Long Crisis - Tavistock Agenda
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by Iona Miller, 9/2009
Tavistock "Stink Tank" Controls Social Engineering & Reinvents the World in Distorted Form, Metaprogramming the Future with Lockdown Control from Cradle to Grave.

The Twisted Root

Just outside London, Tavistock Institute is the nerve center of a global psywar apparatus that attacks our collective psyche relentlessly. Established after World War I by the Duke George of Kent, the original Tavistock Clinic developed psychological warfare for British intelligence after studying shellshock (PTSD) victims.

In 1947, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations turned its research findings on the British and American public, declaring a silent war on consciousness. The grand strategy is the overall approach to winning the war - prosecuting the direct and indirect (covert) agenda. After phoney wars on poverty, drugs and terror, the current war is on debt.

They didn't stop with the enemy but spread their theory and practice of mass mind control into all strategic institutions. Their psystrat had multiple vectors, reconciling and unifying levels of strategy. Synergy influenced manoeuvers produce generalized effects, such as mob control, changing mindsets or ideology and counterinfluencing through disinformation.

Other psystrat techniques include traumatization, eroding confidence, creating confusion and distrust. All induce a trance state because they function hypnotically. Tavistock wrote the blueprint for global domination, a triumph of image over substance. They wrote the book on propaganda, prognostication and profiling -- the staples of the full-spectrum surveillance society. They have contrived history.

Twisting facts with fiction produces friction. The simulation substitutes for reality. Netlife has taught us to invest the simulation with the weight of reality.

When the real world gets too tight, we head to the virtual world for the space we need. As in physics, manifestations emerge from a phase space of possibilities of being and these events affect us in realtime.

Its as if cyberspace is a virtual training simulator for global architectronics. Are we mimicing what the Tavistock system has imposed on us - an ability to manipulate signs, icons, imagery and symbols to alter perception? But there is a subtext to what we do there.

We now write our own dossiers for the watchers. And they know who our friends are, even what astrological sign the majority are, and have commodified our content to sell to others. Even with designer bodies, the virtuality is no escape from the "No Exit" Tavistock game. Soon we will live inside our televisions as they now live within us. We will have merged with the technology.

Funded by British royalty, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, the Federal Government and Wall Street, they learned the secret of transmuting infinite symbols into infinite power, widening the abyss between the elite and worker bees. Without wielding overt control, Tavistock has almost magically influenced the direction and effects of virtually every human endeavor with political and psychological warfare through its web of interlinking institutions. Nation management was the short-term goal with a single dark eye fixed relentlessly on the prize of pernicious globalization.

Through this twist of fate, the shaping of Tavistock became synonymous with the shaping of global culture by forcing unwelcome changes and seizing psychological control of the human race. The brainwashing institute has twisted our beliefs into their very opposites by collapsing our psychic boundaries. We are perpetually "shellshocked" by the warp speed of social and technological change.

Tavistock has twisted roots. Its grandmother is the socioeconomic stranglehold and drug empire of the British East India Company and Theosophical esoterics. Its grandfather is "The Open Conspiracy" of Utopian H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell, Cecil Rhodes and Fabian socialists. The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) helped create the Fabian Society.

Tavistock is the paranoid child of the paternal Leipzig and Frankfort schools of 'critical thinking' and 'behaviorism.' The psychodynamics of Freud and Jung are its godparents, kindling the psychospiritual superego, archetypal and transpersonal aspects of depth psychology.

Family Affair
Between 1907 and 1913 Carl Jung was Freud's star pupil. He fell out with Freud and proposed a new theory of the unconscious. This break-up so traumatized young Jung, he had a six-year mental breakdown. We can only suspect what experiments and mindbending manipulations Freud might have used purposefully or inadvertently on Jung, perhaps even inducing nervous breakdown. Jung was enmeshed in and rebelled against Freud's authoritarianism.

