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Toppling the New World Order: A Vision for How We Can Do It

August 31, 2008 at 4:16 pm (Inspiration, Truth Movement)
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Quite frankly, I've been racking my brain the past several months trying to foresee how on earth mankind can possibly take back the planet, given the stage of the Orwellian state we already find ourselves living in. I'm not the only one who has been stymied for practical ideas. Many Truthers feel it's hopeless, while others feel there must be a way but don't for the life of them know what it is. We all agree sharing information is important, getting it out to a much wider public. Beyond that, the plan pretty much fogs over.

So I've been racking my brain, worrying actually, and tonight I asked, with great emotional focus and urgency, for the Infinite, along with those entities in the unseen who work for the freedom and happiness of all beings, to show a way out to all of us who seek it. In the hour that transpired, I felt a presence of another consciousness, that touched my forehead ("third eye") with an invisible hand and then knelt beside my chair and transferred thoughts and images to me. What was that? Your guess. But here is what I saw in that exciting hour:

Step 1. The immediate need right now is to spread the information. We need a much broader knowledge base. Many or most of the Earth's inhabitants need to awaken to what's happening for mankind to defeat it. To get the information out, those of us who know the facts must speak of them not only to people we know but to our communities, offering free public lectures at community centers, libraries, and the like. "Citizens Against Big Brother Government" groups will form from these meetings and begin to work as activists locally, contacting leaders and government representatives, explaining the situation to the uninformed, exposing those who support the conspiracy, and demanding accountability. "Students Against Big Brother Government" should form groups on campuses, getting the knowledge out to other students. More information materials need to be created for making these presentations, tools that the groups can use in their efforts to educate the public and their leaders. Meanwhile, we must work with what we have, and our own knowledge and passion about the conspiracy.

Step 2. The second immediate need is for a shift in consciousness – an adjustment in the attitude of the Truthers. We must come to see the power of our minds in creating our future reality, that we control whether that reality turns out to be favorable or unfavorable. We must quickly start to recognize, as a group, that our thoughts determine our future, that nothing can happen to us that we don't allow as a possibility in our minds, and that repeatedly imagining a negative future supports the likelihood of that future coming to pass. We need to perceive that insisting in our minds that our futures be bright and joyful, both for us personally and for our nation and humanity, is essential to our success. Every time we speak or think fatalistically, we hammer another nail into the coffin of freedom. We must give up cynical talk and demand better of our future from the Infinite, which is the source of all that is and fully capable of manifesting anything that we, its children, determine to create. Truthers need to learn the technique of creative visualization (see my article on this) and use it to manifest an alternative to the future that the Illuminati are visualizing. In fact, the global elite are using our own visualization against us, every time we imagine experiencing a fascist existence. Truthers need to call one another on cynicism and fatalism every time it crops up, nipping it in the bud each time the habit of hopelessness rears its ugly head. The future is not hopeless, unless we decide it is. If we decide it is, mankind truly has lost its best hope.

Step 3: As Truthers struggling for hope make the shift from fear and discouragement to spiritual empowerment, the result will be minute changes in the way we see and do things. Our minds will start to perceive simpler, more natural ways of living – better choices we can make, affecting things like our families, our career, our relationship, where we live, and how we spend our time. Getting back to basics will stop seeming difficult or impossible, as doors of new thought and opportunity open. The move will be away from dependence on "the Cystem" and toward independence, which will look like different things for different people. In general, the trend will be toward getting off "the grid" and developing more sovereign means of living. Things like independent and community sources for food, water, and energy will become more accessible through the choices we make. We will move away from job positions that bore, humiliate or otherwise disempower us, into work we enjoy and find personal meaning in. Jobs that support the Cystem will fall away, being replaced by jobs that support life. Work that makes food, water, energy and other essentials of life available to people independent of the grid will grow in demand, as more and more people determine to get sovereign. The need for skilled trades people, for local food co-ops, and for organic farming will increase, as will the people employed in these areas. These changes in people's habits will occur spontaneously, as a result of Step 2 (the shift from feeling helpless to having confidence in our power to create a free and joyous future).

