Why are we here??

Is it to handle our cases so we can live on "Cloud 9" in the "Land of Milk and Honey"????

How soon would you be bored with that?

Some have overly-emphasized or implied that you can become a "Total Cause" over all of the Physical Universe (Matter, Energy, Space Time and the Life within it) and not be the effect of anything. These people are selling you a trap (to be explained later). However, I propose to you that "Total Cause" does not mean "No effect" of any kind or the "Avoidance of Effects." You being "Total Cause" doesn't't allow anybody else to be Cause over the Physical Universe or any part of it!


Trying to avoid effects really puts you at EFFECT. In that case, what are you trying to do, but be the effect of every other cause in the Universe. Why? Because you are "avoiding" instead of taking RESPONSIBILITY for the motions contained within or coming from the EFFECT. Responsibility can be defined as "Willing to Control". If you are actually "Willing to Control", not just fooling yourself by saying it, you will exert some sort of control and will be expanding that control in the form of good, positive, control for the benefit of all. As with anything, it needs to be your choice or by own self-determinism as to what game you want to play.

RESPONSIBILITY is a very light, airy viewpoint. It is just something that you do because you simply want to do it. Not because of a big obligation, or you "owe it", or "you must do it because of your STATUS" on some organization board or self-improvement or ability scale (Bridge). This is a trap to control you for the benefit of an organization or person -- not to put you at a higher level of cause as is asserted by their agents. If you take on a responsibility, then it must be by your choice, not by someone else's orders or attempts to make you wrong if you do not.


In general, this society expects those who have risen to high levels in organizations, whether it is corporations or government, to act in a particular way, such as: always being positive, no negative emotions, always saying the right thing to not upset anyone. In other words, not being yourself and not being truthful either. Look at our politicians.

In the same way, persons who have supposedly achieved some high level of ability on a scale (the Bridge) have been pushed into not being themselves, by being forced into setting an "exemplary example of someone of their status" that the organization expects. (Whatever it is that they expect, is not explained by the organization). Well, that is a TRAP! Why would anyone want to have to fit into someone else's arbitrary example of what is acceptable behavior. That is not becoming more able – that is becoming more of a slave.

For yourself, don't let Status "go to your head". Status is a trap. It can really pull the wrong things in. Status is being interesting (pulling flows in) rather than interested (putting flows out). Objects are interesting, beings are interested. Try to never need Status, Approval, Praise or Sympathy. You will stop or limit yourself. But still take pride and be professional in what you do.


Some organizations, especially churches or individuals in a church, TRAP a person by getting him to continually focus on what is wrong with him. "If you handle what is wrong with you, then you will be able to really achieve what you want in life" – so they say and keep pushing it in on you. This is a good source of money – confessions and confessionals. Some churches have you pay for your "sins". Some even have had you pay in advance for sins you will commit in the future! (Sounds like good Capitalism and Control.)

There is also the scenario that you need a confessional every 6 months to make sure you have done nothing to harm the organization and especially to make sure that you have remained thoroughly and completely under their control and will continue to do so. You have then achieved the status of "Controlled Thetan". You have become the Church not YOURSELF. Lost your own viewpoint, and when you have lost that, you have lost it all.

The emphasis or accent needs to be on ability. So my suggestion, definitely keep cleaning up the harmful things that you have done, or have not done when you should have done something. This will keep you in the game, making it possible to win and expand. Too many overts and withholds not disclosed, and you may well take yourself out of the game. Becoming an expert on Suppressive Persons, Potential Trouble Sources, Overts and Withholds and the handling thereof, is very valuable and necessary to winning and happiness. BUT, keep playing, big time, and keep learning to play a better game.

But if you receive a big effect, then it may just be the big game you are playing. The only real importance is what did you learn from it, so that you can learn to "play a better game" which is the only reason for playing games. It is not to receive no effect, which equals no improvement; no involvement; no fun; boring, = no game.

So what if you go broke? What did you learn?

So what if you have an accident going 130 miles per hour in a motorcycle race. What did you learn?

So what if you are attacked by your enemies and they harm you? What did you learn?

