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Yvonne, the actual founder of Scientology's "Celebrity Center" was one of the most loving, peaceful, gentle, spiritually aware, person I have ever known in my life. Her character alone, spoke volumes of what an enlightened mind was capable of manifesting in the form of unconditional love and compassion for the human race. Her instant acknowledgment of the beingness of the person approaching her with a communication seemed to me to be the epitome of what Hubbard was described in the matters covered in the basic communications course.

A person just knew that if they could duplicate Yvonne's manner in dealing with people that they would have mastered the art of communication. Strangely, I never experienced that feeling with Mr. Hubbard. My impression in both written and personal communication with him was that that all he was interested in was being acknowledged as "Source'" and worshipped by you. His personal communications never, ever left me with that warm, wondrous "feeling" inside that I experienced with Yvonne. That feeling that here was a being that truly loved all of mankind. I wonder if Hubbard really knew the value of Yvonne. It was impossible to stand in Yvonne's aura without knowing that if a person of this character could support the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, then you, despite any nagging questions, knew that you were indeed on the right track toward spiritual fulfillment.

So reader, If Affinity, obviously a component of "Love", is the most valued particle of all, implying action and activity exchanged by and between thetans, why is it strangely absent from the Emotional Tone Scale? Why is it not ever pursued in a discourse on components of "Serenity of Beingness, or discourses on the 2nd dynamic, or the importance of loving and the practice of unconditional love in Third Dynamic Groups, or as part of the Sixth Dynamic, Survival as a Spirit? Wouldn't it seem that if the MOST VALUED particle in the physical universe, being "Affinity" would be the part and parcel subject of the process of enlightening oneself from "Homo Novis" (ordinary man), to "Homo Superior" wouldn't one's education include not only the importance of loving, but the technical balance between superior ability and living an ethical life? Do we just not possess enough data at this point to explain the strange absence of these issues from "Standard Tech" as issued by "Source". How indeed, does fear and no fear relate to one's ability to love unconditionally?

I rarely speak of how my ex-wife, Rheva Bittleman and I managed to leave the Apollo just prior to its entry into Daytona Beach, Florida and the establishment of the Church of Scientology International in Clearwater Florida, and stay out on mission for some 18 plus months. I assure you, it was no accident, but carefully planned on my part. At the time, I was LRH's personal estates manager, and but for the slip up of a GO Finance staff member, I would probably have become embroiled with the Miscavige/Starkey takeover operation of the Church of Scientology and the Hubbard estates. This certain staff member was so filled with his importance as a GO Finance staff member, that during our dry-dock refurbishing of the Apollo in Curacao, he couldn't resist showing off his current project. It was a room below decks, which even I as Ron's personal estates manager, knew about. It was a massive invoice changing project preceding the arrival of the sea org on shore. Mary Sue Hubbard was weary of life at sea and had used the guardian's office to scuttle the Sea Orgs fleet of ships financially. I was the last probably the first and last fleet captain leaving Rigg's Eckleberry to scuttle the Excalibur as the last U.S. Ship in the Sea Org. There was a problem, however, in bringing the Apollo into Daytona, Florida, financial records, formerly unavailable to the United States Internal Revenue Service, could now be easily seized for them by U.S. Customs officials upon entry into United States coastal waters. Whoops!

Therefore, every document from anywhere which could possibly show enurement of funds from any of the Churches of Scientology, through Operations Transport Corp. or Operations Transport Services, Ltd. of Panama, to L. Ron Hubbard or his family. Had to be either destroyed or altered. To you old timer Sea Org members, you will remember that it was not until sometime after 1972 that the Guardians Office forced all Sea Org members to sign contracts with the Church of Scientology organization that they were currently posted at. Prior to that, all Sea Org Members were actually employees of either or both Operations Transport Corp., Ltd. or Operations Transport Services, Ltd.. Panamanian Corporations and personal offshore holding companies of L. Ron Hubbard. Remember the Flag Order by "Commodore Hubbard": which was a part of every Sea Org Members "Basic Hat". Stories Told (emphasis added)? According to this story, the acceptable truth told all people putting forth queries of the business of the Sea Org Ships, was that we were an international consulting business, traveling the world over and servicing the needs of our various clientele. The story, of course was only true to the extent that our clients were the various Churches and Missions of Dianetics and Scientology. The truth was that Ron Hubbard laundered the monies gathered by Scientology International and H.A.S.I. ("Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International") through Operation Transport Corp. and/or Operation Transport Services to that it would not appear as though he was personally profiting from the activities of the Religion of Scientology.