Indirect strategies [see Notes] are psyops - covert actions directed at the opponent's weaknesses. We know there were mutual deceptions around sex and their respective theories. We know Jung was appalled when he learned of an affair Freud had with his wife's sister.But Jung also had one with his first patient, Sabina Spielrein. [see Notes}

Tavistock became quite the family affair. Freud's double nephew, Edward Bernays, beginning his career in 1913, became a principle player, introducing group dynamics, mass manipulation, "engineered consent" and PR techniques to the Tavistock repertoire of dirty tricks. He financed translations into English of Freud's work.
Freud certainly knew the power of trauma. The more lyrical Jung later saw his breakdown as a shamanic death and rebirth -- the path of the wounded-healer. But by 1935 Jung is at Tavistock lecturing in analytical psychology on the deep nature of the psyche. In 1938 Freud moved to London, where both he and his daughter were associated with Tavistock.

Freud and Jung's divergent theories had a common patron. Jung's breakdown led to realization of our rootedness in a transcendent dimension. He had found the trigger of the transformation process, which can also be exploited to keep people stuck in chaotic states.

Psychoanalysis was cross-pollinated by Viennese Theosophy and other European occult groups too numerous to mention. Jung introduced his concept of psychic "tension of opposites" at his Tavistock Lectures. These polarities can be manipulated in meaning and content. Like Yin and Yang or chaos and order, the tension of opposites is fundamental to existence.

Finding his model for unifying psyche and matter in alchemy, Jung proposed a compensatory relationship between the ego and unconscious. In philosophy, it is thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Confusion, indecision, fear and pain amplify the tension of opposites. It seems the world is coming apart. When "the center cannot hold" it is this opposition that gives way to fragmentation and wild oscillation. In reintegration, this is the dimension that is integrated in a 'higher' view.

Hegel's synthesis is Jung's transcendent function which collapses past/present/future. Constant conflict of opposites is also the core of the political process. The opposites conflict in the psyche and the world at large. Values are particularly susceptible to radical changes. This is where the 'double bind' and creative tension lives in us. 'Spiritual awakening' is rooted here. Integration is the zero point of consciousness - the singularity.

The changing worldview for turbulent times is the Transmodern paradigm. Inner knowing is the challenge to today's scientific thinking, placing spiritual trust in metaphysical wholeness. Consciousness becomes the basis of physics, where "nothing is real" any longer. This meme has given birth to the magical thinking of "you make up your own reality," a metaprogrammed extension of "Jiminy Cricket" wishing upon a star.

Left or right, your ideas and ideals aren't your own. There is virtually no distinction between the concepts of psychology's collective psyche, philosophy's primordial field and the undifferentiated zero-point of physics. In the new view there is no solid reality. All has been reduced to Nothing at all -- but that Nothing is luminous, radiant light, literally the groundstate of being and holographic treasurehouse of all memories of mankind. [unpacked at [link] - [link] ]

However, Tavistock's birth mother was not sacred, but a whore -- a propaganda front called Wellington House, a fount of disinformation preceding WWI, called the "Lie Factory." They sold ideas. They sold wars like they sold pop culture, through mass manipulation. Thus, Tavistock gave rise to myriad social and political revolutions but America remains their primary target. MK-Ultra psyops represented a decision to undermine America from the bottom up with conceptual machinations, drugs and an unstable counterculture belief structure.

It’s a long journey from Tavistock to Woodstock nation to a massive Future Stock correction but the ‘organic’ method is clear: A rootstock is a plant, often just the stump of an established root system, used for grafting a cutting or bud from another plant. The grafted part, the scion, has the properties desired by the propagator, and the rootstock interacts with the soil to nourish the new plant. They grow together, producing a single tree although genetically it always remains two different plants. Thus, the stock produces cultivated hybrid fruits.

Perhaps you've heard this oft-told tale before, well-covered by all the usual suspects in conspiracy theory. A global web has been cast by "foundation ideology," the proliferation of thinktank theory. For decades, Tavistock's roots have spread underground and after a century of manipulation they are bearing fruit. There is method in your madness.