So what if you get 50 PCs, or clients to counsel, and they all blow? What did you learn?

That is all that is important. "What did you learn?" so you can improve. Don't let a mistake or "loss" go by without getting the most learning and knowledge out of it.


So; why are we here??

I propose to you that it is only to LEARN TO PLAY A BETTER GAME.

It is not to have no effect on self. It is not to "never lose again". It is not to be "God-like" and always prim, proper and pristine. It is not to have a life of living in an ivory tower with no contact with ordinary man or the physical universe. It is not necessarily being a billionaire with everything done for you.

It is living LIFE = Hot, fast, furious, an all-out charge into whatever you want to charge into. Don't let anyone say you lived a mediocre life. Let them put on your tombstone: "He lived a full life and played the game to the hilt".

Playing a big game means big effects. Look at Donald Trump. He went broke, but he also made a lot of money before that, and he made it all back. Basically, if you are not willing to receive big effects, then you will not be WILLING to play a BIG game with BIG WINS. If he wasn't willing to be totally broke, then he probably wouldn't have made so much money to begin with and made it back again. I'm sure he gained much valuable knowledge from experiencing that huge effect.


So here we pull together a viewpoint of RESPONSIBILITY.

You and the others in the Game, usually called the Physical Universe, are all working to PLAY A BETTER GAME. In doing that, we also have to take responsibility for our fellow players. If they "fall off the rails" then we each need to point it out, try to help that other Player play their game better, whatever it is.

But CAUTION, only they really know what game they are playing, and your evaluation may not be correct. So first find out what are they trying to accomplish - what is their game? - before evaluating or putting them down, or looking down on them.

Offer help or an objective perspective – which is an evaluation – but don't force it. "Would you like some feedback on what I see is going on here?" works a whole lot better than "Well, you shouldn't have done that" or "That isn't working". And remember, at times we all need an exterior viewpoint to help us out of a quagmire that we got ourselves into. If you are refusing help from a competent viewpoint, take a look. Maybe you are stuck in Status! "I'm too important or know too much to receive help from anyone else."

A big player may be wanting to experience a disease to find a cure for that disease. Or a big player may be wanting to experience going broke, so he can help others who are hounded by a financial system which is trying to make people into economic slaves.

You can see a lot of players now all over the planet playing games like this and making a difference. But the most important thing is to HELP EACH OTHER WIN OUR GAMES that we are playing. Then we all WIN! That might include doing a lot for that person, especially if they get in too deep. And likewise, let valid, competent help, help you too.


Clearing a planet and freeing everyone (10 X 10 to the 40th power number of thetans) is a very BIG GAME.

Welcome to the biggest game in the Physical Universe. You have very few teammates, so anyone playing the Freeing Game has to be up for it and keep team members going as well as himself in all possible ways.

The opposition has the control of most of the resources on the planet to use against us. But it is only physical universe stuff, and we can handle that from a much "higher viewpoint". After all, this universe was just thought up by all of us playing together, and a thought can change it, or any part of it, instantly. We have all done that to some extent, whether we realize it or not. And we have a wealth of technology available to expand that ability beyond your wildest imaginings!


Loyal Officer
Galactic Patrol
Mission: Planet Earth

April 17, 2008, Earth Time

This was written by one of our group who is on his VAST (Viable Application of Source Training) level and demonstrates very well how much difference one being can make armed with tech and the confront to play big. He is a wonderful contributor to the Freeing Game. Feel free to pass this on without alteration to anyone you would like to share it with.





12 Feb 2009 @ 22:33 by vaxen : Dinging

"Thank you for your website! It made me believe that there is indeed a guiding force that leads you to understanding when you sincerely seek understanding. I would like to tell you of a recent experience that revealed to me the severe damaging effects of dinging in our personal lives. I was my own dinger and the result was a battle that in the past undermined my whole life.

I am extremely talented in many areas but in my own eyes it has in the past never been good enough. My energy level has usually been low. I used to feel somewhat depressed daily.

