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Three Golden Principles to Discover the Right Path

The discovery of the right path is never easy. Every scripture seems to point to different direction. These paths often cross the paths shown by the successful people. There is always a conflict between the paths shown by the teachers, leaders, parents and scriptures.

In reality, whenever we follow any path, immediately a doubt arise in our mind as contrary views start emerging in our mind which we often call the voice of the conscious, which seems to suggest just the opposite. However no sooner we start following the voice of our conscious, the other side of the mind start arguing against any such call of conscious calling it impracticable.

Thus most people are always confused. Whatever they do, there is always a dissent from at least one side of the brain. You have to either ignore the call of the mind or that of the conscious. In either case you are not sure what is right for you.

Often people decide to make success as the criteria for the right path. If you succeed in following a particular path, you develop more faith on it and you start ignoring the other. Yet, when the same path leads you to failure in your subsequent attempt, you again get confused.

How to resolve the conflict between the mind and the conscious and discover the right path in life?

Three Principles of Natural Justice

There are three principles that are now universally accepted by the Judiciary and Courts to deliver justice. These three principles are called the principles of natural justice as they can be applied in any aspect to life for determining the truth.

There three simple principles are:

(i) Do not be the judge in your own cause

(ii) Hear the other side

(iii) Base your decision on independent evidence

The truth is always hidden between the logic of the mind and the voice of the conscious. While the mind represents the worldly wisdom which a man acquire in this life, the conscious represents the eternal wisdom which has been acquired through ages in the evolution of the world. The voice of the conscious thus represents the voice of the soul of the world or the mind of the God.

The human soul or the Self of the person acts as a mediator and help you in understanding the truth. The key is to follow the three principles of the natural justice which are:-

(1) Do Not Be Judge of Your Own Cause

The biggest danger in arriving at the wrong conclusion is the involvement of the self. The first thought that emerges in the mind is one that is beneficial to the self. However, the human conscious that knows the mind of the God, immediately opposes it if such thoughts is against the interest of the world or the society. Hence the man is always prevented in taking actions that benefits him at the cost of the society or other people.

Therefore, one must extract himself from the picture and imagine himself as mere observer instead of the beneficiary or affected party. Imagine that the two parties in this case (mind and conscious) have nothing to do with you. You have to decide the matter as a Judge as if you are deciding it for another person.

This is what is called the Golden Rule in Bible which states

"Therefore, whatever you want people to do for you, do the same for them, because this summarizes the Law and the Prophets."

(2) Hear the Other Side

Most of us decide the issues based on our instinct without listening to the other side. We have to understand that we are all prejudiced and if we decide the issue based on our own prejudices, we are likely to be wrong most of the time. Most people commit this mistake. They either listen to only their mind or only to their conscious. If they are worldly wise, they prefer to listen to their mind which knows the world better rather than listening to the (dissent) voice of the soul (conscious). Similarly, a spiritual person only listen to his voice of conscious and trusts the scriptures rather than using his commonsense by listening his own mind which often tells the other side of the argument. In either case, the person reaches to the wrong conclusion.

This small story explains this mystery.

An extremely scholarly person who had mastered all scripture was traveling in boat. The boatman was a poor and unlettered man. The Scholar asked the boatman,

"Have you learned the Vedas?"

"No", said the boatman.

"Your quarter life is wasted. Have you learned Ramayana"

"No" said again the boatman.

"Then your half life is wasted."

Then the boatman asked the scholar,

"Sir. Have you learned swimming?"

"No" replied the scholar man.

"Then your whole life is wasted"

"Why" asked the surprised scholar.

"Because the boat has developed a hole in its bottom and it is going to sink."

With these words the boatman jumped into the river and saved his life while the scholar lost his life.

Thus one who listens only to his conscious without applying his mind fail in this world as he can not even fulfill his physical needs. Similarly one who fails to listen to the voice of his conscious fail to get happiness and peace even after getting everything in the world.

The right method is to listen to both i.e. the voice of the mind and the conscious. One has to listen to the arguments patiently without jumping to quick conclusions. Gradually the right path emerges which satisfies not only the conscious but also the mind.

Before the person comes to any conclusion, he has to find evidence to arrive at the truth.

(3) Base Your Decisions on Independent Evidence

The third most important principle of natural justice is the reliance on independent evidence. For example, one has to ask the mind to prove by evidence how does it claim that honesty is the best policy. Mere arguments do not mean anything. If the mind can produce some people who prove its argument, then only it must be accepted. Similarly, the voice of conscious must also be tested against the evidence.

The evidence produced by the voice of conscious may not be material or worldly but it may also come from the inner world. For example, the proof that honesty is the best policy may come from inside as on introspection, he may find that he always felt bad when he behaved in a dishonest manner while felt happy if he had been honest. Similarly the proof of kindness, compassion, love, justice, hatred, envy etc can all be searched from inside by recalling the past.

When Mind and Soul Become Friends

When people have faith on the judge, even the losing party respects the verdict. In the same way, if the person develops neutrality between the mind and the soul, the conflict between the mind and the conscious gradually disappears as they develop friendship and faith in each other. The mind start speaking the voice of conscious and the conscious start respecting the reasoning mind.

This leads to the enlightenment of the person as such a man always have the synergy between his thoughts and deeds as the thoughts emerge from the soul of the person and the actions are driven by the mind. This eliminates all conflicts and confusion from the mind of the person.

This leads to emergence of peace and happiness in the person's mind and soul. He not only succeed in his life as his mind knows the world but also succeed in achieving happiness as his conscious knows the will of the God.

