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At this level of life it is probable that there were and are very few people that have stolen the majority of available joy and freedom from the majority of mankind, Any cursory inspection of history will reveal this probability at a literal level. At a spiritual level the same phenomenon is true. With Hubbard's operation of offering freedom, these very few people were found, and in many instances have been returning the joy and freedom to those from whence it was stolen. Unfortunately, most were annihilated by the man, and he got so good at it he did that to himself.

The parable is just as interesting with Hubbard as the thief. .welcome to Spherics. A spheric is a parable that is true at all levels and all viewpoints. I suspect it was George Bernard Shaw who remarked that great writers steal from each other and poor ones imitate each other. Hubbard stole from all the known wisdom he could get his hands on, to the extent of copyrighting and supposedly owning everything out there in the feast and eatathon of Man's recent thinking. I prefer King Lear's description of the dynamics.

There is another parable: In the Palace of the Magicians, beyond Yeats Room, there is a little room with a little door. Inside that room it was decided that a speck of dust called a Galaxy made too much noise with its wars To resolve this, the two leaders, the Leader of Life and the Leader of the Living were ordered to exchange all that they knew to each other in peace, This was made feasible if one of the Leaders were to steal the entire Akashic record of truth from the etheric plane and make it accessible on the physical plane. That both Leaders were convinced unto themselves that they had stolen truth which was actually offered and designed as a gift provided great laughter to Umpires in that room. To Outsiders, the agony of the illusion of theft as a self-Centred shadow remains funny.

The parable of the Burning of the Palace of the Magicians has not yet come to pass, nor will it come to pass, so it need not be told. This planet is a micro-cosmology of the Palace. The parable of the Balding of planet earth has already begun but it is aborted in the parable, for the parable is aborted. Everyone must lead their own lives.

I have often been asked how I can live and create as I do. I explain that most of my failings have been on the even tones and dynamics and that I have known less fear of people and things. I have had a great fear (terror) of shadows, for I have observed that it is the shadow of people or things that can/do effect one. Absences and Not-Knows are apparently the most effective and the highest form of control that one can exercise. This being accepted, making a move when there is a shadow in one's path would be a paramount danger foolishness. Timing and trades would be junior to this rule of games, for not-know is man's worst failing. A shadow in my personal path has had to move one chess square before I could safely publish this text. That was a 14 year wait for someone else to make a move, and their shadow to be out of my way.

As civilisations cycle through Flat-spots and Renaissance cycles, people are prone to do something quite silly during the flat-spot parts of the cycle. They are prone to accept abuse from the few, large, alive, crazy, demagogues left in exchange or being reminded by them that there is still someone out there still very alive. The solution to the problem of madmen continually think this world has remained singular: Continued Renaissance. People only erect destructive, slave-master heroes to bring them out of the delusion that another can assist them in their travail. Then they take down the hero. At Donne's level of 'No man is an island' it is probable that no man can help another except by helping himself and holding an artificial yet symbolically real hand, which to both parties becomes precious beyond words due to the scarcity of that Quality of help.

The spherics, parabolics, and elliptics of awareness are not material that you need to audit off of a being, They are the stuff, if one must have stuff, of which great joy, great toying, great amusement, and very good times are played upon.

However, if you wish, there are significant variances that can be audited where create overtakes destroy, where function destroys its structure, where structure creates or destroys function, where theta starts creating MEST, and where MEST starts creating theta.

Elliptic, ecliptic, or parabolic awarenesses from a negation on a negation (for an apparent positive) are marvellous areas to audit for a being. The best example I know is Reality (isness). Less pleasant examples abound in the conditions of 95% of the human race, where living is not freely engaged upon for its own end, nor wealth accumulated for the joy it may provide. Instead living is conducted as a negation and escape from death, and wealth is accumulated as a defence against poverty. Love is sought as a defence against hate, and people even love God to escape hating devils.

These mathematically plot as a variance between 2 significance's into eclipses, ellipses, and parabola. Hubbards view of the electrical construction of the mind and space as being linear and elementary mathematical is incorrect in that it is incomplete. Life and people, much less space do not resolve with grade school math and physics, space is not a box, it is the surface of a sphere, Viewpoints do not just produce ridges, flows and dispersal's, They vector, eddy, and produce spheres, ellipses, parabolas and so forth.

Of course, Hubbards philosophy is reflective of his this lifetime experiences and background, He is approaching old age, was never educated, believed in Montana, farming, the premises of simple mathematics, and was very much a part of an earlier generation which overly believed in heroes, morals, and even governments, being a policeman on Alvarado Street in Los Angeles may have cut his esteem for his fellow man.

And of course, my philosophy, which is a much less savage one, is one of middle-aged optimism, and reflective of my this lifetime experience and background. I am approaching freedom as a state, have spent all of my lifetime on education, believed in nothing but nothing as intelligence, respected and spent the labours of my former generation, rejected simplicity in analysing Swiss-watch people in a Swiss-watch universe, and held that compassion, decency, and intelligence were better substances than heroes, morals, and governments in a world I saw as absurd, and most undeserving of rationality thereby.