Recently my nephew and niece from Europe visited the US and I was invited to join them at the beach. One of them is 19 and I had not seen him in years. My niece is 16. I spent a great day with them. The next day, I sprang out of bed at 6am and started working with unusual energy to the music of the Beatles. At one point I was dancing in front of a mirror. I accomplished so many things that day and my life was hopeful. After reading in your website I realized what had happened to me. That day at the beach, my nephew gave me an incredible amount of attention. He wanted to know about my life and he insisted that I tell him about the screenplays I was writing. I asked him, "Are you really interested?" He said it was great and he wanted to know the end of the story. My niece gave me big smiles and she was interested in my explanation of the world through the eyes of quantum mechanics, which is my interest. All of a sudden, I found myself interesting, funny, entertaining. I felt accepted, admired and respected. No dinging whatsoever, on the contrary, only gratitude. It was as if my nephew and niece were grateful that they had un uncle like me. My sudden life explosion was directly caused by that day. I am grateful that the light led me to your website because I feel excited and full of hope all of a sudden. I have realized that I, myself, have been a big time dinger in the past and now I will set about the task of stopping that.

Thank you again!!!" -- J.V. (8/23/07)


A great deal of dinging can occur on Internet mailing lists and forums. Suppose you're a subscriber of "List X." You consider most of the other subscribers to be educated and intelligent. Some of the long-time subscribers form a kind of "insider clan" or "in-group." You're not part of the in-group. You post something you think important and of interest to the list. Your post is ignored or ridiculed. Some members of the in-group seem to take turns to come up with "clever" ways to ding you. For example, you could post a message about this report. The only responses you get are snide or sarcastic comments, while the essence of your post is ignored. The list may have a "dinging culture" with a significant portion of the posts including some dinging -- or a great deal of dinging.

Scroll down about two thirds of the way for the last one...  

12 Feb 2009 @ 23:48 by a-d : Yesss...this list
was the one that really opened my eyes for the dinging process!.... ohhhh, boy! a lot of work ahead! heheheheh.... but worth a try, i hope! : )

and...u know what, this reconizing the damage done by dinging and correcting it (de-dinge oneself) really has the potential of being: The Beginning of A New Era!( ! )
Thanks, Sweety!  

13 Feb 2009 @ 01:12 by archcat : Peace Vaxen
I became frustrated talking to you. That is I made myself feel frustrated. I also gave you cause to feel frustrated, which is a poor gift. I can not take it back and there is no excuse. I am sorry I did that to you, no kidding. I hope you are not feeling frustrated now, and I do wish you peace.

I know we have had differences of oppinion, and I expect we always will, but at this moment it does not matter.

Sincerely, Larry  

13 Feb 2009 @ 01:12 by vaxen : Hahaha!
Yes, dear Astrid. I do hope so from the bottom of my heart. Ding! Good to see you again. ♥♥♥  

13 Feb 2009 @ 02:18 by jmarc : Hey
I really enjoyed that article Vaxen. Good health to you and the writer.  

13 Feb 2009 @ 04:34 by vaxen : Thanks...
jm! Radiorev. Some useful materials there. Thanks so much for reading it and for your comment. Good health to you and your family, too, jm...  

13 Feb 2009 @ 21:26 by mortimer : BEGINNING OF AN ERA

holy smokes! time for celebrating, BEGINNING OF AN NEW ERA!

I going to fire up the ancestor alter and have a party.  

13 Feb 2009 @ 21:35 by vaxen : Hahahaha!
Good show mortimer! Give thanks for sure. Party on!  

14 Feb 2009 @ 05:40 by a-d : Thanks to You,Vax!!!....
and that I took your words of Wisdom to Heart; Alex is now doing much better already!...(tell u more tomorrow)  

14 Feb 2009 @ 16:35 by vaxen : Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
Go Alex! Thanks A-d. ~☺▬○▬♥▬○▬☺~  

14 Feb 2009 @ 17:25 by istvan : Valentines Day greetings
[ ]  

14 Feb 2009 @ 18:41 by a-d : The NEW Era, Mike....
started some hours ago and is indeed the Age of Aquarius! : ) : ) : ) .... and sooo cooool to start with some Mental cleansing; like de-dinging,eh? (google "Age of Aquarius" and you'll find some pertinent info for instance here:  

