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On October 1, well-known historian Dr. Frederick Toben, an Australian, was seized for the same "crime" at London's Heathrow airport. He is now being held and will probably be deported to Germany. There, he faces almost certain conviction and imprisonment.

How will we respond to this latest assault on the free speech liberties of us all?

There is not much time to answer that question. Toben's bail hearing is October 10. His final hearing is October 17. If he is delivered to German authorities, there is virtually no hope for his freedom.

Every American, especially Christians, should protest this outrageous attack on freedom of speech. Although most Americans do not think like Dr. Toben, his arrest is just a taste of what will come-for Americans like you and your family-if we do not defend freedom now.

International Hate Crime Enforcement

Toben's case is a terrifying precedent. He did not commit a crime in Germany, so why is he being deported? A European Union (EU) warrant says that because his writings have traveled by internet into Germany, he violated German speech laws! This means an international warrant may be served against a person because his "internet presence" is everywhere. England does not yet forbid questioning the numbers and methods of the Holocaust, but it is cooperating with the EU. It claims it is treaty-bound to deliver anyone EU requests.

Tobin's arrest is also an ominous precedent because he faces deportation and trial for the "crime" of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is loosely (and falsely) defined by society and even modern dictionaries as criticism of Jews or matters Jewish. (See, What is Anti-Semitism?) Jewish watchdog groups such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) use it as a smear term to silence opposition. Now, incredibly, governments of Europe wield it as a basis for arrest, deportation, and imprisonment.

Germany: History of Twisted Hate Laws

Dr. Toben was seized for exercising free speech and free thought because of a dark agenda. After the Third Reich collapsed in 1945, Jewish activists saddled post-WWII Germany with thought crime laws so stringent that anyone who doubted the 6-million figure-even an overheard Australian tourist-could be arrested and jailed. This happened to Dr. Toben in Germany in 1999; he spent seven months in prison for expressing his views to German citizens.

Israel's Knesset continues to ponder legislation that would empower Israel to demand deportation to Israel for trial of anyone who publicly doubts the 6-million figure. The ultimate objective of ADL-inspired hate and thought crime laws is to make "anti-Semitism" an internationally indictable offense.(Watch, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians ) Their goal is to internationally enforce the definition of "anti-Semitism" now held by the US State Dept.'s Office of Global Anti-Semitism.

According to this definition, the New Testament's claim that Jewish leaders killed Christ is anti-Semitic! Unthinkably, this puts a hate crime noose around tens of millions of Bible-believing Christians. (See, US Government Condemns 'Unintentional' Anti-Semitism)

Are Christians "Domestic Terrorists"?

Ernst Zundel was deported to Germany by Canada on the charge of being a "domestic terrorist" because he questioned establishment history about the Holocaust. Sen. Edward Kennedy, ADL, and now the FBI allege that "hate crimes" are a form of domestic terrorism. (See, FBI: Rising Hate Law Gestapo?) In Canada, it's a hate crime to publicly allege Jews had Christ killed; it is punishable by at least a $5000 fine, with imprisonment for repeat offense. In the US, Bible-believing Christians, considered anti-Semitic by our own government, could similarly become "hate criminals." The next step is to also be labeled domestic terrorists under Homeland Security and its ADL-sympathic Jewish czar, Michael Chertoff.

Thus the net is slowly tightened by ADL and international "anti-hate" laws to bind Christians, thought/hate crimes, terrorism and anti-Semitism into one despised package. This will help fulfill Christ's prophecy concerning His church in the last days: "And you shall be hated by all men for my name's sake." (Luke 21:17)

Hate Crimes Tribunal in Jerusalem

Already in Israel a revived Sanhedrin aspires to become an international legal body capable of such prosecutions. This Sanhedrin was founded in 2004 under the predominant leadership of Rabbi Moshe Halberstam, "a man steeped in the secrets of the Kabbalah." (See, "The Sanhedrin Initiative") It is now led by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, world-renowned Kabbalist and Talmudic scholar.

Recently this Sanhedrin issued court judgments supporting proliferation of Israel's illegal settlements in the West Bank, opposing war between Israel and Iran, and against Israel's participation in the Chinese Olympics. Convening "as an international court of law," its 71 judges condemned China's murder of dissident athletes and citizens and profit from medical sale of their body parts. Considering itself "sovereign" over Chinese objections, it exhorted China to submit itself to Talmudic Noahide laws, which forbid such behavior. (See, "Sanhedrin Against Beijing Olympics")

The Sanhedrin wants power as an international court like the UN or International Criminal Court. Its ambition is to preside over the whole earth and judge "according to the laws of the Torah" (Talmud). (See, "The Nascent Sanhedrin")

Embodying this sense of prerogative, Israeli Knesset member Rafi Eitan recently suggested that Israel might kidnap Iran's president and bring him to trial in the Hague as a war criminal. (See, "Israeli minister: It's OK to kidnap Ahmadinejad") If the Sanhedrin's international authority is realized, trial would take place not in the Hague but in Jerusalem. There, the Sanhedrin will attempt to enforce Jewish-created hate laws and Talmudic Noahide law worldwide.