The two philosophies are of two different generations, Churchill said that if a man was not a liberal in his twenties he was not educated, and that if he was not a conservative in his forties, his education was wasted on him. This is too shallow an observation of character, reeds being blown by the wind and all. People either have dignity or they don't That is not kind, but it is a very large truth, and one will have problems with people if you do not recognise that some are mature and some are not, and I very seriously doubt if that has anything to do with generations, or this lifetime experiences.


Singing in the desert of
A Song in the Desert

It is overly obvious that by awareness, creativity, but certainly not - theft nearly anyone could quite easily develop more technology and truth to help man in a week than Hubbard did in his lifetime. People don't do such things, for there is no market for it. I would have done so but there has been no market for it, except for myself as a buyer, and I did that only to the limited extent of getting myself to what I personally considered freedom. Developing and having accessible and workable technology I never felt was or would be the problem. The English language itself says all the wisdom there is, you see, (language is how wisdom is encoded from one civilisation to another). But people have claimed that was the problem. So I wrote this book as an insult to that claim, to put that disgusting insult to bed, that our fathers cared not for us by leaving us all the tools to form the world and ourselves as we wished.

From Hubbard's lifetime work, no one really used it much, except to kill what was good in him, so he got into killing others back, on that 30 year curve from individuality to collectivism. The past ten years of his churches have essentially been a murder contest instead of helping their fellows. The minority of nice sheep that keep that road show going do not notice the majority of wolves which have degenerated a once fine religious objective into a consumptive murder efficiency contest of where has the highest kill ratio gets the murder efficiency award. The appointed-for- life executive director, Bill Franks, of this travesty is just an old avowed nazi who keeps that old uniform in his closet, and tried to personally blackmail me twice.

In either my or Hubbard's lyric, non or partial application was is, and will be the problem. Criminals and travesties are not problems, they are nuisances.

If one has been taken from the bliss of ignorance through the travail of sorrows to the return of good humour, then a purpose of this text has been achieved. Mental health through self actualisation has been an unavoidable reality since the invention of grey hair.

In auditing another it is unfortunate, but the past life engrams have to be run off the case. They are not what is wrong with the being. For a brief period (years) it may appear to be so. The charge above time is far more important, and what you are after. The grades saw it up, and the past life engrams are times when the charge above time crashed in on him and got grouped and so it needs to be ungrouped, Genetics errs greatly in its observations People are the results of their parents, and their parents dreams. Astral, etheric, and mentalities are what you need to correct on people as they are higher levels of cause and operation. Your preclear may think he is on a physical plane and that you are erasing physical charge, so you just let him think that, because its the reason he is a preclear. He got that DENSE and still is. So if you will ungroup these collapsed absolutes above time (the only reason for running engrams) you will be fixing the upper areas on him above the physical plane, and he will rise above the illusion that life, living, and He have anything to do with each other, much less materiality, and he will start telling you that life is a purely spiritual affair. He is not a preclear anymore, so you close the folder, because he is operating as a thetan.

In the unlikely event he starts killing you or others with his new-found abilities, request he cease it. If he doesn't come to his senses, and cease such foolishness, just erase his auditing, capabilities, and futures so the rest of man is duly honored that life remains for the living.






27 Nov 2008 @ 07:59 by mortimer : hyperbolic spherical crossroads
in time. Or, the wholeness in the subspace vacuum. Or we are all that we perceive and more (momma Osun always said...there's always more). Or I'm maintaining wellness... how the hell ya doing Vaxen? Wonderful to see you singing up a storm. Beyond Lobachevsky space...we are.  

27 Nov 2008 @ 14:47 by vaxen : Beyond
Emergent Euclidian 5 space, too. In fact...beyond space! Doing fine, mortimer san, thanks for asking. The thanksgiving (misnomer) orgy is upon us and wrinkles are forming in MESTed verses.

"The parable of the Balding of planet earth has already begun but it is aborted in the parable, for the parable is aborted. Everyone must lead their own lives."  

27 Nov 2008 @ 17:31 by mortimer : hyperdimensional signature

"Ye cubic surfaces! By threes and nines

Draw round his camp your seven-and-twenty lines-
The seal of Solomon in three dimensions.

March on, symbolic host! With step sublime,

Up to the flaming bounds of Space and Time!

There pause, until by Dickenson depicted,

In two dimensions, we the form may trace

Of him whose soul, too large for vulgar space,
In n dimensions flourished unrestricted." ~ Maxwell (1887)  

27 Nov 2008 @ 19:51 by vaxen : Ha, ha!
Thanks, Mortimer, for the inspiration.

In two dimensions, we the form may trace
Of him whose soul, too large for vulgar space,
In n dimensions flourished unrestricted! ;)  

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