14 Feb 2009 @ 23:50 by vaxen : Thanks...
for the greetz, Istvan, and to you great blessings - bro. And thanks for the linkage, A-d, the dawn is dark at the moment but each new year that passes by willusher us past the threshold and into the everlasting beyond it all. ♪♪♪♥♪♪♪  

15 Feb 2009 @ 04:17 by vaxen : Dinging subtly...
the lot of us and pretending to be a friend. No more...

I'm putting this here for my own reasons just in case it should be deleted 'over there.' I'm tired of being labelled a this and a that and everything under the sun by these people and when I fight back or rebut insulted some more! So this will be up here for a bit till the place re-adjusts and I return harmony and vision to my soul.

Gotta go now and try to de-ding. I'm sure they'll make subtle fun of that too. And to them I say: Voertsek!


jazzoLOG: Time To Go

15 Feb 2009 @ 00:59 by ashanti : Epilogue for Jazzolog

I was attempting to leave a final quote for Jazzolog above, but it was misconstrued to be a comment left for an ego. So I will frame it in a clearer manner this time.

Epilogue for Jazzolog

"This is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang
but with a whimper".

T.S. Eliot

Richard, you are one of the finest writers I know. It has always been a pleasure to read your blog for the sheer quality of your writing, which is rare in such a piece of cyberspace as this. The nuclear devastation that the delete monster has wrought on your blog reveals a trend. For a virus has infected this sad neck of the woods, and that virus originates in a Qasar of an ego, manifesting as a delete monster and a copypasta monster. Now, if you visit some blogs, and then stroll over to the chat rooms, you see the same glob of text copypastaed everywhere as the attempt to impose one's view on everyone, and get everyone thinking the same way, using the same paradigms, spreads like a virus.

Repetition is of course, one of the main techniques of propoganda. It is, inevitably, boring.

No more original thought, and free dialogue. Just copypasta, and you WILL adhere to this view of peace, love and light. And a virus, if it takes, simply spreads and spreads unless there is an effective antidote. In this place, there is no effective antidote.

The delete monster of course, has laid waste to your blog. As a fellow writer, I have put Cape Town Chronicles: Blue Crystal Eagle, my blog, to sleep in solidarity. For no more will I leave my words here, this place has become a vortex which sucks the life out of the words.

After this post, I will also be putting my avatar to sleep. I have no desire to be here anymore, and there is a world out there, with infinities of possibility to play in.

Better to put creative life-force and energy to where there is Life.

I'll see you on the other side, my friend.


15 Feb 2009 @ 03:31 by vaxen : Ashanti

Aweh my bokkie... you soeking with me? Been too long in the bossies hae ye? Leavin us dik bek? Too much dop made ya doos? Ek se Richards droe wors and the lekker company ya been keepin hae gesuip'd ya. The kerels are comin ta moer ma se poes. N.A.F.F.I., ne? Gaan vlieg in jou moer! I smaak you stukkend, voertsek!

Time for all the self righteous, the perfect, and the pure who were victimized by the "copypasta and delete monster" to collectively gloat, leave the place and go on a rut of self pity. False friend, there is a table on that mountain. Come dine with me there. You'll know me by my horns and the stench of sulpher coming forth from my glass. Repetition is one of the main techniques of propaganda. Looks like some buttons were pushed and a hidden course well fed. Go in peace, I'd like to say, but I can no longer wish you peace nor will I...

"Meat shouldn't be braaied on a braai grid. It should lie there between the hot coals, fighting for its life," Zuma

Israeli troops shot and killed zoo animals

By Ashraf Helmi, Videographer, and Megan Hirons, Photographer
Published: January 25, 2009, 23:25

The Gaza Zoo reeks of death. But zookeeper Emad Jameel Qasim doesn't appear to react to the stench as he walks around the animals' enclosures.

A month ago, it was attracting families - he says the zoo drew up to 1,000 visitors each day. He points at the foot-long hole in the camel in one of the enclosures.

