MINDWAR
Operation Odyssey Dawn  

15 Sep 2013 @ 19:20 by vaxen : ATLAS
Whilst viewing ATLAS (Future ROBOCOP) take a looksee at BigDog too.  

15 Nov 2013 @ 14:21 by vaxen : Yo Vax!
My ME IS YOU! You're so megamindwarped! Frak on,little buddy... the insanity grows with the Obamanoid frenzy of hapless megathieves culling the sheeple with the scyth of Grimms weeping...  

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