Talmudic laws mandate capital punishment for "idolaters." (Sanhedrin 55a, b, 57a) (See, Coming Jewish 'Utopia' Ruled by Noahide Laws) According to the Talmud, this includes Christians who affirm an idolatrous "three in one" conception of God and worship the "false prophet" Jesus. The Talmud says Jesus now languishes in hell, writhing in boiling semen (Gittin 56b) and His followers deserve death (Abodah Zarah 26b: Sanhedrin 58a,b).

Why Protest?

Why should American Christians protest the arrest of Dr. Toben and the violation of international law to which ADL hate laws aspire? Dr. Toben's arrest paves the road toward eventual mass indictment of Christians.

The Bible says Christians will be ruthlessly persecuted someday, with deportations to Israel. Jesus prophesied of His followers that someday evil Jews "shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into the prisons" (Luke 21:12)

That day will come sooner if assaults on freedom, such as Dr. Toben's arrest, are uncontested.

At first they came for the racists, but I was not a racist.
Then they came for the Holocaust questioners, but I never questioned anything I was told about the Holocaust.
Then they came for bigoted, homophobic Christians, but I was "tolerant" of the gay lifestyle.
Then they came for "anti-Semitic" Christians who believed the Jews killed Christ. But I believe we all killed Christ.
Finally, they padlocked all churches, liberal and evangelical, burned our Bibles, and took us away.

No one was left who would hear our cries.


Call the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which arrested Toben: 011 44 20 7796 8500

Call the three largest parties in Parliament:

Labour Party: 011 44 87 0590 0200

Conservative Party: 011 44 20 7222 9000

Liberal Democrat Party: 011 44 20 7222 7999

Tell them: "Please free Dr. Frederic Toben from arrest and extradition for the 'thought crime' of questioning the methods and numbers of the Holocaust."

Or, come here at and email or fax our longer message to political leaders in England.

(All phone numbers listed as for USA callers, if calling from another country use your country's international calling prefix instead of "011".)



19 Oct 2008 @ 06:45 by ashanti : I note....
.... that no-one has touched this post with a ten foot barge pole. :)

Just noting that. Love ya, Ashanti.  

2 Nov 2008 @ 04:23 by maxtobin : Why put a stick in?
Why put a stick into a hornets nest; seems the Tobin's may be 'Truthers' from way back. This chap is not a direct relative, however, Tobin lineage is from Ireland through England (more recently)and the family name prior to the time of Cromwell was Sancto Albino.

This issue is a bit like wrestling with a porqupine; just a little bit dangerous to the physical well being unless one is extremely careful.  

4 Nov 2008 @ 12:36 by vaxen : Sancto Albino...
Wow Max, that would put you somewhere in the vacinity of my own famiglia grossa/grossi...

The root of Albino is, of course, Alb or Alf (Elf) which is Alpha which is also Alef which is numero uno! ;) Ummm, before Roma was 'Alba' Longa is. Truthers! I like that word.

Hiya Ashanti. Thanks for noting that. ;) "The basic unit of energy is the dimension point." - 8-8008  

4 Nov 2008 @ 17:58 by a-d : Tervetuloa takaisin!
Vax!... good to see you again.... (Screw ATT; they are the worst!!!) Much needed!... to keep the (in-)sanity factor in balance here -another (in-)balanced Place!... : )

Wrote a letter to you, which was going to mail today when I go to town...but... ahhh we'll see.  

5 Nov 2008 @ 15:32 by vaxen : A-d...
Thanks, A-d. Good to hear from you again asa well. Yeah, AT&T. So much for monopolies. I'm looking into alternative means like satelite via hughes net but what I really need is a mil rig operable from anywhere. That pretty much means satelite, though, and a tough field rig. Someday...

At present it will be nip and tuck with the old land lines available way out here. One good thing about being off line is I tend to see things more in perspective. Long hours in the forests listening to babbling brooks instead of talking heads. Watching clouds and silently being neith the awesome all.

Guess I won't be receiving the letter. I was going to do the same. Weird how I've totally stopped using snail mail.

Our thoughts and emotions manifest our realities and I was getting so tired of the net that...a few friendly trees and other things got together and just put my saucer down. A good thing...

Later A-d. Lots of kindlin your way.



Obama and the boys...

And than if you look at these people around him, he's got the Trilateral-Commission through Brzezinski, he's got the Bilderberger-Group through Joseph Nye. Joseph Nye is the North American Director of the Trilateral Commission and a big wheel of the Bilderberger Group. Joseph Nye writes the books about 'soft power', because that's what we're talking about. They say: We don't mean military invasion, we need soft power, we need subversion ideology, cultural warfare, economic warfare and diplomacy, meaning to play one against another divide and conquer and so fort. Joseph Nye is a big supporter of Obama on the Huffington-blog with that awful right wing Greek woman. Other than that we got the Ford Foundation, the Council of Foreign Relations through Brzezinski and the rest of them. The Chicago School, this is interesting.  

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