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History Unfolding

I am a student of history. Professionally, I have written 15 books on history that have been published in six languages, and I have studied history all my life. I have come to think there is something monumentally large afoot, and I do not believe it is simply a banking crisis, or a mortgage crisis, or a credit crisis. Yes these exist, but they are merely single facets on a very large gemstone that is only now coming into a sharper focus..

Something of historic proportions is happening. I can sense it because I know how it feels, smells, what it looks like, and how people react to it. Yes, a perfect storm may be brewing, but there is something happening within our country that has been evolving for about ten to fifteen years. The pace has dramatically quickened in the past two.

We demand and then codify into law the requirement that our banks make massive loans to people we know they can never pay back? Why?

We learned just days ago that the Federal Reserve, which has little or no real oversight by anyone, has "loaned" two trillion dollars (that is $2,000,000,000, 000) over the past few months, but will not tell us to whom or why or disclose the terms. That is our money. Yours and mine. And that is three times the $700 billion we all argued about so strenuously just this past September. Who has this money? Why do they have it? Why are the terms unavailable to us? Who asked for it? Who authorized it? I thought this was a government of "we the people," who loaned our powers to our elected leaders. Apparently not.

We must safeguard the Fed's independence
Financial Times - Mort Zuckerman - ‎3 hours ago‎
In the Senate there is a proposal to strip the Fed of its role and powers over bank regulation. In the House there is a proposal to audit Fed operations and ...

We have spent two or more decades intentionally de-industrializing our economy.. Why?

We have intentionally dumbed down our schools, ignored our history, and no longer teach our founding documents, why we are exceptional, and why we are worth preserving. Students by and large cannot write, think critically, read, or articulate. Parents are not revolting, teachers are not picketing, school boards continue to back mediocrity. Why?

We have now established the precedent of protesting every close election (violently in California over a proposition that is so controversial that it simply wants marriage to remain defined as between one man and one woman. Did you ever think such a thing possible just a decade ago?) We have corrupted our sacred political process by allowing unelected judges to write laws that radically change our way of life, and then mainstream Marxist groups like ACORN and others to turn our voting system into a banana republic. To what purpose?

Now our mortgage industry is collapsing, housing prices are in free fall, major industries are failing, our banking system is on the verge of collapse, social security is nearly bankrupt, as is Medicare and our entire government. Our education system is worse than a joke (I teach college and I know precisely what I am talking about) - the list is staggering in its length, breadth, and depth.. It is potentially 1929 x ten...And we are at war with an enemy we cannot even name for fear of offending people of the same religion, who, in turn, cannot wait to slit the throats of your children if they have the opportunity to do so.

And finally, we have elected a man that no one really knows anything about, who has never run so much as a Dairy Queen, let alone a town as big as Wasilla , Alaska .. All of his associations and alliances are with real radicals in their chosen fields of employment, and everything we learn about him, drip by drip, is unsettling if not downright scary (Surely you have heard him speak about his idea to create and fund a mandatory civilian defense force stronger than our military for use inside our borders? No? Oh, of course. The media would never play that for you over and over and then demand he answer it. Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter and $150,000 wardrobe are more important.).

Mr. Obama's winning platform can be boiled down to one word: Change. Why?

I have never been so afraid for my country and for my children as I am now.

This man campaigned on bringing people together, something he has never, ever done in his professional life. In my assessment, Obama will divide us along philosophical lines, push us apart, and then try to realign the pieces into a new and different power structure. Change is indeed coming. And when it comes, you will never see the same nation again.

And that is only the beginning..

As a serious student of history, I thought I would never come to experience what the ordinary, moral German must have felt in the mid-1930s In those times, the "savior" was a former smooth-talking rabble-rouser from the streets, about whom the average German knew next to nothing. What they should have known was that he was associated with groups that shouted, shoved, and pushed around people with whom they disagreed; he edged his way onto the political stage through great oratory. Conservative "losers" read it right now.

And there were the promises. Economic times were tough, people were losing jobs, and he was a great speaker. And he smiled and frowned and waved a lot. And people, even newspapers, were afraid to speak out for fear that his "brown shirts" would bully and beat them into submission. Which they did - regularly. And then, he was duly elected to office, while a full-throttled economic crisis bloomed at hand - the Great Depression. Slowly, but surely he seized the controls of government power, person by person, department by department, bureaucracy by bureaucracy. The children of German citizens were at first, encouraged to join a Youth Movement in his name where they were taught exactly what to think. Later, they were required to do so. No Jews of course,

How did he get people on his side? He did it by promising jobs to the jobless, money to the money-less, and rewards for the military-industrial complex. He did it by indoctrinating the children, advocating gun control, health care for all, better wages, better jobs, and promising to re-instill pride once again in the country, across Europe , and across the world. He did it with a compliant media - did you know that? And he did this all in the name of justice and .... . ... change. And the people surely got what they voted for.

If you think I am exaggerating, look it up. It's all there in the history books.