Crosspollinations can be endlessly unpacked from all streams of esoterics, secret societies and occultism. There are far too many groups to mention in one article but a little research will be amply rewarded. Much has been written on the subject, including occult espionage.

Taviistock's history is one thing, yet perhaps the process itself is more important. Therapists are taught to "trust the process," and that fear and pain are part of it. Process groups are an extension of individual 'processing,' -- addressing primary and secondary processes which are unconscious. To describe Tavistock today requires flying over the panorama of cultural landscapes.

Process is the basis of individual and collective change. Processing integrates unconscious material but can also be applied to conflict resolution. This is edgework at the critical boundaries of identity. This technique of manipulating subconscious drives and social implosion -- peer pressure, alienation, massaging personality, childhood programming and regression -- is often exploited by cults.

First and foremost, Tavistock is a behavior modifier. They modify behavior and reality by modifying semantics and the environment. What is a modifier? We can extrapolate its 'netaphorical' meaning [a product of the 'net,' cast by the Tavistock spell of invisibility] from the common definitions. Tavistock changes or reverses the meaning of everything from behind the scenes. We can't understand metaphorical meaning without knowing the underlying structure-concepts - i.e. conceptual dependency or context of the syntactic level. A semantic modifier may refer to"

Grammatical modifier: adjective or adverb [or institution] that changes the meaning of a noun, pronoun, or verb ; limits the meaning
Dangling modifier: word or phrase [or institution] that modifies a clause in an ambiguous manner
Modifyer key: a computer keyboard, a key [or institution] that changes the semantics of other keys

Tavistock's legitimate and bastard children include modified hybrids such as social psychology, social ecology, humanistic psychology, transpersonal psychology, conflict resolution, future studies, change agents, systems theory, decision theory. Tactics include psystrat, buzzwords, spin, pitching, sloganeering, polling, opinion-making, levels of control, human relations. Concepts modified include mother-child relations, casual sex, self-esteem, and empowerment.

Tavistock experts planted ideas about humanism, behavior modification, group dynamics, paradigm shift, stress management, coping, processing, deconstruction, integration, ecology, psychiatry, cognitive structure, object relations. They created trends including Aquarian conspiracy, women's liberation, generation gap, planned parenthood, population bomb, sensitivity training.

Tavistock has captured the science of 'transitions.' They grab onto the psyche through the gaps in consciousness after inducing flux. Radicalization, counterculture, alternate life styles, classless society, controlled environment are such parameters. Drug culture, post-modernism, subcultures, and political correctness all found fertile soil in the world's universities, taking root and spreading through networks of trained professionals.

The thinktank balance skews to the right but they are happy to exploit the idealism of the left in universities and "subversities." Ideas grew in social fields encompassing behavioral science, organizational behavior, total quality management theory, shared ethics, parenting, conferences, facilitating, group therapy, team management, organizational culture, group process, socio-tech, core competence, system improvement, family systems therapy, and self-analysis.

In their search for biochemical soporifics, they have left no "stone" unturned. Though many have benefited greatly from such progressive programs and therapies, their ultimate goal follows a subtle sinister control agenda that no one engaging in such activity could guess from the surface. Have we been "sleeping with the enemy," inducing trauma at the same time we try to heal it? Rather than healing the sick, Tavistock makes the healthy ill.

They've promoted pluralism, interconnection, decentralization, privatization, globalization, social environmental turbulence, work-life issues, social capital, one world government, networking, class war, brain trust, leaderless groups, disinformation, zeitgeist, entertainment-propaganda, urban de-concentration, illiteracy crisis,

Communications revolution, "changing times," "embedding," "gulf crisis," "nation building," "suburban superconsciousness," New Left, cult of personality, spiritual profiteering, planet huggers, "planet hoppers," singularity and other emergent themes were inspired by Tavistock. Even Internet began as a DoD project. We experience the collective conscious daily in the global commons. We meet, greet and teach one another now. Eugenics has morphed into transhumanism and synthetic biology.

