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Dec 23, 2008
Sky Pilot ---

"Your account is currently blocked from this room"

Ch'ang Chien, courtesy of jazzolog.
The rest, from other places.
May expand this post.

In mountain light, all sounds
return to silence.
All that remains, the temple

---Ch'ang Chien

Hexagram 18



Repair what has been damaged. Three days before and after crossing the water will be good.
The Lines (base to top)

Taking up the father's work
Taking up the mother's work
Taking up the father's work
Putting down the father's work
Taking up the father's work
Serving neither king nor lord


Mountain over wind. Inertia above, vacilation below.

Conflict between the old and the new. Work it out.


Can o' worms

Decay. Eminent - expansion. Harvest - wading the great river. Before Jia three days, after Jia three days.

The great image says:
At the foot of the mountain the wind blows: decay. The noble man inspires the people to raise te (virtue.)


Gold is valuable but jade is invaluable.
—Chinese saying

Two Monkeys Presenting a Peach. Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), 19th century, B60J968. The piece refers to the famous episode from the legend of Monkey, in which the Monkey King eats the forbidden peaches of immortality. The story was made into a novel by Wu Chengen, entitled Journey to the West.




23 Dec 2008 @ 21:12 by swanny @ : THE NEW CIVILIZATION EDICT
dec 23 2008


Well there is the baggage and the desire for high drahma
but perhaps it should have been stipulated that baggage and egos
be left at the door.... easily said quite difficult to accomplish.
Perhaps a debaggaziation process is necessary
debriefing and deprogramming as it were
I would say our educational upbringing was partly to blame
the peer order dictated by the education system and hollywood....
instead of hmmmmm well what was the alternative?

I digress?
to solve the problems of the day requires a new mindset
and perhaps a new vision of behaviour and discourse.

does any of that make sense?

well may a point.....????
well where is the "constructiveness here
you should not really critizise unless you got a constructive alternative
to promote. otherwise it is totally useless and uneffective and unproductive...
and yes destructive
I would thus advise don't critizise unless you also have a constructive resolution or proposition that is ameniable to most.

Is this ammeiable to most then perhaps it could be the
NEW CIVILIZATION EDICT and offenders referred and made note to it.
does that work for anyone else....????
well I refer myself to it then..... hmmmmm
it is a good observation and does suggest a constructive alternative
therefore it passes its own test. any suggestions or consensus here?


23 Dec 2008 @ 21:39 by vaxen : Hah, hah...
Yes, of course, As in the Edict of Knox or of Narnia. Edicts are Edicts. NCN has it's set of rules and it's manifesto. Critique is always welcome but when it degenerates into out and out verbal warfare it is destructive to all. A mediation room was tried without too much success. Behaviors dictated from the TV set and an overall materialism based culture are wont to competitiveness and, indeed, people are forced into that mold of competition. Winner/loser mode of survival of the fittest which is an anethema to any creative endeavor for the endless subsets of competiton for favor outweigh anything beneficial in the end and we return once again to dog eat dog.

Thanks swanny. How does one get in touch with you as your handle, above, leads to your website {link:|Earth Music Canada?}  

23 Dec 2008 @ 21:49 by swanny @ : handle
thanks vaxen
not much to offer on the account of demand
I just put it together on the fly
and yes it passes it own test
a crucial test thus.

try the handle again


23 Dec 2008 @ 21:57 by vaxen : Gotcha...
Thankyou, too, swanny, for your input and wisdom and advice. And... you're addie. ;)  

24 Dec 2008 @ 19:13 by spells : Oh vaxen,
why do you get yourself so involved with people who only want to start trouble and distract from important subjects.....don't waste your energy.  

24 Dec 2008 @ 23:41 by maxtobin : Hexagram 18
Bless you Vaxen.

I have popped in for a little Christmas Cheer in the midst of the work here. For as in the big picture so in the small (a hermetic maxim?) I have been involved with the 4 X 2 months work in a single 2 month period. So father and mother issues are coming now into a higher more respectful focus, I decree this be so for the collective too; and together we may step out of the dodo and get on with the do.

We all help each the other with the healing which is as a revealing. Good on yah bro!! For you are in the flow and you know; my heart tells me so. And you are human too; I at least (and many others too I am sure), applaud this. For from times of much chaos emerges times of less chaos where progress may be felt, as systems find balance in all ways.

I love the wisdom to be discovered and revealed within the I Ching.  