Step 4: As our numbers grow from our efforts at spreading the word, and as we grow in personal empowerment, the face of world politics will quickly start to change. A Truther political party will develop in every country, becoming so popular and supported by so many citizens that it actually defeats the established parties in elections. While right now this seems like an impossibility, it will be not difficult in the near future, when our numbers have swelled in size to include a large percentage of humanity. When enough people wake up to the truth of our situation, what reason would they have to vote for either established party, when they see how both are run by the same deceivers bent on bringing the nation under even further surveillance and control? Spontaneously, the people will put up and vote for Truther candidates who will begin to transform governments. With every election, as our numbers grow, more Truthers will be elected, in time forming a majority in Congress, in Parliament, etc. When such a majority is reached, these government bodies will promptly dismantle laws that allow things like surveillance, free-speech zones, the United Nations, the European Union, funding for wars, and the insane national debts. National debts will be forgiven and the creditors who hold them will go away empty-handed. The banking system that allows imaginary money to be created will be abolished by law, along with the debts the imaginary money loans generated. The courts will be filled with decent judges, and laws will be reinstituted forbidding payments to legislators by special interest groups. Truther-filled governments will abolish the two-party system, and in fact they will abolish parties altogether. A fairer system of running for office, that's resistant to corruption, will replace the current party system. The new method will allow anyone to run for office. Local areas will pick their favorite candidates from among local contestants, and the winners will go on to run in regional elections. The winners of the regional elections will proceed to the final ballot for national elections. Secret societies will become illegal, as will all methods of electronic surveillance. Anyone caught with a hidden camera filming the public, in a store or anywhere else, will be subject to fine or arrest.

Step 5: People will stop watching mainstream media stations and reading mainstream newspapers, while new television stations and newspapers arise to meet the demands of an aware public. The new public media will be conceived and operated by Truthers, and citizen journalism will no longer be a phenomenon restricted to the Internet. The current mainstream media will collapse due to lack of patronage and interest, and with it will crumble the Illuminati's main propaganda machine. Truther-filled governments will make laws protecting the freedom of the Internet, and censorship will be a thing of the past. True investigative journalism will return to TV and the press.

Step 6: There will be a huge unemployment problem in the ranks of the Illuminati, whose sources of revenue will dry up as the world becomes aware of their schemes and makes their shenanigans in the stock markets and banking systems illegal. The elite will have to go to work like everybody else, learning trades and humble skills that support life. The Cystem will implode on itself, and when it goes, so will the lifestyle of those it served. Mankind, having awakened to the manipulation and eliminated it, will also have awakened to their power for self-determination. Empowered and free, fulfilled in their lives at last, they will have no motives for anger or revenge against the toppled Illuminati. They will feel only compassion for those entities, whose fear and separation from the Infinite led them to such miserable efforts to survive. In the new atmosphere of freedom that permeates the Earth, our former enslavers will find the permission to change and to heal. While that may be a painstaking process, they will find and regain their primordial goodness, the pure state of spirit they enjoyed when first they were conceived in the mind of the Infinite. Because at heart, they are that goodness, like everybody else.

Step 7: As mankind lives together in harmony, sovereignty, freedom, empowerment and fulfillment for the first time in recorded history, still greater levels of consciousness will become accessible to all. The need to kill to eat will fall away. The DNA weakness that ensures we disease, age and die will be corrected by consciousness, empowered by the Infinite that can override DNA and fill it with physical immortality. Poverty will be a thing of the past, and the need to work to live will drop by the wayside as all beings learn to live on the eternal light. With plenty of leisure time and a consciousness of joy and empowerment, people will experiment with and learn skills that once were considered impossible or to be the domain of magicians: teleporting, levitating, manifesting material objects from pure thought, dematerializing one's body and rematerializing it again, traveling in seconds to other planets or other dimensions, and much more. Why will we do these things? For fun, and because we can, as we expand and enjoy the definition what it means to be living. Evil will no longer be perceived as unavoidable and necessary to life on earth. It will simply dissolve in the light of higher consciousness. As there was no evil in the mind of the Infinite when it dreamed its sweet dream of creation, so there will be no evil left in creation itself. As the changed consciousness on the planet grows more pure and powerful, it will inspire and trigger like changes across the universe and across all the dimensions. Creation will progress to a state where it reflects the original, joyous, divine intention as a perfect mirror of that dream in Infinite Mind. In that state, life will resemble a dance, a symphony, a tapestry, or a flower garden. Who knows where it will go from there?


