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I have long wearied of old men sending young men, and now women,
off to war and of fat cats who stay at home to profit, and of
management personnel who think they know best but who themselves
cannot chop wood or carry water.

This fellow provides a good rant on politics which could just as
easily have been a rant in principle re: CoS.

FWD: Ivy Blindness, A Foray into Psycho-political Ophthalmology

January 1, 2007 Fred on

It occurs to me that a surfeit of money, and the associated life
within an invisible plastic bubble that seems to accompany it, may
explain much of our curious political lunges. I have nothing against
money (you can test this by sending me a lot) or people who have it.
But it has side effects.

Two incidents come to mind, of no shattering import but serving
as windsocks. First, a politician I barely know, but of import in the
making of national policy, told me recently that he had never been in
Washington's subway, though he lives in Washington. Second, there was
the astonishment of the senior Bush on observing the technology of a
checkout line in a supermarket, into none of which had he apparently
been. He didn't know how to buy groceries.

(Spun story: Bush was shown a new checkout scanner which few had
previously seen. RS)

I wondered: How much of the dysfunction of national policy can be
explained by our rulers' never having been in the subway? Never
having encountered the world in which the rest of us, here and abroad,
live? Sure, things other than insular innocence play a part:
ambition, greed, idealism, vanity, good intentions, bad intentions. do you manage a world you haven't seen?

I grew up mostly in the South of small towns surrounded by woods.
In such places you learn about school-yard fights, in particular that
you need either to avoid them or win them, and about hunting rats at
the dump with a .410, and working late shift at an Esso station on a
lonely highway, and that country boys from poor families don't think
like nice suburban people. You still have to deal with them.

Most of us have learned these things, though in different ways
and places. A high school in Brooklyn or Casper is different from
mine in Virginia, yet very much the same. The young find themselves
with a slice of humanity, not all of it agreeable, and have to figure
it out on their own. When you learn a high school in Brooklyn, in a
sense you learn the United States. I wonder what you learn going to
Andover with your chauffeur.

There are experiences, of which few have had all but most have
had some, by which people learn how life works. The very rich do not
seem to have these. I wonder whether they really know where they

During the sixties, I spent time on the big roads, thumbing from
coast to coast and from wherever to wherever else. So did countless
other kids. (This isn't a column about how special I am, but about
how special I'm not.) We learned much about truck stops at three in
the morning, about taking care of ourselves on a deserted road at dusk
with rain coming on, about the wild variety of people that make up a
country and, particularly, about people without a lot of money.

We also learned that there are men who will beat you senseless
with a pool cue just because they don't like your looks, and no, they
won't listen to reason. Life is not an embassy party.

Do the delicate flowers of National Review know these things?
Has George Bush even been on the road? Have they seen America from a
dying coal camp in West Virginia? A great deal of money is a good
thing, or at least one I would like to try. But I suspect it isolates
you from the world beyond Yale.

The military is another such adventure, common among the
generation which now manages the country. Literally millions passed
through the military, many of them through the war of their time. In
the enlisted military you come to know.many things. You learn how
armies work and think, meet black kids from the slums of Chicago and
white kids from shadowed valleys of Tennessee, learn what it is to be
hungry and exhausted and never able to sleep. You see what a war
really is, and what people look like who have been badly hit.

In the White House they don't know these things, or at the slick
policy-shop magazines manned by bright Fauntleroys. I am not sure
what they do know, other than board rooms and good hotels.

There is the simple matter of working for a living other in an
ermine-lined sinecure. Tending bar, for example, driving an
eighteen-wheeler, working summers in a saw mill, or doing
construction. Starting your own business without daddy's millions.
When you know the woman pushing seventy who is waitressing long hours
with swollen ankles-"I'm too tired to work, and too poor to quit"-you
might change your ideas about, well, lots of things. Some folk don't
have silver tea services.

Who in the White House understands any of this?