Thoughts are controlled by language that limits personal expression. 'Metaphor' creates a reality that shapes thought through public opinion with mass media that straightjackets the mind. Tavistock calls it 'Basic'; Orwell called it 'Newspeak.' It controls and manages 'the news.' Dummied down educational systems limit most citizens to basic vocabularies. New buzzwords, collapsing synonyms and antonyms, are created to hold a meme as a gestalt.

Unraveling Social Fabric
Tavistock's social engineering strategy was studying things by changing them in their 'natural environment.' They learned about resistance to change in the industrial environment and emerging societal problems. Concept maps lead to critical paths that lead to tipping points.

"All public opinion polling has its origins in "sociometrics,'' or statistical sociology, as developed in the early part of this century by Frankfurt School-linked operatives, including Max Weber. By the late 1940s and early 1950s, the key U.S. nodes of Tavistock were conducting specialized polling operations, under contract from government agencies and the private sector." (Wolf)

After World War II, the Tavistock-Frankfurt School networks profiled Americans, ostensibly to study "prejudice'' in the United States. The study produced a notorious volume titled The Authoritarian Personality. In the 60s, another major polling-profiling operation by Tavistock networks, under a NASA grant, "examined" the impact of the space program on the population.

The semi-secret "Rapoport Report" found that the space program had produced a "dangerous outbreak" of cultural optimism and belief in the capability of creative scientific thinking to solve problems, so NASA was hamstrung. [note: Anatoli Rapoport also wrote on game theory and conflict resolution for University of Michigan Press].

Institutions embody these metaphormed ideas, including medicine, finance, banking, intelligence, and foreign policy. The penultimate Tavistock groups include CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergers. These "Olympians" control the way we see the future. It isn't illegal to condition anyone without their explicit knowledge or consent. "The Technocratic Era" (1950) by Zbigniew Brzezinski was frighteningly accurate predicting the trend toward fascism.

Architects of Control
CIA, MI6, Rand, Brookings, Esalan, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and Club of Rome thinktanks, National Training Laboratories, Kurt Lewin's Research Center for Group Dynamics (MIT and Ann Arbor), Institute for Social Research (ISR) and Survey Research Center at University of Michigan, Georgetown, Harvard, Wharton and MIT's Sloane business schools are prime examples. Hudson Institute, Heritage Foundation, PNAC, Bechtel, WHO, Ditchley Foundation are conduits.

Are you in charge of your destiny? If not, who is? in charge of your destiny? Kurt Lewin, Elliott Jacques, Eric Trist, Hedley Cantril, Wilfred Bion, H.V. Dicks and many more contributed to the literature of social engineering. Management utopians took these principles corporate. Trist ironically titles his biography, "Guilty of Enthusiasm" (1993). In 1922, Walter Lippman codified the methods of psychological warfare and public opinion.

Bernays countered with Crystallizing Public Opinion and Propaganda (1928) with its ideas of "secret government." John Rawlings Rees published the Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Counterculture heroes, Margaret Meade, Gregory Bateson, Marilyn Ferguson, Aldous Huxley, Michael Murphy, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers and so many others were complicit, if unwitting.

Tavistock's "prophet," Sigmund Freud and his colleagues promoted theories of psychological collapse and techniques for inducing psychosocial breakdown in a silent but deadly war of mass brainwashing to impose conformity. The goal of a docile population became achievable.

Group experience can alter the values of individuals and gradually change the basis of society. In the 1930s, Tavistock collaborated in a cultural critique with the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, created by the European oligarchy. Moving to New York in the late 1930s, the Frankfurt School pioneered analysis of mass media effects. Mass communications leads to mass control. Instead of an "Invasion From Mars" we got an invasion from Tavistock -- a "War of the Words."

Freud's nephew, a Tavistock Institute allstar, Edward Bernays is the godfather of propaganda and the "engineered consent" of Madison Avenue. The Nazi's employed techniques he outlined in the book PROPAGANDA, and later brought them back to the US under Operation Paperclip.