I want to add a comment on what I expect some readers will be thinking: that this visionary scenario seems unrealistic because it entails lots more people waking up than seems possible in the time we have.

First of all, we don't know how much time we have. Where did this 2012 thing come from anyway? So the Mayans ended their calendar there. They had to end it somewhere, or they'd have been writing forever. They ended it at the point where the sun passed a certain meridian in their sky chart. Maybe 2012 is going to be no bigger a deal than 2000 turned out to be with the Y2K scare. Maybe the year is being made into a big issue to cause fear in people, because fear feeds and strengthens the global agenda. It's hard to tell, but maybe. The point is, we don't know how much time we have, and we may have more than we think.

The second reason I believe enough people could wake up in time is that I saw the Western world go from a place that snorted in derision at the concepts of meditation and enlightenment to a place where those concepts seem to have become even more popular than the Christianity they're intended to replace. All in a few short years. It happened through exactly the kind of techniques this article is describing: small local groups acting locally, spreading ideas through community lectures that we advertised through postering, radio PSAs, and articles (when we could get them) in newspapers (usually college papers or other non-mainstream press). Because it was happening all over the world, because thousands of enthusiastic kids started TM centers in communities everywhere, the word spread fast and pervasively, and it changed the Western world. So it doesn't seem unrealistic to me that it could happen again, only with truth spreading this time instead of deception.

Still a third reason why this scenario seems doable is that truth is on our side. Truth has a tendency to reveal itself eventually (see my blog piece about this), and now seems to be the natural time. Why now? Because the reins of control are tightening and the invasions of privacy are growing, both exponentially. It's hard for the public NOT to be aware of the conspiracy now at some level. People I broach the subject to are much less scornful of it than they were just a year ago, I think because of the course of recent events. This works very much to our advantage and makes our job lots easier. The closer the hunters approach with the snare, the greater the chance that the creature they're after will detect them and escape.

We do have to get over our fear of what others think of us, of being laughed at or sounding foolish when we talk about an unpopular subject. Better to be ridiculed a bit now and be alive and free in ten years than to keep our mouths shut, keep looking cool, and soon be dead or microchipped. The hardest part at the moment is moving from the inertia of being an Internet research-and-discussion movement into the dynamic next stage of being an information-dissemination and activist movement. But once we find our stride, the action we need to take will start to come naturally.

Check out the Whole Truth Coalition website at [link]

This is a group David Icke is supporting, that has set itself the mission of coordinating information between community Truther groups that are now starting to form. Also check out this new DVD-set by David Icke that you may find useful in making public presentations. Divided into two one-hour segments, it can serve as an introduction to the conspiracy for people who are likely to be skeptical.

It's time to jump on the band wagon! Together we can do this. It starts with one man, woman or student in one community.

Bronte Baxter

© Bronte Baxter 2008

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8 Oct 2008 @ 18:41 by gordon @ : 2012
I don't plan to organize into or join any kind of 'group.' I leave that to others. One of the best things I've seen on having an effect was the site you directed me to vax This was a turning point for me in seeing something that was there the whole time but, I couldn't peel the final film off.

I think Hub was approaching from the angle of raising individual sanity. Not a small task. People can have all the info in the world but, if they act on it without sanity, it is moot.... or worse.....

Stanley Milgram helped make clear where the problem lies with the "Milgram Experiment."

I read somewhere that when most people are talking about government, they're really talking about their parents. It seems to fit in many cases.

Combine this with the average IQ being below 100 and that apparently people like to be led by leaders that do not have much higher an IQ than they themselves have, then put everyone on Prozac......

Oh, and if you haven't seen Dan Eden's article on 2012, it's very interesting you've probably already seen that.

Hope all is well. Thanks for another interesting read.