"This camel was pregnant, a missile went into her back," he tells us. "Look, look at her face. She was in pain when she died."

Around every corner, inside almost every cage are dead animals, who have been lying in their cages since the Israeli incursion.

Qasim doesn't understand why they chose to destroy his zoo. And it's difficult to disagree with him. Most of them have been shot at point blank range.

"The first thing the Israelis did was shoot at the lions - the animals ran out of their cage and into the office building. Actually they hid there."  

15 Feb 2009 @ 08:00 by mortimer : such a kill joy
I don't ding butt! Suppressive People are such a kill joy. I can tell who they are cause the suppressive people always hinting (or implying) that there is something wrong with me. I think it says that in the article above ennit?  

15 Feb 2009 @ 09:55 by vaxen : Hahaha...
Yes, mortimer. That's what intitally got me started rebutting seeming endless of ages ago...the subtle hints, the innuendos, the insults and ad hominems without cease. Taking up the problem only stirred up the old pot of hatred then one has to be very careful of not getting enmeshed in it all and that's the rub. Susanna has a lot to say in that regard and I feel quite lucky that she is here for us at this moment. And I thank you, too, for seeing through the charade. SP's are always under the control of a BST somewhere out there in the deep abyss of space maybe hiding on an asteroid or such. The BSTRD is quite cool in dealing with that strange technology. Resurrection clones certainly need to be released.

Again, thanks a million for your bravery in being who you are and in taking a stance towards your own 1st dynamic which seemed also to be under attack.

Hope it will be a Sunny and happy Sun Day for you and yours. I've spotted the BST in the mass so... it's only a matter of MEST and Mental MEST adjustments at a sub quantum level.

Later bro, happy day!


15 Feb 2009 @ 15:17 by mortimer : The ad hominems
The ad hominems, that was strange to witness. This reminds me of what Max Sandor said about some people not able to hold two things in the mind at once. You and me both kindly took the time to show the ad hominem argument. They are intelligent and understand the definition of ad hominem. But it was 10 minutes later they were committing another ad hominem. Hence the mind was able to focus on the definition of ad hominem, but in practice it was lost. Seems Max is correct and some people cannot maintain multiple viewpoints.

Which brings up another point, two types of suppression. A persona who suppresses from the head could fail depending on the level of character of their target. A person who suppresses from the heart always wins. In Emotional Martial Art, redlining is a form suppression.

Military Dictionary: suppression
(DOD) Temporary or transient degradation by an opposing force of the performance of a weapons system below the level needed to fulfill its mission objectives.

Emotional Martial Artist's don't ding. Its like trying to ding water. The martial artist utilizes the opponents force as leverage, they go with the flow and are flexible. Water against Mountain, Water always wins.  

15 Feb 2009 @ 16:51 by vaxen : Beautifully said...
mortimer. And I'm so glad that you see that and are able to verbalise your viewpoint for the sake of dimension and dynamic. Thanks for the DoD definition. SO many are so blinded by the light of their own scanty knowledge that when someone with clearer perception comes along all their hatreds, envies, and 'small talk,' are automatically thrown back in their face and they see what they want to see, do what they want to do yet ever so blindly. Such are the weapons wield in the Psychic Forces of the worlds Force Contingencies that the wee folk stand no chance whatsoever against their multiple tyrannies. Till now...

Many love to turn the cheek in a time of battle and then wail and moan when they are spitted on the hot grill of suppression at the hands of those who dictate the way everyone 'should' dot their I's and cross their Tees ☺. Love, bro. Max is so right as are you.

Incidentally have you seen the way jazzolog is going on and on about the word 'cunt?' Unfortunately, for him, he is mistranslating a few Afrikaner words. Guess he doesn't know the difference between a leaky boat and the Transvaal or the difference between South Cape, East Cape, and West Cape dialects of Afrikans. Puta! Heh, heh! Lova ya...

Maybe the Caracoles have the answer for him or maybe it is just blowing in the wind, the Ruah...

←╟◄C ╕♫┴º ▼↑┤≤╥╟¥  

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