So read your history books.. Many people of conscience objected in 1933 and were shouted down, called names, laughed at, and ridiculed. When Winston Churchill pointed out the obvious in the late 1930s while seated in the House of Lords in England (he was not yet Prime Minister), he was booed into his seat and called a crazy troublemaker. He was right, though. And the world came to regret that he was not listened to.

Do not forget that Germany was the most educated, the most cultured country in Europe . It was full of music, art, museums, hospitals, laboratories, and universities. And yet, in less than six years (a shorter time span than just two terms of the U. S. presidency) it was rounding up its own citizens, killing others, abrogating its laws, turning children against parents, and neighbors against neighbors.. All with the best of intentions, of course. The road to Hell is paved with them.

As a practical thinker, one not overly prone to emotional decisions, I have a choice: I can either believe what the objective pieces of evidence tell me (even if they make me cringe with disgust); I can believe what history is shouting to me from across the chasm of seven decades; or I can hope I am wrong by closing my eyes, having another latte, and ignoring what is transpiring around me..

I choose to believe the evidence. No doubt some people will scoff at me, others laugh, or think I am foolish, naive, or both. To some degree, perhaps I am. But I have never been afraid to look people in the eye and tell them exactly what I believe-and why I believe it.

I pray I am wrong.. I do not think I am. Perhaps the only hope is our vote in the next elections.

David Kaiser Jamestown, Rhode Island United States

Pass this along. Perhaps it will help to begin the awakening of America as to where we are headed...... .

How long are you willing to do absolutely nothing until you receive guidance as to your next step?






18 Dec 2009 @ 03:39 by a-d : The relationship
between lies and (no-)Change (-for-the-better!...) see Ariane's blog ("What's REALLY happening?") here on NCN  

19 Dec 2009 @ 01:26 by vaxen : Will do...
OK A-d. Thanks. I hope I can find it... ;) Oh, snowing a lot in Copenhagen. Global warming ya know. Washington D.C. too... Ahahahahaha!

Copenhagen isn't about 'weather' at all but it is about the New World Order's concept of 'Global Governance.' Major points can be found in U.N. Agenda 21. Genocide can be pretty... Mmmm Hmmm

The little king, Joseph Lieberman, holds sway in the Senate but the light that shines on him is AIPAC and until that light is diminished ~ our Republic is at great risk.  

19 Dec 2009 @ 05:57 by a-d : Hey,Vax....
you're on NCn right now.... you're nr three (from top) and 'ariane8008' is nr eleven from top The name of her blog is What's REALLY happening...Good Luck Dear! :)

AIPAC and over all the "jewish" Supremacism is repulsive...I'm afraid we are beyond the point of all peaceful demolision of their "society" = "System"!... and gently replacing the old with new, better model... the shit is about to hit the fan... and things can get ugly!....Then again..that was always the PLAN: to destroy the genuine Jews together with the rest of intelligent humans, who know how think for temselves and dare to do so... and put the blame on Groups like "the Muslims", "Gentiles" etc etc...
Divide and conquer, instigate one group to attack the other group/s that you want removed!...Let the two (or three or more...) take out each other! .... Soooo... least these dorks (in Copenhagen): via Obama realize that (klick on a headline on the site that says): "The World is RUNNING OUT of TIME"!...hehehhe... WHO is running out of time??? ...comes to mind...  

19 Dec 2009 @ 07:00 by mortimer : Telegraph Media Group
These folks are out of their minds. The Telegraph Media Group has got the biggest climate bullshit propaganda I seen yet. Blatant bull malarkey so ridiculous its entertainingly funny. Seems the Telegraph likes to show both sides of the story, check it out. I clicked the link that said 'critics of climate change' and who do I see, George Bush is now the leader of climate treaty critics. Sic -

The Telegraph Media Group has lost their mind.  

20 Dec 2009 @ 08:57 by vaxen : Heh!
Mui big thanks to you both. All media groups within the MSM have no mind to lose. They are run by the Pentagon which, in turn, is run by BIG BUZZZZIIIINEZZZ! Kersplat!

The mind as biomorphic enneagram or ajacent adjuctant reducing all to blithering mumbly! Bioelectromagnetic mush melded to MEST which doesn't exist at all! We are NO Thing! Yahoo!  

20 Dec 2009 @ 19:02 by a-d : Ohhhh.... Honey....whadddahappyyyy....
day the day we(each) realize that there's NO-Thing we need to be ...only our own selves (in one Place of the Old Wise Book God said (words to this effect)"LET NO MAN DEFINE YOU" = "put"you into this Corral or that..."Nor should you yourself put you in any Man composed (mental) Corral..."...."you/we are tis/tat" ... these are all human ways to separate us, humans, from our Source!... ONLY GOD/LIFE with the help of our CHOSEN) actions/behaviour can/will define us!... NOTHING & NOBODY but that!....:
Does this Insight demand any CHANGE in Humanity/s thinking? ohhhyesss big time!... no mo'Competition "I'm biggah & beddah than u" pissing matches....( gone!) to just BEING Ourselves!... where (only WE via) our own choices of actions & behaviour define/s ourselves!...Scary! hell... yeahhh...but true! *!*  

22 Dec 2009 @ 15:30 by a-d : Happy Ending CHANGE
as a Xmas solace to us all who wants... ( the rest, who don't: pew on U!...: ( ...*!* )
man named Bob May, depressed and brokenhearted, stared out his drafty apartment window into the chilling December night. His 4-year-old daughter Barbara sat on his lap quietly sobbing.