There is travel of the sort that shows you the planet as it is.
If you look in the back streets of Asia and South America, or of
Europe for that matter, you will find people, mostly from their late
teens to early thirties, who are traveling on a low budget. Sometimes
they stay in one place for six months or a year and work on the
language. Sometimes they keep moving, backpacking it, grabbing the
tramp freighters or rattletrap goat-and-chicken buses. Many are well
educated. Not infrequently they are professionals who don't want the

On the third-class buses in Michoacan, in the ramshackle motor
launches in the pampas of Bolivia, they's hard to say exactly
what. A sense of humanity, perhaps, that people in other countries
are not dinks, slopes, sand-niggers, zipperheads, spics, dot-niggers,
or gooks. They learn, however strange it may seem from Crawford,
Texas, that the Laos, Thais, Mexicans and Colombians actually like
their countries and cultures, and fiercely resent meddling. This
latter has consequences. Consult your newspaper.

They don't know these things in the White House, or at the
rattling little policy magazines. I watch as if contemplating idiot
children as the current administration consistently and needlessly
infuriates other countries by its moral lectures to sovereign states,
as it miscalculates over and over the reactions of other nations, as
it publicly announces that it is seeking "regime change" here and
there. The effect of course is to make people rally around the
regime. But in the White House they have no idea.

How could they? They have never been in the real world. How
many speak-I'll be kind and say "another language" instead of "any

Again in that strange real world where most of us live, there are
the street trades-police, fire, and ambulance. Granted, these are
accessible only to their practitioners and to the occasional reporter.
Here you see another United States, that of the huge hermetic slums,
and how they work and their intractable misery. You see the ghastly
car wrecks and the paramedics who try desperately to get to
shock-trauma with something other than a corpse. Have those who set
policy for society seen this? Have they seen anything?

A rich friend once invited me to his house in the West End of
Richmond, Virginia. At supper when you wanted the mashed potatoes,
you didn't say, "Pass the potatoes, please." No. You rang a little
bell and a black guy came out and held the bowl while you scooped
potatoes. It was hugely embarrassing. I suspect that he felt like a
fool. I know I did. I wanted to scream, "What's wrong with these
people?" and go have a beer with the black guy.

It doesn't matter whether an investment banker has seen a
barracks or a pair of work gloves. It bothers me to have policy made,
and wars started, by those who have never seen the country they rule,
or the world they play with, who have never had to make a living, to
carry a rifle or worry about snipers, who have never run the back
alleys of Taipei or anywhere else and, god help us, can't serve their
own potatoes.

Sun Jan 28 21:19:39 EST 2007



.ll 72
.fo off
.co on
.ce ((Editor's comments in double parenthesis - Homer))

.ce Copyright (C) Flemming A. Funch
.ce Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes

Technical Essay # 31 - FAF 29 January 1991

.ce Secrets of the Universe

This universe is built on certain underlying principles. The understanding of these principles is necessary to ultimately make sense out of phenomena here. There are a great many phenomena and principles, but some of them are more important than others in that they provide much of the persistence and trickery that is possible here.

These are some of the basics of trickery:

¥ The universe is built on gradient scales. Infinity valued logic is required to evaluate here.
¥ The gradient scales aren't really gradient scales. They are just as much cycles of action and manifestations of balance. And vice versa, cycles of action and balanced triangles aren't exactly what they seem either.
¥ The gradient scales have circular reference. You end up where you start in one fashion or another. ¥ What you reach for will withdraw from you. What you withdraw from will reach for you.
¥ You can't be cause over anything you aren't effect of, and vice versa.
¥ Mobius flows. Any flow in any direction will end up being the opposite if continued long enough.
¥ You can only see what you aren't looking at. You don't have what you can see.
¥ The universe is holographic. Any part of it describes the whole.
¥ Anything in the universe is dynamic, but the ultimate truth is static.
¥ Gradient scales have harmonics. The same patterns repeat inside each other ad infinitum.