25 Dec 2008 @ 04:35 by vaxen : As above...
so below. Bless you too, Mate. Hope the script is being written there as here. The new paradigme will out, and is, regardless. It is time and we've much help available and all we need do is ask. WOnderful feeling, that. Chaos and Order are two states of the whole. Fictionalised accounts of an overall play of energetic proportions making light of the seeming problems here below. Above,below, such relative terms. Polarity, dichotomy, shift...

"We all help each other with the healing which is a revealing." - Max Tobin

Just so. You've a good heart Max Tobin. And a good wife, and a good life. You certainly deserve it all. Thankyou so much for your words of kind inspiration.

I shall drink at the font of wisdom and understanding and the higher synthesis of light...forever! Thanks to the kindneses of so many travellers, sojourners, here on Earth who have sought for, and found, that brilliant star of eternal life. We have so much to be thankful for this Christmas. Strngthened, then, I approach the battles of the next year with glee in myheart assured of cosmic, glactic, universal, megaversal and beyond... victory! Thankyou all.

Spells it is so good to see you. Since we create energy it can never be wasted. Every man and every woman is a star. Hope all is grand with you spells. Thankyou for your concern. Everything is going to work out just fine. Rolling stones gather nomoss and tend to polish one another on their long journey to the mighty sea. Merry Christmas, spells, and a very happy new years!  

26 Dec 2008 @ 09:34 by ashanti : Oh for Gods' sake!
I can't believe this is still going on. Vax, you are my friend, and I have offered you my take privately. Have you never heard of the Tao, mate? You can swear and cuss at me all you want, I will give back as good as I get, and more - but some people can't and don't want to take it, and you should respect their boundaries. Even if you don't respect them. You are becoming what you resisted, as are they. Each is trying to impose their reality on the other.  

26 Dec 2008 @ 21:20 by vaxen : Ashanti...
Takes time and the hexagram #18 refers to working on a situation that has been spoiled through the abuse of human freedoms. I posted this several days ago and have gone beyond the trap. I'm extricating myself in the manner you suggested but a situation like the prior one takes a few days so please give me a little time?


In clearing you move the Being up to where he is cause over mental MEST. A Clear has erased the matter, energy, space and time connected to the thing called MIND. He has been cleared of the MASS, PICTURES etc. It is a negative gain.

Clear occurs when he stops mocking up bank, or realizes he is doing it.
A Clear has perhaps not entirely lost the automaticity of mocking up mass. But at least he knows he is putting it there and practice increases his general reality.

A Clear may, at first, have a little trouble with thought. His “think” is quite powerful, and is not influenced by a bank, but may be influenced by his own past postulates. Thus he may run into difficulty with his own postulates in present time, his own past postulates and others present time postulates, especially when he has two or more postulates of similar magnitude opposing each other.

At first his postulates will contain force, probably, and he may experience pain from these as a thetan.

A Clear will have considerable influence upon others around him. People whose ability to confront is not very high will begin to fall to pieces in the presence of a Clear. One mechanism of this is that the Clear tends to raise the people around him to a slightly higher level of confront, and they begin to confront their own mind, and this really shakes them up. This is particularly so of an S.P. who dares not look at his mind, because he knows that if he does he will go insane.

The E-Meter will read on a Clear on THOUGHT. It will read on postulate and assert. The Clear’s “think” influences the body, thus causing the meter to read.


After Clear, we are starting to move into “ Cause over thought and life”.
In PART ONE of the O.T. Course the Clear uses the same materials as are used on the Clearing Course, and runs any banks he did not complete before he went Clear. This activity is in the realm of thought. But it is these banks which brought the being down the “dwindling spiral” and we must
be sure that they are never again going to have any effect on the Being. There are also positive gains to be had from this activity. The being is becoming more at cause over thought. He is on his way to Operating Thetan.

When a Clear moves up to cause over his own and other thought, life, Matter, Energy, Space and Time, he is an Operating Thetan.

The width between wog and Clear is very great. The width between Clear and OT is a bit wider.

LRH:fh L. Ron Hubbard
Copyright © 1966
by L. Ron Hubbard

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
All Students
All Preclears

You are Clear. Well done and congratulations.
This state has not previously been attained in this universe and we must all work towards getting more people - many more people - up to this level. Essentially, you are clear on the 1st dynamic and still have a lot of work in front of you to attain OT, which is to say the remaining dynamics, but evertheless you will find you have many abilities hitherto undreamed of. An ethical code already exists for OT’s so at the state of Clear one should not assume one has a license to do just whatever one will. You still have
the remaining dynamics to go so don’t use the abilities you have attained already to enslave others, or, indeed yourself.

