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25 Mar 2009 @ 02:19 by a-d : Yeah, I say!
...(I look very)pretty in pink.... : )

"The Echo Park Time Bank"

POSTED BY Jay Babcock

“The Echo Park Time Bank is a collective whose purpose is to facilitate the cooperative exchange of goods and services among its members. It is a pay it forward system that connects unmet needs with untapped resources.

“For every hour you help another member, you earn a Time Dollar. Then you can use that Time Dollar to have a neighbor help you: getting a ride, learning the computer, getting a haircut, gardening, etc. Time Dollars value everyone’s contributions equally. One hour equals one time dollar.

“Time banking can help people to save money, create new friendships and develop new habits as consumers. We can empower each other by sharing the wealth of resources in our community, and by creating a network based on trust.”

How to start a time bank in your neighborhood…

This IS what you were looking for, wasn't it? ;)  

25 Mar 2009 @ 02:30 by vaxen : Yeah...
That was tried at the real NCN ages ago. Also here at Flemmings NCN. Didn't work. Bernanke and company want new powers now to grab up everything not in compliance with their view of things. Obamarama is quite going along with the buthers of main street and the Rothchilds are laughing, along with Kuhn and Loeb and Warberg etc., (The council of 300) behind everybody's back.

Though I feel that a cooperative exchange is a necessity let us not forget commercial paper and what it really means and that the present system of commerce is anccient beyond the archaeologs pens and feeble mouthings based upon their belief systems varied though they may be...

So you look pretty in pink, eh? Hey, me too! ;) Luv ya lady A-d and schone danke for the comment... is my friend Jude's project and I think you might like it. I may write there someday. I may not...

Ah, how do 'they' define "money?" In the present Fractional Reserve Banking System there is NO real money (Constitutionally defined) but rather only 'fiat' currency which, of course would be the definition of 'time dollars' too. (Not really but I thought I'd get a bit kinky with therms for the fun of it. >|:)~ ☺☺☺  

26 Mar 2009 @ 05:59 by vaxen : I...
really need to change the colors of this blog. Maybe more like jm's as I favor black a lot. Black and pink? Too pimpish? I don't know. Must guard against losing interest in this place what with all the interest being generated, mostly hype, by web 2.0 socialities... The social web! Like it's anything new at all. Then there is web 3.0 the, ah, Semantic web. Like the internet wasn't always based on a defined semantic. Along comes TBL and...

Hey, no bashing please #201! OK...

Outta here for now. Hmmm black and ??? ☺☺☺ Dunno...  

26 Mar 2009 @ 14:36 by jmarc : mort and sus and I got the lowdown
on the css usage on the weblog situation if you wish to know the arcane secrets, though they don't seem to take hold if your log is visited by the more mundane public.  

26 Mar 2009 @ 14:42 by jmarc : web 2.0 socialities
for the most part seem to be all about making the deniros. Like anything else in that ponzi like vein, you've got to get in at the very top, otherwise your just another sucka when it all peters out.
Might be interseting though in a group conciousness study of some sort, maybe following everyone and counting word frequencies and mood clouds, as a sort of modern day bibliomancy.  

26 Mar 2009 @ 14:44 by jmarc : mood clouds ©
I'm gonna copyright that.  

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