9 Oct 2008 @ 05:44 by vaxen : Heya Gordon!
Good to see you've gotten involved in TOLFA. Yeah, the brainwashing is intense and deep and if we were not who we are it probably would have sunk us long ago. HUB had an enourmous task in front of him that's for sure. All throughout his writings there is that aspect concerning the individual. Soloing through. However...we are not seperate from the Cosmoi (Kosmoi.Gk. Pl). Hub was ONI all the way. Nothing wrong with that. Challenging the hydra headed monster, in those times, was tough as many Com 12 officers found out.

I've heard it said that 'the other side' has a technology upwards of 1000 years in advance of HU Man's current furthest out tech. Well, so what? WE are not originally from this planet or even this Galaxy so they do not know what we can avail ourselves of and the miond control program extant on this planet for thousands of years is a tough one to break. When one first addmits to oneself "Yes I've been brainwashed" it almost seems like the end... till the fog starts clearing.

Many thanks for the link to Dan Edens site. I was aware of it but am happy to have my awareness refreshed from time to time as these things become more relevant with each passing day.

Are you aware of: 'First contact Oct14/08? (Aaron mentioned it to me again today)' Apparently a large ship of friendlies is on its' way and will 'appear' in the Southern Hemisphere for all to see. Well, I can view that in several of a myriad of ways. A false invasion scenario is planned. So...we'll see. Sorry I don't have a link to that but if you'll google it I'm sure you'll come up with some iinteresting links.

Thanks Gordon...  

9 Oct 2008 @ 06:03 by vaxen : Blossom Goodchild...
Here is the link to Blossom Goodchilds 'channeling.' We shall see, eh? I've heard/read lots of this stuff before and am loath to 'believe' anything. Being a contactee, though, I'll keep an open mind and simply 'observe.' Think of how the governments of this world act ... Oh, we are your friends. We are just here to help you then... Blam, kerplow, crunch!!! I'll reserve my everythings till after the 'event.' ;) Cheers...

Here's another link with some 'fun' stuff too...  

9 Oct 2008 @ 06:24 by ursula : Got your cameras handy?
With that prediction for the 14th, hope people are going to have their cameras at the ready and let's see if it materializes.  

9 Oct 2008 @ 08:10 by vaxen : Do...
cameras, digital etc., record holograms? ;) I do have a digital and a wind tower, too, from which I can see 100's of miles all around so...

According to the channeling it will be visible for three full days. I don't need to see it but some might. Remember Orson Well's broadcast? ;)

Any inklings on this rusyn?

O'Bama, Al(l)a'Bama? Oy friggin Va A Voy! What's with that? ;)

Go Bama!  

9 Oct 2008 @ 13:36 by vaxen : ...
A-d, missä olet apina tyttö?
Tässä tuuli laulaa ja Maan
laulu on villi sydän ...

Rakastan sinua ja
kaipaan sinua liian ...


9 Oct 2008 @ 21:12 by a-d : The Question is....
...does Anybody know WHERE/What Hemisphere even, the Thing is to EXPECTED to be visible? Or is it supposedly visible ALL AROUND the Globe???... and how could that be...if so? (This was my "original" thought, Vax, when I sent Adi's E-mail about this whole Thing to you....) Though I thought I would eventually run into some Info
where to look for It... but so far I have come up empty handed, so to speak.
But I will do just that: Have my/D's camera ready! : )...juuuust in case.... : ) Yuppp... D's Digital WILL record holograms! *!*... : )

Tuuli laulaa ja Maan Laulu on villi Sydan ///The Wind is Singing and the Song of the Earth is the Song of the Un-tamed Heart... So true, so true! Thanks, GillBoy, for that.... aaaand the Rest... : )  

9 Oct 2008 @ 23:31 by vaxen : Kyllä!
Se on oma pieni-sävelruno, A-d. Näin to pääset niiden ulkonäköä ... hyvin, mitä olen ymmärtänyt, se on iso , että eteläisen pallonpuoliskon kanssa Alabama on ehdotettu alue, koska "ne" mainita Alabama. Saattaa olla, että he pitävät bändin tai nauttia Razorbacks ...