With freedom comes responsibility and with responsibility comes the need to assess one’s actions and to take only such actions as will do the greatest good over the greatest number of dynamics. So, the Policies of Scientology which have enabled you to reach the state of Clear still apply to all Clears. In fact
they apply more because you have the reality of their value and the necessity of seeing that they are followed.

Those who have not yet attained Clear will be watching you with some awe, so you have the duty
of setting an example of exemplary behavior in all aspects of your life. As a Clear you have no privileges beyond being declared Clear.

As a result, bigger responsibilities will be given and expected of you so you must be prepared to responsibly educate yourself where necessary so that you can do whatever is assigned to you in a proper manner in keeping with the main goals and aims of Scientology.

So for you there is no sitting down and resting on your laurels, no waiving of policy, no promiscuous 2nd dynamic activities, no improper assumption of power, control or influence or assuming that you automatically know best in every situation. It is a crime to invalidate the State of Clear - see to it that you
don’t do this in your conduct as a Clear, particularly as regards yourself. You still have the rest of your dynamics to go.

You have now become more than ever a part of a team. Obsessive individualism and a failure to organise were responsible for getting into the state we got into.

As soon as you have gone the rest of the way this will become abundantly plain.
I expect and need your help to carry out the broad mission of de-contaminating this area of the universe. If you wish to help, your first duty is to protect the repute of the state of Clear by exemplary conduct.

Your second duty is to attain OT as soon as possible. Your third, if you wish to help, is to become part of the endeavour to clean up this sector of the universe and make it safe not only for ourselves but the billions of others who have been harmed.

As a Clear, you are welcomed and honoured. Don’t do anything that will wear out your welcome or bring dishonour on yourself or upon other Clears.

Thank you for what you have done so far.
Thank you for what you will do in the future.
I know I can count on you.

LRH:lrh L. Ron Hubbard
Copyright © 1967 Founder
by L. Ron Hubbard

I will not always be here on guard.
The stars twinkle in the Milky Way
And the wind sighs for songs
Across the empty fields of a planet
A Galaxy away.
You won’t always be here.
But before you go,
Whisper this to your sons
And their sons —
“The work was free.
Keep it so.”

26 Dec 2008 @ 23:31 by vaxen : PS:
Ashanti, please go and take a look at the Chat rooms and where you see the name r***n popup just take a wee gander at what is being said, not to get hung up in it, just to illustrate a point. Some people are motivated to degrade, degrade, degrade wherever they can.

The Malignant personality. So no matter how much I might wish to resolve the issues r***n will not let it go. Not ever...

Of course I know why but it goes without saying, as jm pointed out, that it is very selfish for a few to take over and dictate to the rest. But, hey, after all is said and done that is exactly what a Democracy does too oft at the point of a gun or the torture chambers.

I wish he'd communicate and not make things so scary for everyone, but then, heh, if postulates were horses, downstats would ride.

Black Public Relations (BPR) or negative PR is a process of destroying someone's reputation and corporate identity. In other words, instead of concentrating your efforts in the maintenance and the creation of a positive reputation/ image of your clients, you are trying to discredit someone' else (usually your business rivals). Unlike the regular services in Public Relations, those in BPR rely on the development of industries such as IT security, industrial espionage, social engineering and competitive intelligence. Their main objective is finding all of the dirty secrets of their target and turning them against their very own holder.

{link:|Black PR}

With others, like jazzie, fanning the flames it could go on and on and on... Won't bother me for I'm leaving it in the dust of my jet blasters. What they do with it now will be watched but eventually the reverse org board under the direction of an SP must of it's own inner weight succumb...

Hey, I'm moving on...outta the mud, into the open field, then the mountains, then...

Thanks for the advice. Remember Gerry Armstrong?


27 Dec 2008 @ 09:21 by ashanti : Time.... on our side....keep on keeping on, Vax. Love ya, Ashanti  

27 Dec 2008 @ 22:01 by vaxen : Thankyou Ashanti san...
I know you'll have a beautiful time at Table Mountain where the Devil and the Lion dine. The Chronicles of Narnia set out in high relief in Capetown.
As seen from Bloubergstrand...  

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