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This is very sad...but also very poetic as befits the man. ~S Fravia I'll miss you but trust that you' be there reversing all quadrants of deep space till again we meet in that starry vastness. Good luck brave voyager...who scaled heights that few ever see. Thankyou...


A 56 anni si è conclusa la vita di mio figlio;

una persona coraggiosa, tenera, generosa.

Era sempre assetato di giustizia,

sempre curioso e attento nella ricerca,

sempre pronto e originale nella sperimentazione.

Non sei qui, a confortarmi, figlio caro,

Tua Madre

Les roues du temps ont broyé ce grain.

Pourtant, la semence tombe en terre fertile.

I wish the world's surface could shrink

and I would suddenly find you by my side.

Imprinted by your broad and lively mind,

and by your even broader and generous heart,

I am most lucky -

I had the luck to be

Your Sister

The stones of time crushed this grain

Still, the seed falls on fertile ground

The death of a much beloved man always causes much sorrow.

A warrior's death is unbearable.

P. - very old friend

Le ruote del tempo frantumano il grano.

Ma il seme cade su un terreno fertile.

Leaving the scene in May

with an ironic smile,

typical of you.

PA. - old friend

Dieses Korn wurde von den Mühlen der Zeit vermahlt.

Doch die Saat fällt auf fruchtbaren Boden.


be sure you will always be remembered and beloved by all of us

like we were a human net holding you tight.

More than ever.

C. M., B. and others - old friends

Forgive me one more time, much beloved brother,

I will miss you every single second.

Your Sister




15 May 2009 @ 11:33 by jmarc : sorry about
your friend.

I like the new look.  

15 May 2009 @ 19:47 by vaxen : Thanks jm...
Hope all is absolutely wonderful inyour life. ;) My friend @Akelaa (Twitter) wrote the following so I hope you come back in here and click and read. ;)

Also you may enjoy:  

15 May 2009 @ 20:57 by jmarc : I can relate to this
"She said that even given that hurdle, that obstacle, what I have managed to accomplish is that much more laudable. Look how far I've come, even with a broken brain: I've managed to keep my First Job in this horrible economy, and am maintaining two secondary jobs at the same time, both of which involve the regular application of my thoughts. I've stuck with my difficult living situation, when others might have cut and run. I can honestly say that I'm thankful that I have my willpower in place, because without it, I might have given up long ago".

Someday, maybe I'll do a blog entry on "the Amazing Amy", who has been working with me and basicly told me the same thing.
Bookmarked the blog.
Thanks for the 2nd link. That guy is weird!  

16 May 2009 @ 03:11 by vaxen : @radiorev
is a kicker isn't he. Heh! #followfriday &#escandalot , especiall this one for @jeanfer who was arrested day before yesterday in Guatemala for a tweet he made about a corrupt Guatamala bank and the current dictator.

I can't agree with the concept of 'broken brain' other than as broken by too much of the current society which absolutely makes me livid to think of how people are conditioned to think of themselves. :)

Luv ya, bro. Keep up the great work...  

17 May 2009 @ 20:51 by vaxen : Just...
stopping by on a visit to a once lively site that died someehre along the way. Fravias epitaph...

Well I can't give him one, that's for sure. It makes me sad to read his mother remembrances and his sisters grief but all things in this world must pass and there is no use holding on to anything. Not memories, not bodies, not friends, not loved ones, not favorite pets...nothing.

We must face the future alone as we've walked this way...

As twitter dies and the marketroids take over, as the net dies and the marketroids take over, I think to what? It's all an illusion spondored by delusion anyway. Nothing matters, it's a hollow-verse.

~S RA  

17 May 2009 @ 20:58 by vaxen : CIA Log book...
CIA logbook of Congressional member torture briefings, 2009  

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