When Mary Sue scuttled the Sea Org's control of Scientology by the "Commodore" through the use of Operations Transport Corp. She also shot the hell out of Stories Told, and create an enormous problem in keeping the IRS from finding out about enurement of funds to Hubbard and his family from the income of the various Churches of Scientology around the world.

So, there I am, personally responsible for everything that's going on aboard the Apollo, just married, and I find out that the largest single fraud against the IRS in history is underway aboard ship without any prior knowledge on my part.

While we will cover the other changes in the OT Levels and the gradation chart more fully later, the biggie, OT VIII, is the definition I want to give you here.

Now-a-days, of course, with the emphasis on protection of "trade secrets" and copyrighted "sacred materials", Scientology just tells you on its gradation chart that your abilities gained will be those attained in completing the materials of

OT VIII. HOGWASH!!!. Here are the end phenomena sold out of the textbooks in 1975 and earlier:


Think about it, ability to be at cause knowingly, and at will. . . It is my hope that in analyzing the data found herein, with respect to this definition and other data which has recently come into my possession, we can, together assist mankind in discovering the weaknesses in our own character, which, in the past have drawn us all towards Hubbard's "truths, and others like him.

I can recall, in reaching towards Scientology a very strong desire to be able to love unconditionally always, which, again, seems to go hand-in-hand with the concept of "Serenity of Beingness". In that same light, doesn't serenity of beingness imply or pre-suppose a relationship with the creator of all-that-is that is almost a partnership, or joint venture. I mean to say, doesn't it strike you that if you operated in a state in which you experienced the "End Phenomena" of: "Freedom from Overwhelm" (OT III), or "Total Cause Over Matter, Energy, Space and Time" (OT VIII) as a natural state of beingness, that you would have demonstrated that you were responsible enough to be trusted with such powers. Clichés aside, "My God" where else would you acquire those powers?

As the greatest source in the history of mankind would L. Ron Hubbard have relinquished his peacetime post of "Commodore" to any being who wasn't at least "Just below" himself on the Know to Mystery Scale. After all, in the Organizational Executive Course and Flag Executive Briefing Course didn't Ron specifically state the importance of tone scale position in hiring? Isn't it true that he said that it was important that recruiters and personnel directors be very highly trained and up the bridge (paraphrase) because no personnel director or recruiter would ever hire anyone higher on the Tone Scale than him or herself????

How could the current Supreme Commander of the Sea Organization David Miscavige, and the entirety of Scientology, be an asthmatic, forced to live in a desert environment, and yet be in possession of the ability to be in TOTAL CONTROL OVER MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME.

Regardless of this contest I would seriously like to hear from the readers with regard to the points covered above. No one has ever done even a partial analysis of the "Q's", the logics, the Dianetic axioms, the Scientology axioms in relation to the definitions contained within the Scientology Dictionary of terms, and especially, in light of the original gradation chart, copies of which seem to be extremely difficult to locate. I would be happy to respond to reader's comments and suggestions and even to embark on further analysis of the above-referenced subjects. Contact can be made through Citizens Against Corruption, 6045 26th Road North, Arlington, Virginia 22207 (703) 241-1498, or by e-mail to or

Let's now put aside the concepts set forth above and delve a little deeper into the anonymous interviewee's coverage of the Excalibur Manuscripts, with an eye to bridging the materials together in a new perspective of the true intentions of L. Ron Hubbard and his Church of Scientology.

What exactly, was the Excalibur manuscript(s) about? Our interviewee states that essentially the theme is to "Survive". The manuscript describes how every aspect of live can be traced back to survival. For example:

Cells = survival. Family = survival Groups = survival,

Etc., Etc. Since the manuscript was written circa 1938, it appears that Survival was the precursor for the origin of the eight dynamics.

A Japanese girl I know, who is a very intelligent, competent and loving individual (and potential woman's nine-ball pool champ) and I were discussing the subject of ethics and billiards one day. She asked me why I insist on calling all of my shots, rather than just the pocket the object ball is to fall in. I told her that it was because I wanted no doubt about whether it was me or "luck" or "chance" or the "fates" that caused the ball to go where I indicated. I told her that I loved pool because it allowed me the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the abilities my creator had given me. I told her that I did not consider any form of cheating at pool to be beneficial to me and my personal relationship with the creator. She acknowledged my reasoning, but then said: "I don't understand you Westerners. Why is it that you have to be religious and believe in a god to be ethical"? To paraphrase, she said that it seemed that in America, if you are not religious, you are not considered to be an ethical person. She said that in Japan, ethics are part and parcel of one's educational courses while growing up.

