Ja my bru, kan jy dit glo hoe dat meisie skinner?! Sy weet who ek is?

So you see? Doos means "high" in certain segments of Durban. High on Durban poison. Soebela...

Hey, I could have said this:

'Jy is uit jou Ma se hol gebore, want haar poes was te besig!' - Bergie

Be he in heaven or be he in hell? ;)

[link] *Note: poes in the url? ☺ Doesn't mean what you were told it meant. And come now jazzie ech ya get death threats outta da liebe vort?

"The difference between Steve and "poes" is that "poes" has taken advantage of the anonymity that the web affords those who feel the need to wax scatological without their identities being revealed, to be just plain ugly. On the Internet no one knows you're a dog."


Walton Pantland, a South African citizen residing in Scotland whom "poes" calls an emo, pedo fag, reckons poes is lucky to be alive. He supports his point of view with a picture of a blue Mercedes-Benz containing the bodies of three khaki-clad men slain during an attempted coup in Bop and aims poes's swearwords right back at him.

"Poes" boasts that [link] and [link] have both visited his website. Has he overstepped the mark? Deconstructing this inflammatory blog reveals that it does not really fulfill the criteria for being a true hate site.

[link] , a non-profit organisation focused on the localisation, or translation, of open source software into South Africa's 11 official languages, recently released their Afrikaans version of the Firefox browser. My advice to poes: the web is about being inclusive, not exclusive. And remember, Mandela loves Afrikaans.


POES pictures

Now I know that for our Afrikaans or Dutch speaking internet users, POES stands for something completely different than Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellites (But can be soebella for just that depending on what intel-op you're a part of!).

Go check out the latest POES images [link] pages for some interesting pics and even how to receive signals from these satellites.

Ah, yes, gotta love or hate that "poes." So a wee bit o rebuttal in yer face man. Couldna help it but respondez vous. Vou Les Vous Couche Avec Moi? Voos?

Same goes for yer "death threat."


To MEga THerion


Ego death is only a death to the extent that the heart becomes our master and the mind, as well as the ego, becomes the servant on the journey to fully embrace yourself : Allen L Roland .

The ego is a projection of what we feel we have to be versus who we really are and, like a protective cocoon, it is meant to be shed once we fully open our heart and discover not only our true self but our part in an evolving loving plan.

As such, the heart transcends the ego and the ego is no longer needed ~ for inner validation has replaced the need for outer validation.

Here are the Eight Stages of Ego Death ~ which countries and civilizations can also experience by losing touch with their founding principles and moving to the dark side of political manipulation, control and unchecked or unregulated financial greed as America has recently done.


There is nothing wrong with me ~ everything is perfect ~ I'm in full control !


I can't stay in control and manipulate things any more ~ it's not working anymore and it's making me angry


I'll hang on to something so I won't get out of control and have to deal with the unknown, the truth and all those scary feelings deep inside me ~ that I have avoided for years.


Why am I feeling so sad, and it seems to go so deep. If only I could get out of this pit of overwhelming despair.


I'm feeling so sad and there is nothing I can do about it. I can't deny these feelings or the truth any longer.


What is this joy and excitement I'm feeling beneath this sadness ~ and it doesn't have anything to do with someone else. It's me ! I'm finally beginning to trust my deepest feelings and a growing sense that everything is going to be all right.


Being myself is not only enough ~ its beautiful. I will no longer say no to myself or allow my self to be controlled by fear ~ especially my fear of love and Joy ! This is the most difficult stage of ego death for you can no longer use someone else as an excuse for you saying no to yourself. As such, it is the ultimate yes to yourself.


There is something I'm supposed to be doing and I'm ready to do it !

Stage eight has been confirmed by virtually every recorded Near-Death experience where the person comes back from death with two realizations ~ Life is all about love and a renewed need to be in service from a place of love, joy and worthiness.

Allen L Roland [link]

Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and psychotherapist Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private consultations ( )
Allen L Roland is a practicing psychotherapist, author and lecturer who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his weblog and website. He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on [link]

Allen Roland’s weblog: [link]
Website: [link]



16 Feb 2009 @ 08:02 by susannahbe : Good article
Thanks very much for the article and your intro was very well written honest communication.  

16 Feb 2009 @ 08:25 by vaxen : Wow...
Susanna! Greetings. You are very welcome. See, I've been thinking about what you have been saying. Sometimes I can be a terrible plank. ☺☺☺

Thankyou so much for reading it and critiqueing it too. Very nice of you to go out of your way to say hello. Mabruk! (Blessings, in Arabic.) ☻☻☻  

16 Feb 2009 @ 17:08 by jazzolog : Thank You For Your Kind Words
It's a long and winding road. Allow me to offer a couple of amendments~~~

1) I'm not resigning from NCN, just letting go of the Log feature. The platform is great for someone distinctly un-expert like me, but it no longer serves the purpose here I have in mind.

2) "Death threat" is not my comment, nor have I suggested same to anyone---or complained to the concierge. Since the comment perhaps you are referring to pooh poohed the idea and translation, it didn't seem to me to require reply.  

18 Feb 2009 @ 09:16 by vaxen : Unh, hunh...
Well, it's over and the blue cloud only lingers. But it's not really over for the end is only a new beginning and the sulphurous flames have left a stench...
Barkey (The quick-change artist) sends troops to Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban, whom we are also funding, from burning all the Opium and Europe crashes, big run on banks, the doom is in the details so get out of the Euro if yer in.

Perhaps NCN will survive in some new form. But the ghosted halls are there in memoriam of a time when things were different. Nicer, more inspiring. I won't take the blame for what has happened. WE are all actors on this stage.

A butterfly's wings in Tokyo cause a hurricane in Miami and the world spins the dark night of the soul and demons dance on the head of a pin...

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