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Russian intelligence has weighed in on the Madoff scandal and reported today that ~ " Madoff was the chief financier for a vast Israeli spy and sabotage network ( Mossad ) set up by former Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) director Jacob Perry (Yaakov Peri) who ‘transformed’ himself into one of America’s most powerful businessman and led what FSB sources call the “Murderous/Fatal Gang of 7" which references the leaders of this American-Israeli cabal who besides Madoff and Perry include:

Henry Taub, Hungarian born American-Israeli who created the giant United States payroll company ADP which continues to funnel to Israeli intelligence services financial records for nearly every US citizen.

Maurice Greenberg, American-Israeli who was the former chairman and CEO of American International Group (AIG), the World's 18th largest public company and its largest insurance and financial services corporation which has (so far) funneled over $180 billion in US taxpayer money directly to Israel.

Larry Silverstein, the American-Israeli billionaire who secured a lease for the World Trade Center buildings in New York on July 24, 2001, insured them for $3.55 billion spread among 24 different insurance companies, and after their destruction 2 months later on 9/11 collected $4.55 billion for Israel.

Mort Zuckerman, Canadian born American-Israeli billionaire who through his vast publishing empire has direct control over 70 percent of the news reported in the United States.

Edouard de Rothschild, French born American-Israeli member of the all powerful European Rothschild Banking Empire and director of the Rothschild & Cie Banque reported by the FSB to hold nearly 80% of the wealth stolen by Israel from the United States Government and its citizens.

These reports further state that Madoff was ‘convicted’ in a ‘one of a kind’ designed trial in which his guilty plea kept all evidence against Israel’s betrayal of the United States from being entered into official American records as it was deemed by the Obama administration as ‘too incendiary’ for the American people to know about and would, most certainly, unleash an Israeli backlash many Russian Military Analysts state would leave ‘many US cities in ruin’. " [link]

With that in mind, it most certainly seems to appear that the prosecution is playing along with Madoff to protect other conspirators involved in this massive fraud. If so, who are they and why are they being protected ?

Here's a clue ~ Madoff has long standing ties with two of Israel's largest banks ~ Bank Leumi and Israel Discount Bank ( IDB ) ~ which has a history of money laundering and illegal money transfers.

Jacob Ezra Merkin is a part owner of Bank Leumi and has funneled billions of dollars to Madoff's fund ~ suggesting that Madoff's scheme was, in reality, a massive theft being disguised as a Ponzi scheme. A theft that involved many high level Zionists.

If this is indeed the case ~ The Madoff fraud is a Zionist fund raising scheme in which billions of dollars have been not only been stolen but it would explain why they are still totally unaccounted for.

The missing link in this cover up would be a Zionist agent playing the role of the Government prosecutor and that is indeed the case with Lev L Dassen, U.S. Attorney ~ one of the insiders in the judicial game surrounding the possible false-flag terror attacks that changed America and brought U.S. troops into the Middle East on a permanent basis. [link]

Once again, the Madoff scandal is a red flag which cannot be ignored and must be investigated. Just follow the money and it could be the key to opening a Pandora's Box of Israeli influence and the 9/11 cover up. Madoff is part of the Billionaires club which has wrought havoc on Wall Street and that includes AIG's CEO Edward M. Liddy. The AIG debacle is another red flag that demands a criminal investigation ~ not Obama administration stonewalling ~ for its derivative trading schemes involves trillions of dollars of debt which cannot possibly be paid and could well be the greatest financial scandal in US history.

Follow the money starting with Madoff's missing billions and let's fully open Pandora's box.

Allen L Roland



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21 Mar 2009 @ 19:40 by vaxen : ☺→
The Awakening of the World  

24 Mar 2009 @ 05:51 by vaxen : Aha!
The NCN dead zone rebounds around the planetoshpere with bare walls and sanctioned oblivion. A joke is a joke, a dream is a dream. I am me and you are you and so friggin what, eh? Have a good day.  

25 Mar 2009 @ 05:29 by koravya : Likewise, to you
Good day to you too, brother.
I been waitin' for some article to come by
that gets a little closer to the black hole
everything falls into.
Your research and postings are appreciated.
Very best wishes,
Yo' bro'

25 Mar 2009 @ 07:19 by vaxen : Thanyou!
Wow, thanks J. That really makes my day. Very best wishes to you too. Glad you can use the stuff I research. ☺  

24 Apr 2009 @ 09:41 by maxtobin : Are we surpirsed?
A rare visit (its pissing rain here and will be for the next couple of days). I am out of the dirt and checking up on the latest gossip. Looks like more mud here though. Keep digging brother the truth will come out and all deceptions be revealed in good time.

We are looking forward to celebrate the mid point of the sixth day in May. A time of blooming consciousness???? More a time of continuing Zombie like living up a river by a stone monument eh (always more denial).

The rumours are ripe with a derivative bubble about to burst and the house of cards will a tumble down in an ancient ritual game called KILL THE KING. A fresh Black Prince to officiate is the icing on the cake for the folk who love to screw the masses and create events complete with symbolic timings. If I was not human and part of this silly game I would sit back and laugh at how stupid the poor sods will look when it all happens and the manure really hits the air conditioniing. Unfortunatly I told you so is not going to help. Batten down the hatches ship mates the storm is about to hit.

Blessings from the upside down part of the planet. We are a long way from the focus of the current game BUT right in the heart with the real game; remembering our one-ness with the earth, her natural support systems and all of our relations on this great mothership we are so blessed to find ourselves upon.  

24 Apr 2009 @ 10:00 by vaxen : Thankyou...
and bright blessings to you and your's dear Max. Will batten down the hatches and I am prepared for the storms... "right in the heart with the real game..."

Great to see you out of the sod. We just had a spate of wicked rains and so forth but now all is sunny and bright. As we turn the world...

G'day bro  

17 Oct 2009 @ 04:57 by Bob Sherman @ : 911 Truth
I enjoyed your blog in my quest for the truth about what really is going on globally. Being Jewish myself, it is very embarrassing and frutstrating to see what my so called "brothers" have accomplished. Their evil doings have gotten the globe in a big mess. Until the Jewish followers begin to accept their spiritual teachings of Kabbalah, the earth will be filled with conflict. It appears that all 911 roads eventually lead to Mossad being involved. They are not the only ones. We need Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Pearl brought to justice in a court of law. Until then the world will continue to decay.  

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