To summarize:

The universe is a dynamic, holographic structure of simultaneous multi-state, infinitely graded energy pheomena always moving in reverse.

Don't ask me what that means. I just wanted to write it up.

One can't be totally free as regards to the physical universe unless one can see its basic mechanics as they are. That is of course a subject of clearing on the sixth dynamic. The universe will persist for you automatically until you have sorted it out.

Much of philosophy can be learned or verified by observing physical phenomena. Many subjects of physics can be transferred to the subject of clearing.

Looking at things as energy phenomena is particularly useful. A cycle of action is a flow, a balance is a ridge, an expansion or ascension is a dispersal. Per quantum mechanics any particle can be regarded as a wave (a flow) or a particle (a ridge). And we can then guess that it can be regarded as a dispersal also. Wave theory provides insights into how things are done in this universe. The mathematics of relativity theory opens the door to understanding different dimensions and universes.

This just proves the point that philosophy and science add up to the same thing.




What Would You Do -- If?

Fill in the blank.

If you knew every instant and every thing that would take place in the next 100 years, what would you do?

If everybody else knew, too, what would you do?

If you knew everybody was making up problems to keep themselves interested, what would you do and think about other people?

If everybody had all the help they could need without you, what would you do?

If you knew there was never to be another job for anyone, what would you do?

If you knew positively pain and suffering could never exist again, what would you do?

If no one had to eat, what would you do?

If you knew you always were going to win, no matter what you did, what would you do?

If you knew you were going to lose no matter what you did, what would you do?

If you had forever ahead of you with full knowingness, what would you do?

If you knew you were going to die July 1, 1955, what would you do?

If you knew you were going to die Jan. 3, 2001 A.D., what would you do?

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow morning, what would you do?

If you knew you were going to die in the next three minutes, what could you look back on with satisfaction?

If you were dead right now and being buried, what would you expect to have said at your funeral oration in your favor? What would they carefully refrain from saying?

What would reassure you there had been a purpose in your living?

Assign causes for your death.

Who killed you and with what? When? Where?

Give some reasons why you were born in the first place.



Volney Mathison



What Happens When an Earth Man Taps His Memory to Build Again The Machine with Which He Once Conquered Space? A Factual Report...

By Volney G. Mathison

FOR QUITE awhile, there have been garbled and conflicting reports about a radioactive explosion that allegedly occurred in my laboratories while I was experimenting with a "Facsimile One" machine. To put an end, once and for all, to these rumors and tales, I am herewith giving you the lowdown -- a true, factual report on what actually took place.

Yes, there was an explosion. I can now, at last, calmly face this strange event as a consequence of recently having had the shocking effects thereof run out.

This adventure began in Phoenix during the June, 1952, scientology conference. Ron audited me one afternoon, and through his remarkable methods of interrogation, caused me to disclose -- theta-wise -- both to him and to myself, that I am one of the principal inventors of a weapon allegedly styled as a "Facsimile One" machine, which I first developed in the T-8 Galaxy 42 trillion years ago, and which, as a member-of the Eighth Invader Corps, I used 20 trillion, two and one-eighth years later to take over an entire system of planets in the Arcturus Area.

At the end of the above mentioned Phoenix conference, Alphia Hart, on Ron's instruction, gave me a $250 check for "research". The actual purpose was to build a small model "Fac. One" machine operating in the manner which I had disclosed during processing; namely comprising the release of a jet of high-pressure incandescent mercury vapor from a negatively polarized tungsten-carbide nozzle toward and through a positively-charged nickel-steel tube, the nozzle and the tybe being across the terminals of a pyranoil condenser of extremely high voltage and capacity, so that the mercury-borne jet pulse impelled by a power-potential blast of millions of microsecond kilowatts, would launch a lethal bolt through the positive tube, thereby generating a "killer ray". My data was that this ray, in striking a person, would cause a strange and deadly disintegration of certain brain cells, whereby the victim would eventually become inoperative because of myriads of fantastic delusionary images of all colors and dimensions dancing around constantly in his mind. (One of these cases can be detected easily on the electropsychometer.)