A self enlightened person is not only respected by the worldly people but also revered in the spiritual word due to his insight in understanding the mind of God that contains the eternal truths of life.

Follow the Three Principles

One can discover the right path in his life by applying the three golden. The principles of natural laws that are universally accepted in the modern world are equally applicable in resolving the conflict between the mind and the soul and removing all confusion. Such a person enjoys clarity in his vision and synergy between his thoughts and action. He thus discovers the path of truth and happiness.

A Brief Profile of Dr Awdhesh K Singh

I am an Engineer by education, a public officer by profession and a spiritual person by intuition.

I hold my PhD degree in the field of E-Governance.

I am a founding member of The Aatmic Science Foundation (The Science of Soul Foundation) that is working for the synthesis between all religions, spirituality and sciences.

The website of the foundation is [link]

My main area of study and research is to use religions, spirituality and scientific methods of investigations to understand and solve the real life problems of human beings.

I have published hundreds of articles and research papers on this topic on various websites and journals.

Please contact me on my email aksinghirs [a] for any help, suggestions or feedback.

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29 Mar 2009 @ 18:28 by vaxen : Seemed...
interesting at the time but, hey, this is NCN not twitter. So...what can one expect? ♂

Too bad NCN wasn't included...  

29 Mar 2009 @ 22:26 by a-d : GREAT Info
in the link! Thanks! : ) "... Too bad NCN wasn't included..." hahahaha
.... GREAT article too! heheheh... Discernment.. I guess, is the Inner /Mental/Spiritual Thing needed to solve what's discussed here.  

30 Mar 2009 @ 03:39 by vaxen : ;)
Hi A-d. Yeah, it would be nice to know how to easily delete one's NCN acount. Just like there is no way to log out that I can see, anyway. Hope the snow is gone and that all is well with you. Rain ended last night and today was breezy but sunny now and then. Tonight we get down to freezing again. So...lots of wood goes into the hungry stove. ;) Thanks for the comment, luv. Back to twitter. Heh, heh!

Saw this coming for a while: paid commercial twitter accounts on the way  

30 Mar 2009 @ 04:39 by a-d : No kidding! (ab. the potential
Twitter/Big Bizz Marriage --or at least Courtship...) Some things never change, do they?! ... I guess.

Singh's Web-site/s are interesting!... while not necessarily absolute correct in all of his Insights... but at least thought provoking, which is most always a good thing in itself!

Weather Forecast (acc to Heidi, -we chatted yesterday) has "promised" for our area more Co-o-o-ld (and snow) coming this way; like down to ONE degree (Night temp) and (day temp) into twenties!... Ugh ... I'm done with Winter!...  

30 Mar 2009 @ 18:40 by vaxen : Heh!
You may be done with winter but winter isn't done with you. Boo! How ghostly the snow and the midnight season. No reason just rhyme, nature's rhyme. Nature kills! ☻ Cheer up, though, for you could be homeless, penniless, friendless, out of your 1 degree above the snow! ☺

Twitter me a tweet...  

31 Mar 2009 @ 11:18 by bimbo : Discover the Right Path !
interesting at the time you say Vaxen
it's intersting now too - for me at any rate because I've only just discoverd the article - better late than never eh !

Thought perhaps you'd like to read about one guys right path ..

"For critics, his books are esoteric flights of fancy, but for millions of readers a lifeline from a spiritual
guru". { }  

31 Mar 2009 @ 12:50 by jmarc : it's easy
profile/account info/cancel your account.
This information is considered top secret and should not be divulged except on a "need to know" basis. This information is made available by the Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out Foundation, a secret sub-sect of NCN, through a thought-beamed freedom of information act request to the Revolving Door Club, another sub-secret sect of NCN, the Passive Aggressive Division.

Spring toys with us here. One day warm next day cold. We shed or don clothing accordingly.  

31 Mar 2009 @ 21:33 by vaxen : ☺♂☻
"I speak about flowers and you gently tug at the neckline of your dress. This
hand movement that I follow – the language of symbols! A sign." - From Bimbo's link above. Many thanks Bimbo. Great to see you.

Thanks for the laughs, jm, I'd read your books (*hint*)

Now, how does one 'log out' of NCN, jm? ;)  

1 Apr 2009 @ 16:02 by chaiyah : Self-Confidence is Nothing
Transcending history is not about self-confidence; it's about OBEDIENCE to Cosmic and Universal Laws. This planet has ENOUGH self-confident people who ignore everything and everybody but themselves and their own wants.


1 Apr 2009 @ 20:16 by bimbo : The Precepts of Cosmic Awareness
Judge Not

Be Humble

Never Do Anything Contrary to the Law of Love

Resist Not Evil

Do Nothing Contrary to the Law of Mercy

The Law of Affection

Seems to me that if I give my attention to the precepts of cosmic awareness then I won't have the time or the inclination to judge whether or not
"This planet has ENOUGH self-confident people who ignore everything and everybody but themselves and their own wants. "  

3 Apr 2009 @ 18:08 by a-d : "Don't waste Your Life....
don't waste your Life, living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." --Steve Jobs

21 Apr 2009 @ 18:31 by vaxen : Heh, heh...
Back again after an extended hiatus. With fidelity and truthfulness anything is possible? ;) "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." Yavol! I like that... lots of oppressors out there though and not a lot of awakeners. WMW? Good to see you all again and thankyou very much for sharing the essence of your convictions with me. BBL  

21 Apr 2009 @ 18:46 by vaxen : And...

RT:@lksugarman: Also love the saying, "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."  

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