Techniques were picked up by CIA and morphed into mind control operations such as programmed assassins and MK Ultra drug and mind control. The foreign and domestic public became their lab rats for covert activity and coercive mind control tactics, including drugs, persuasion, fear, projection and illusion. Changing programming changes identity. Those who invented 'quality of life' have virtually ruined yours -- the life you will never know.

Tensions in society are artificially inflammed. 'Critical theory' aims at changing society as a whole. It begs the question, critical for whom? Populations are programmed with "The Big Lie," distorted communications bent on the social control of human behavior. Once it embodies these producer/consumer ideals, society becomes a living sacrifice to the false GOD (Gold, Oil, Drugs). The 'OILogarchy' has funded many Tavistock type projects.

You are "collateral damage" in the methodical pursuit for your soul. None of us escapes Tavistock-style "long range penetration and inner conditioning." Programming instills a false consciousness about the nature of collective reality.

A blackhole of deception, Tavistock shocktoops invaded society, targeteing, infiltrating and attacking all professions. Banking, defense, politics, education, media, industry, mental health and religion succumb to the relentless Tavistock "Borg." Hijacked control mocks the Constitution turning it into a bait-and-switch liberty scam. You cannot have liberty, when in Newspeak it means 'slavery.'

Tavistock's first victory was capturing the collective imagination. The explicit goal of action-oriented behavioral control of human nature is disarming the mind. They manipulate through your psychological needs. Paradoxically, Tavistock calls your controlled condition "empowered." Can we learn to see through the "forced choices" game and reclaim our individuality?

Collective Psyche

If human civilization isn't broken, it sure is bent to the breaking point. Tavistock modulates this threshold with crises and futureshock. Our outer world is only as good as our inner world and that has been calculatedly undermined, warping personal perception, feelings, emotions and beliefs.

We have no control over the collective psyche that is our collective unconscious as outlined by Carl Jung in his Tavistock Lectures (1935). Collective psyche is your secret self, full of archetypal "strange attractors" we formerly called gods and goddesses. It is "as if" multiple forces, each with their own arenas, agendas, and dynamics mold our lives and world to their will.

The synchronistic totality of all conscious and unconscious self-organizing processes has its own psychic structure and flow. We are vulnerable to the spontaneous fluctuations of the collective unconscious. The Tavistock agenda exploits these dynamics taking control of the reins to manipulate us with our unconscious dynamics.

Global sociopolitical life and systemic problems are fractally mirrored in each of us. So are collective Shadow, delusions and metaprogramming. We engage in crisis aversion rituals which do not relieve our existential anxiety or fears of the unknown future.

We all cherish the idea of freedom, but has it ever been more than a concept, a delusion of grandeur? National interests and actions often conflict with espoused values which are applied only selectively, if at all. We have been seduced into surrendering our principles and personal freedoms for a fantasy of security and a bigger house that is wasteful to heat. Was personal sovereignty ever an option or only a pleasant daydream? Forces beyond our control misdirect us, blurring the distinction between truth and reality.

But our collective hearts cry out for something beyond the myopia of collectivism that plagues us. We yearn for insight into our real condition and compassionate relief from it. We swing manic-depressively from hope to outrage.

Change starts with the questions we ask because they are embedded with the potential to shift our awareness to more expansive and unexpected views. Can we beat the system before it beats us down? With a grasp of the gameplan we can at least each devise our own strategy for these times, with or without the promise of neoliberal economic reform.

The Game of Life

The geopolitical and psychosocial Game of Life is rigged. But then "all's fair in war," at least since Tavistock silently declared it. As they know since the concept originated at RAND, the "Prisoners' Dilemma" is the 'catch 22' inescapable paradox of Game Theory -- conditional strategies of self interest. The logical paradox is a double bind. This is how processes split into polarization of competing domains often leading to Fascism.