Although interested in making the experiment, I computed that the discharge of such a mercury jet might cause a dangerous "back splatter" of radioactivity. I advised Ron accordingly by letter.

"The description of the 'gun' is very intriguing and electronically enormously sound," Ron wrote. "May I actually suggest that we

The radiant energy of the Ship came back down the beam and fused into a little blob of potmetal.

build this weapon as legally as possible, sell it to the United States Army, and very seriously promote its public use during war... The destructive effects of the existence of such a weapon would... do more to sell Dianetics to the U. S. Government and wake up this country than anything else of which I can think at this time..."

I continued on with the experiment, but now I was greatly hampered, since one of my most highly skilled mechanics had inadvertently gotten hold of and read my original notes warning of the backflash danger and he was very reluctant to follow my further instructions. Also he stole and buried out in the yard a very expensive high-temperature trigger valve necessary to release the hot mercury jet. In an effort to use a makeshift valve, we suffered a premature mercury blast into the energized positive collector barrel. The results were simply and completely indescribable! My mechanic has never been the same man since.

As for myself, I was so charged that when I reached for a pair of pliers to turn off the mercury heater, a blinding arc from my hand disintegrated the handles of the tool, and for weeks, if I sat down anywhere, an arc would burst from my posterior into the nearest metal elements of the chair, with such a jolting effect that it would cause me to jump about a yard into the air.

Worse than all this the night after the blast in the lab, at about 9:02 p.m., one of those so-called "flying saucer" interspatial patrol units landed in front of the lab. window, and the Commander, in green and gold uniform, and wearing the insignia of the carbotite ring with the plutonium center, stepped in and informed me that the accelerative effects of my abortive experiment were radiating all over space.

He said, "You know the penalty for disclosing this weapon on this planet at this time! Are you doing this by your own decision?"

I replied that I was.

"Impossible!" he interrupted. "YOU know better. Who is the CAUSE back of this?"

Then he spotted Ron's WHAT TO AUDIT, thumbed through it, and really became grim.

"I see." he said. "Leave it to a ------- Arslycan to keep getting himself from one morass into another. It's intolerable, the way those Arslycans go around disclosing things all over the planets. Pull the X-*2yl unit out of this rig of yours, and turn the rest of it over to the intelligence agents of government. (This was done). As for those Arslycans..."

You can see what's happening. The Eighth Invader Corps patrols from Galaxy T-8 are perhaps operating very slowly, as they don't care to have anything occur that appears too "un-normal" or startling, but you can rest assured their operations are effective.

The geiger men nearly sealed up the labs., they're so radioactive; also, there is a circular radioactive area out in front of the lab. where that Eighth Corps machine landed.

I can let you in on something: that machine certainly did NOT look like a saucer at close range, but any further description of it is still considered classified information.

A police car spotted the thing, and cops thought somebody was illegally moving some sort of building or structure down the street without the proper red lights and permit. They flashed a spotlight on it, but the radiant energy of the ship came back down the light beam of the spotlight in a blinding flash and fused the spotlight into a little blob of potmetal at the end of the operating handle which was being held by the astonished patrol officer.

Further, it did something to him, and also to the lubricating oil in the motor of the car, as the engine completely froze solid and the car had to be towed away. The officer was charged with being intoxicated. Also, they accused him of having stolen a special antenna-elevating box-kite from my lab. -- a kite with a fine silicon-bronze "string" -- and, in flying the kite, the "string" touched a trolley wire, nearly incinerating himself and the police car.

That's THEIR theory!