Her statements stopped me short and I commented that it was quite something for a person to see the benefits of being ethical without having any personal communion with one's creator. It had never occurred to me that this was possible. In fact, I had never thought about it at all.

Could that be what is wrong with American society? Being brought up to be ethical as a result of fear of reprisals from one's God? Didn't Yashua preach the gospel (God's Truth) to teach us right living, and that such living would bring us closer to our creator. Imagine your children growing up being able to personal discern rightness from wrongness without need of fear of punishment from any particular type of god or gods if they somehow did not meet the often arbitrary and confusing requirements of denominational sects. I had no idea that Japanese children were brought up that way. It also explains why in 1972, as then Executive Director of the first Japanese Org, I had to make the unilateral decision to close down that first mission into Japan. We were simply unprepared to integrate Scientology principles into a culture we were totally ignorant of. Years later, in 1984 surveys conducted by Scientology still agonized over whether to drop the religious curtain veiling Scientology operations to be conducted in Japan and instead concentrate on the business techniques and philosophical approach.

Secrets are the mortar binding
bricks as lies together into prisons for the mind.
I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak.
The only thing that always works in scientology are its lawyers
The internet is the liberty tree... [link]

All the above falderal from...

Here: [link]

Big Richard's Almanac


More, just a little:

Scientology Training Routines

A Critical Review by Perry Scott

[ OT TR0 | TR0 | TR1 | TR2 | TR2 1/2 | TR3 | TR4 | TR5 | TR6 | TR7 | TR8 | TR9 | Postlude ]

The Scientology Training Routines, or TRs, are done on what Scientologists call "the gradient". The claim is that information should not be presented until the student is ready to understand the information. In this way, knowledge is presented in bite-sized pieces that won't cause the student (or "Mark" as The Rev. Dennis Erlich is prone to say) to "blow", or leave the training session.

In reality, the "gradient" is designed to place increasing levels of thought conditioning into the student. At the earliest level, OT TR0, nothing is asked of the student and the gradient position is zero. New concepts, controls, and conditioning are applied in increasing levels as the student gains higher levels within the Scientology system. The end-effect of these exercises (or processes, as Scientology refers to them) is to neutralize the student's critical faculties and render them prone to suggestion as they engage in further training or auditing.

The TRs are a series of mind-numbing exercises. Dick Sutphen in THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND, a speech given at World Congress of Professional Hypnotists Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, discusses various mind control techniques. This paper links my personal experience with the Scientology TRs to the Sutphen document.

Hubbard said, "THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM..., because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control." - Technique 88 . The fundamental lie of these TRs is that they are a "Communication Course", which is how they were presented to me when I first entered Scientology in the early 1980s. The TRs first appeared in HCOB June 11, 1957 as "processes", a Scientology term for thought conditioning (for example, Auditing is a process).

The second lie is that these TRs improve your ability to communicate. In fact, they are an introduction to Scientology dogma, which comes part and parcel with the "theory" behind the routines. The result is a continuous Scientology info-mercial. Rather than communicating with the real world, the terms are defined relative to Scientology, which only helps you communicate with other Scientologists. In other words, the TRs are indoctrination.


While not part of the Training Routines, it bears mentioning that after you complete a Scientology course, you are required to write up your "Big Win". The mark stands up in front of his group and recites what he learned, why it's useful, and how it can be applied. For most normal people, speaking to a group of near-strangers produces anxiety. Being forced to manufacture a list of "Wins" creates cognitive dissonance. By saying it in public, you are forced to carry through regardless of what you may have thought before.

After this stressful experience, the mark is "love bombed" by the group. Everyone robotically affirms your win as a sign of acceptance into the group. You breathe a sigh of relief. These are indeed your friends.

The trap is sprung, the door closes. You are a Scientologist. Congratulations on your BIG WIN. ☺




I just threw all the above stuff in for fun. My weird kind of research fun. No real import to any of it unless there is. Dot Dot Dot, Dash Dash Dash. Mr. Kippling is that roast ready yet? Bark's on the bridge...

Gotta GO.

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