There is a cost to group living for all individuals in the crucible of group competition. A player's cooperation means "staying silent." At the critical cusp the process bifurcates, leading to an impasse of crisis and instability. Protection from aggression and the need for cooperation reach stalemate as in the Cold War. This is the psychobiology of morality. Domination and exploitation lead to atrophy.

All of life is locked in the dilemma of cooperative and competitive forces we call life. In the 'tragedy of the commons,' it always pays off for exploiters to exploit the altruistic (Hardin). Game equilibrium favors selfishness. But the end result is multiple jeopardy and destruction of the environment. Yet evolution seems to avoid reciprocity when possible. Real games of life often tend to an equilibrium between cooperating and defecting strategies, except in the Dictator Game, making the Prisoners' Dilemma a permanent feature of natural and social survival.

"In the 'public good' game, everyone makes a voluntary contribution to a common pot of money, the experimenter doubles it, and the pot is divided evenly among the participants regardless of what they contributed. The optimal strategy for each player acting individually is to be a free rider and contribute nothing, hoping others will contribute something and he can get a share of their contribution. Of course, if every player thinks that way, the pot stays empty and no one earns a dime. The optimum for the group is for all the players to contribute everything they have so they can all double their money. When the game is played repeatedly, however, everyone tries to become a free rider, and the pot dwindles to a self-defeating zero. On the other hand, if people are allowed both to contribute to the pot and to levy fines on those who don't contribute, conscience doth make cowards of them all, and almost everyone contributes to the common and profitable good." (King)

To understand mass psychology, you need to know the real rules of engagement - the psychological strategy deployed in the war for your mind. Metaprogramming is not an exact science, but Madison Avenue has demonstrated effects are real enough and that propaganda, groupthink and even entertainment can bend minds.

Don't mistake information for knowledge. You may have an illusion of knowledge and an illusion of control over your own judgment and values. Situational awareness and analysis help us deduce plausible future scenarios. Scenarios create a map of uncertainty.

Why do you think there are so many global extinction scenarios on television now? Life as mankind has known it is under grave threat of extinction from potential biological, geophysical and cosmological agents. But the politics of fear work whether any actual threat is there, or not.

Induced and controlled stress is the principle of mass persuasion coupled with the dynamics of leadership and authority. Mass psychology is fear psychology, undermining independent thought. Cold War paranoia remains a good example. Fear and its counterpoint, overambition, also modulates investor psychology through behavioral investing.

Even with radically reduced consumption per capita, the carrying capacity of the earth is less than 1/2 the present population. Demographic momentum suggests global population will double in our children's lifetimes. It took from the big bang to 1824 for global population to reach 1 billion. There were times humanity nearly went extinct, such as the Toba eruption, some 74,000 years ago.

The Great Correction: Peak Energy / Peak People

Barring catastrophe, 15 billion will inhabit the planet in the blink of an eye. Half a billion in the US in the next century makes population control sound necessary and desirable, depending on how such programs are executed, literally and figuratively. [Population Explosion: ]

Would we want Paradise Engineering if it were achievable? Brave New World is the false model of universal social happiness. But how could we be dystopic if it becomes psychophysiologically impossible? Transhumanists claim superhappiness and radical mood enhancement are around the corner with or without supercharged designer drugs. But if we are bioengineered are we truly human or something else entirely?

Just like any individual, collective psyche has realities, fantasies and delusions. Some of them do not arise spontaneously, but are introjected into society as memes. Why do you suppose even the commercials relate to collective crisis, economic, social, and mental distress?

IRS and private debt, medical bankruptcy, foreclosure, pollution hazards, mood alteration? Fear and escape are cultivated like crops. The louder and more often they call for attention, the more sure you can be they are part of the Pavlovian programming problem, not the solution.

Illegal and legal drugs, including cigarettes and alcohol, quietly cull the population and generate tremendous cashflow for hospitals and legal systems. The Drug War doesn't work but is immenently fundable and therefore continues as a front for "plausible deniability." But how can we reform any system that is systematically deformed?