The English scientist, Mr. C. D. Darlington, in a Conway Memorial Lecture on "The Conflict of Society and Science," published by Watts and Co., 1948, very aptly states: "Scientific discovery is often carelessly looked upon as a creation of some new knowledge. This is true of the strictly trivial discoveries. It is not true of the fundamental discoveries, such as the laws of mechanics, of chemical combinations, of evolution, on which scientific advance ultimately depends. These always entail the destruction of or disintegration of old knowledge before the new can be created." He later says, "It is no accident that bacteria were first understood by a canal engineer, that oxygen was first isolated by a Unitarian minister, that the theory of infection was established by a chemist, the theory of heredity by a monastic school teacher, and the theory of evolution by a man who was unfitted to be a university instructor in either botany or zoology." He closes by saying, "We need a Minister of Disturbances, a destroyer of routine; and underminer of complacency."

L. Ron Hubbard, whose training is that of a nuclear physicist, has done for the science of beingness what Mendel, Darwin, and others have done for the physical sciences. ... ascend to his nomination as Minister of Disturbance.

A copy of the charter given the Church of American Science, mother church of Scientology, is reproduced below:


These presents are to certify that we, L. Ron Hubbard, Sr., of the Borough of Medford Lakes, County of Burlington and State of New Jersey, L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., and Henrietta Hubbard, of the City and County of Camden and State of New Jersey; John Galusha, R. R. #1, Box 394, of the City and County of Pueblo and State of Colorado; Verna Greenough of Bellmawr Park, in the County of Camden and State of New Jersey, and Barbara Bryan, of the City and County of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, do hereby associate ourselves into a corporation under and by virtue of an Act of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey entitled "The Corporation and Association Not for Profit Act." (Title 15 of the Revised Statutes of 1937, N.J.S.A.) and the various amendments thereto and supplements thereof for the lawful purpose other than pecuniary profit as hereinafter stated and to that end we do by this instrument certify that:

FIRST: The name by which the corporation shall be known in law is "The Church of American Science"

SECOND: The purpose for which this corporation is formed is to act as the Mother Church for the propagation of a religious faith known as "Scientology". Believing that Man's best Evidence of God is the God he finds within himself, and trusting with Enduring Faith that the Author of this Universe intended Life to thrive within it, the Church of American Science is founded to espouse such evidence of the Supreme Being and Spirit as may be knowable to Man and by their use the Church of American Science hopes to bring a greater tranquility to the State and better order and survival to Man upon this planet.

The Church of American Science exists upon this Creed:

1. That God works within Man his wonders to perform.

2. That Man is his own soul, basically free and immortal, but deluded by the flesh.

3. That Man has a God-given right to his own life.

4. That Man has a God-given right to his own reason.

5. That Man has a God-given right to free and open communications.

6. That the human spirit is the only truly effective therapeutic agent available to Man.

7. That a civilization can endure only so long as both spiritual and material needs find place within its structure and that a civilization is lost when God and the Spirit are forgotten by its leaders and its people.

8. That Man and the Nations of Man carry with them their own Salvation and that teachings exist sufficient to effect it.

The Church of American Science exists to assist the strong and the weak, to suppress the wrong-doer and to champion the right and Godly. Its mission is to carry to Man revelations and teachings and practices of the present and the ages past and to assist him, his family and communities to live in greater peace and harmony.

The Holy Book of this church consists of a collection of the works of and about the Great Teachers, including the work, St. Luke.

The Saints of this Church are the great messiahs and religious philosophers.

The specific teachings of this church concern its Holy Book and those contributions on the Mind and Spirit made in more recent times as a result of scientific investigations concerning the human spirit and the physical universe.


My Remembrance Of An Extraordinary Man


Church of American Science Charter, Ad for Doctorate Course Notes

The Church of American Science desires to be chartered:

1. To disseminate its creed and pursue its goals.

2. To Charter Churches and congregations.

3. To found and conduct spiritual guidance centers.

4. To engage in social work and to engage in charitable undertakings.

5. To accept fees and donations.

6. To own, rent real and personal property.

7. To found orders and societies within itself as needful.

8. To practice the teachings and beliefs and to propagate in accordance with its tenets healing of the sick and suffering by prayer or other spiritual means without the use of drugs or material remedy.

