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Each installment in's serialization of my latest novel Makers was accompanied by a Creative Commons licensed illustration from Idiots' Books, in the form of a tile that can be interlocked with previous tiles on all four sides. We're planning to release these as a limited-edition deck of cards in the future, and we've also been releasing little flashtoys that let you play with the tiles onscreen as they were released.

Now Tor has an embeddable version, courtesy of Malloc, which you can stick in your blog or wherever you choose!

Makers Tile Game, now embeddable!
Vannevar Bush and Memetics



5 Jan 2010 @ 11:15 by vaxen : PS:
Give the screen in the above a little bit of time to load. At first it may seem that it is blank. It isn't... patience/

After the puzzle appears click anywhere on the pictures and then click on "Rotate Tile." Also you can move the "Tiles" around by depressing your left mouse button then drag and drop. Sweet!
Some pretty cool links, too.

Click on the little red rocket ship next to TOR.COM and go suck some sweet Cthulhu horror...

On the eleventh day of Cthulhumas gave to me...
Gibbering terrors taunting,
Arkham wafts a-whirling,
Tentacle sigils squirming,
Looting and a-leveling,
Cuties for a-cuddling,
Silver and jewels a-shining,
A dark, eldritch seal,
Strange aeons past,
Grim tales told,
Yule horror spawned,
And Old Ones wrought in effigy.


Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas


El Var  

6 Jan 2010 @ 03:34 by vaxen : Wakachoo Ha Ha...
So, no one has tried it yet save me. Still I do hope that, if you've gotten this far, you'll allow the white space to turn colored and then play the friggin game! ;) Little Brother?  

13 Jan 2010 @ 15:30 by vaxen : Ah well...
Can't have one's cake and eat it too, I hear. But, that's thinking at a Neanderthalic level whilst Ted is thinking: Deep Space 9! Yeah, parlor tricks (poli-tics,) Arkham slime and Desert Storm.

After I lost my whole system, eaten by a viral mash, stomped on by a bug, that I'd so chaotically lovingly created over the past three years, having restored it afresh unto this blistering point of no return I must stand still awhile and gaze off into the starry realms of exo-ness bestowed upon us by the Maker of it all which, of course, is me...

Spell bound in hollowed tree, begotten yet again, rhyming the till in the winds of a howling sea I cry out in hollered voice: Atli!  

30 Jan 2010 @ 13:01 by scotty : sorry Vax
tried the tile game - couldn't get it to work !

sorry about your comp getting all gobbled up by that satani virus !
nice thought though that you've got a nice clean slate to begin all over again eh !  

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