Bobs wife, Evelyn, was dying of cancer.

Little Barbara couldn't understand why her mommy could never come home. Barbara looked up into her dad's eyes and asked, "Why isn't Mommy just like everybody else's Mommy?" Bob's jaw tightened and his eyes welled with tears.

Her question brought waves of grief, but also of anger. It had been the story of Bob's life. Life always had to be different for Bob.

Small when he was a kid, Bob was often bullied by other boys. He was too little at the time to compete in sports. He was often called names he'd rather not remember.

From childhood, Bob was different and never seemed to fit in. Bob did complete college, married his loving wife and was grateful to get his job as a copywriter at Montgomery Ward during the Great Depression. Then he was blessed with his little girl.

But it was all short-lived. Evelyn's bout with cancer stripped them of all their savings and now Bob and his daughter were forced to live in a two-room apartment in he Chicago slums. Evelyn died just days before Christmas in 1938.

Bob struggled to give hope to his child, for whom he couldn't even afford to buy a Christmas gift. But if he couldn't buy a gift, he was determined a make one - a storybook!

Bob had created a character in his own mind and told the animal's story to little Barbara to give her comfort and hope. Again and again Bob told the story, embellishing it more with each telling.

Who was the character? What was the story all about? The story Bob May created was his own autobiography in fable form. The character he created was a misfit outcast like he was. The name of the character? A little reindeer named Rudolph, with a big shiny nose.

Bob finished the book just in time to give it to his little girl on Christmas Day. But the story doesn't end there.

The general manager of Montgomery Ward caught wind of the little storybook and offered Bob May a nominal fee to purchase the rights to print the book. Wards went on to print,_ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer_ and distribute it to children visiting Santa Claus in their stores.

By 1946 Wards had printed and distributed more than six million copies of Rudolph. That same year, a major publisher wanted to purchase the rights from Wards to print an updated version of the book.

In an unprecedented gesture of kindness, the CEO of Wards returned all rights back to Bob May. The book became a best seller. Many toy and marketing deals followed and Bob May, now remarried with a growing family, became wealthy from the story he created to comfort his grieving daughter. But the story doesn't end there either.

Bob's brother-in-law, Johnny Marks, made a song adaptation to Rudolph. Though the song was turned down by such popular vocalists as Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore , it was recorded by the singing cowboy, Gene Autry. "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" was released in 1949 and became a phenomenal success, selling mo re records than any other Christmas song, with the exception of "White Christmas."

The gift of love that Bob May created for his daughter so long ago kept on returning back to bless him again and again. And Bob May
learned the lesson, just like his dear friend Rudolph, that being different isn't so bad. In fact, being different can be a blessing.

All who wander, are not lost!
Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas and a truly wonder-full and joy-filled New Year
With many healing blessings
Geoffrey Keyte
Healing International  

22 Dec 2009 @ 15:52 by a-d : OK,Darling let's continue looking
at people who in their Hearts have found all the reasons THEY "needed" to create Change .... happy Changes....(Aren't we --after all- looking for inspiration to do the same...all of us?... annnn those who don't; pe/w on Uuuu!!!...buuuuhhh... ) So that Spirit:

These people created a CHANGE for the Better, for an Animal/s, who desperately needed a loving, caring Heart & Hand to touch them, care for them...and how following their Heart, these people's lives were TRANSFORMED for forever -by the Return-Love from these Animal/s!

MERRY XMAS to you, Sweety, and your caring Heart!... I would also say: Happy Hanukkah -if it wasn't that pretty much EVERY Traditional HOLIDAY in Judaism celebrates (how the Jews brought on ) DESTRUCTION /GENOCIDE on SOMEBODY/Whatever (group of )People who happened to be "crossing "The /Jewish/ Path" at any given time (in History )... like by having something the Jews all of sudden decided to want or what not!... (except those celebrating the Tradition of "Thank G-d we're not born Goyim"/ "We don't need to be honest /keep our word to Goyims" ... all in the name of being given BY GOD the Priviledge to just take over all other peoples rights. What BS!... :(
... Hanukkah is no different... "Change. WHY???"... Good question! Talk about NEEDING to change!... and what does the majority of "the Extra Blessed" Group say: "but...WHYYYYY???" ( Thank G-D you're one of the rather few who is "different" (daring to be Nothing & Nobody but Yourself!... -just like Rudolf, ma dear! )  

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