THIRD: The said corporation shall be located at 527 Cooper Street, in the City and County of Camden and State of New Jersey and it shall there have its registered office. The agent in charge thereof shall be L. Ron Hubbard, Sr. The corporation shall not only conduct its activities at the address given but shall conduct them likewise throughout the State of New Jersey and outside of the same.

FOURTH: The number of trustees selected for the first year of the existence of the said corporation shall be three and the names and post office addresses shall be as follows:

Names Post Office Addresses
L. Ron Hubbard, Sr., Medford Lakes, N.J
Mary Sue Hubbard, Medford Lakes, N.J
John Galusha, RR.1, Box 394, Pueblo, Colo.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 18th day of December, 1953.
L. Ron Hubbard, Sr. (Seal)
L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. (Seal)
Henrietta Hubbard (Seal)
John Galusha (Seal)
Barbara Bryan (Seal)
Verna Greenough (Seal)

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:

Florence M. Davis

BE IT REMEMBERED, that on this 18th day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-three before me, the undersigned authority personally appeared, L. Ron Hubbard, Sr., L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., Henrietta Hubbard, John Galusha, Verna Greenough and Barbara Bryan, who I am satisfied are the persons who executed the foregoing Certificate of Incorporation and acknowledged that they signed, sealed and delivered same as their act and deed. All of which is hereby certified.

Florence, M. Davis, Notary

Department of State

I, the Secretary of State of the State of New Jersey, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, of "The Church of American Science," and the endorsements thereon, as the same is taken from and compared with the original filed in my office on the Twenty-second day of December, A.D. 1953, and now remaining on file and of record therein.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Official Seal at Trenton, this Twenty-second day of December, A.D. 1953.

Lloyd S. Marsh
Secretary of State

190 pages of Notes from the 62 hours of Lectures made by L. Ron Hubbard for his graduate schools

$7.50 per single copy.
1850 E. Van Buren--Phoenix, Ariz.



Arthur Topham

comment on "Another Crucifixion"

What the world is witnessing today is the Beast that lies behind the Mask of Zionism. It's not a pretty sight.

Israel, over the course of the last 61 years, and in the past 15 days, has exposed itself as a dark and evil entity, one that easily fits the description which the defamed David Icke ascribes to the "reptilian" energy; one that cold-bloodedly and mercilessly slays any and all in its quest for the negative energy wrought through violence, terror and fear.

Israel will not recover its former deceptive status in the world as a supposed "democratic" nation. It's done. It's over. Finished. Finis. Kaput! It's a foregone conclusion now that the world has seen its blood-dripping fangs and its naked hubris. All that remains is its Nemesis and that will surely follow as the sunrise follows the darkness of night.

Layla Anwar is, as always, right on. We're witnessing daily the crucifixion of the Christ with each and every child murdered by the Israeli "Defense" Force and its US supplied armaments.



Seems like your awaited messiah can only be born from fire, ashes, blood and decomposing corpses...while the real Jesus is being crucified again in Gaza.

But you did not hear him in Iraq, why would you hear him in Gaza ?




12 Jan 2009 @ 08:43 by vaxen : Oh yeah...
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13 Jan 2009 @ 04:02 by vaxen : ;)
The famous Chinese philosopher Koshi (Confucius) says in his analects, I decided to study when I was fifteen, when I was thirty I became independent,
at the age of forty I discarded hesitation.

By fifty I realised my purpose in life and at the age of sixty I became able to obey matters I heard with my own ears.

On reaching seventy I started to act naturally.

One way of explaining, 'In no way act contrary to ones future' is to become a real human being or to mould a correct human constitution.  

13 Jan 2009 @ 22:41 by vaxen : One thing...
is certain in life and that is that you will die.


24 Apr 2009 @ 18:05 by Huberta @ : Wall Clock
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I am from Bahrain and also now teach English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Displaying to of products result."

Thanks :P. Huberta.  

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