There is a solution on sale for you to mitigate every distress, a cure for every ill. To be a "good" consumer now, you must be ecological and buy more investment purchases, even though you just lost 75% of your retirement funds. When you aren't being sold remedies, you are being fed fear in crisis after crisis. You had better get your mandatory vaccination soon. There are many ways for the psychological vampire to put "the bite" on you.

The real crisis is this war conducted inside your head by those who do not have your best interests at heart, by those who program you for exploitation while robbing you of rights and freedoms. The utopian/dystopian spectrum ranges in the individual from euphoria to dysphoria and collectively from peace to war.

Social ecologist, Philip Zimbardo is renowned for his Stanford Prison Experiment, demonstrating that in the right circumstances ordinary people can swiftly become amoral monsters. Evil isn't inherent in individuals, but emerges dependably when a sequence of dehumanizing and stressful circumstances unfolds. Predictable situations corrupt people into wielding sadistic power in a destructive way. The recipe for behavior change isn’t complicated. What makes good people do evil deeds?

Zimbardo claims, “All evil begins with a big lie,” whether it’s a claim to be following the word of God, or the need to stamp out political opposition. A seemingly insignificant step follows, with successive small actions, presented as essential by an apparently just authority figure. The situation presents others complying with the same rules, perhaps protesting, but following along all the same. If the victims are anonymous or dehumanized somehow, the formula works better. Exiting the situation is extremely difficult.

No Exit

We are in an existential double bind. Underlying forces are playing our underlying forces, modulating personal and collective moods like an emotional organ. CIA used to brag about its "Mighty Wurlitzer," synchronized media control. Conflict, fear and trauma can be used to manipulate and control individuals and whole populations. Drugs are becoming ever more readily available, legally and illegally. Transnational drug trade supports even more black ops "social engineering" in other areas.

Drugs are no longer needed for psyops because ELF weapons have been created to conduct the secret war with electronic frequency generators that cause the brain to resonate at whatever level is programmed. Disease and dis-ease can be broadcast with microwave mind control.

Boundaries collapse in mass migration and changing demographics. Crises play on our anxiety which is displaced fear. They also preoccupy us from noticing what is really going on -- from petrocollapse to population collapse.

The silent war -- mass psychological warfare -- for your mind has already been won, but not by you, yourself. PSYOPS is the weapon deployed in full-spectrum warfare and you are the target. The main issue for rulers and government has always been how to control the population at large. A huge psychosocial combine grinds the wheat from the chaff of human society. We've been systematically deprived of our freedoms and independence.

Given the means, it then follows that bending wills and the means to do so become imperatives. Violence is too crass and resource depleting. Bloodless efforts simply begin at the cradle and carry on relentlessly to the last breath. Programming, intimidation, coercion and persuasion are built into the system.

But how is the mind bent and toward what ends? The masses are bent through control of resources and the environment, mind control, massive manipulation, crisis and social turbulence. Nonprofit foundations have teamed with corporate, military and governmental entities to form a covert control force. Unintended consequences result. Under the guise of 'prevention' they create oppression.

Good intentions and even best practices don't always result in desirable effect. We also have to ask, "Desirable for whom?" Democracy has to be relearned in each generation or it is doomed to failure. The game is rigged by molding the worldview, values and desires of children. The game has been telegraphed through literature and films, but that has not stopped its insidious penetration of the collective psyche.




2 Nov 2009 @ 01:59 by a-d : Always good to
expose the deception and tell the TRUTH!...Then we all know whom and what we are all up against!...and can shout Hell NOOOOoooo to ! *!* :-)
....annnnn', for every single person, --as more & more are-- willing to choose to follow Gandhi's suggestion: Be/Do the Change you want to see, we are doing each our part in RE-gaining a better energy-pattern back into our Collective Psyche again!...balancing their negative "feed" into something more life-friendly.

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"PSYOPS is the weapon deployed in full-spectrum warfare and you are the target."

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