Myöhemmin apina tyttö. Stop heilu näillä puilla nyt ja tulla alas maan pinnalle, tai olen varma, että he saavat sinut!

Kun he saavat sinut olet mennyt Ukka!



11 Oct 2008 @ 07:28 by vaxen : GPA
Obama's Global Poverty Act

Thanks to reporting from Amir Taheri, the gist of which the Obama campaign has confirmed, we now know that while Obama is telling the American people he wants an end to the war, he has secretly negotiated with the government in Iraq to extend the U.S. military mission there. That is a black-and-white violation of federal criminal law.

Very simply, in our system the president is responsible for conducting foreign policy. President Bush is thus negotiating with the Iraqi government for a "status of forces" agreement that would clarify the rights and responsibilities of U.S. forces in Iraq after the current U.N. mandate expires at the end of this year.

Yet, during Obama's heralded trip to Baghdad in July, he asked Iraqi leaders to ignore Bush and delay resolving the legal status of our forces until next year - by which time the Senator hopes no longer to need a phony presidential seal.

Under the "Logan Act" (now codified at Section 953 of the federal penal code) it has been against the law since the late 18th century for U.S. citizens to carry on "intercourse with any foreign government" that is aimed either "to defeat the measures of the United States" or to influence the foreign government's dealings with the United States. Being a senator is no immunity from this statute - as any Republican senator would find out in a hurry if he dared to pull a stunt like this during an Obama administration.
Nice try. The Candidate of Hope is hoping that while he caterwauls about our lost billions, you won't notice that he has already proposed the most jaw-dropping transfer of wealth in American history: taking nearly a trillion dollars out of the pockets of American taxpayers and doling it out to the world's worst regimes through its most corrupt intermediary, the U.N.

The scam is better known as Obama's Global Poverty Act. Sen. Joe Biden, his trusty running-mate, recently tried to slam it through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - the better to address the rarely discussed fact that Obama, having achieved nothing noteworthy as an Illinois state senator, is similarly without accomplishment after three years in the Senate.

The GPA is a monstrosity. Thanks to Obama's praetorian guards in the mainstream media, it is a better kept secret than most covert intelligence programs. But Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kincaid has been digging (see here). If the GPA became law, the United States would be required to fork up for foreign aid 0.7 percent of its gross national product through 2015. That is, Obama would skyrocket U.S. largesse from its current annual level of about $21 billion (the world's most generous) to - you'll want to be sitting down for this - $85 billion per year.
The price tag by 2015 for Obama's international trough is estimated at about $845 billion. And that, you can be sure, is just the start. Harvard's Jeffrey Sachs, who advises the U.N., anticipates that the funds needed "to put real resources in support of our hopes" would be raised by "a global tax on carbon-emitting fossil fuels." With a Democrat Congress at his back, a President Obama would surely repeal the Bush tax cuts for Americans, but does anyone see him repealing the global tax on Americans? Dream on.
Jazz thinks the photo's a fake. ;) I'll never tell.

“War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery”, and “Ignorance is Strength”.

“Those who are not with us are against us.”  

12 Oct 2008 @ 04:23 by a-d : Hei, ei ne koskaan saa
mua ilman sua! Muuten, asiasta toiseen; Sarah's toeys look a little busted!... auch!
Hey, why is it that Freedom is Slavery???? inkeeping with their own Logic here, they should have said: "Slavery is (The Ultima) FREEDOM" . but now, thanks to this "Feud'ian" Slip they are loosing the grip of something they COULD have had Forever instead of just a few thousand years! Sloppy thinking! Sounds much more betta: "War is Peace", "Slavery is Freedom", and "Ignorance is Strength" donchathink??? ^l^ *!*.... Then again...whaddoI'no....(while) Swiiiingin' In The Trees.... Almost snowing here!.... in the Twenties... brrrr....  

12 Oct 2008 @ 04:29 by a-d : here's more
from/on Blossom GoodChild site ab.Oct 14
[ ]  

12 Oct 2008 @ 09:44 by vaxen : Watch out...
for icycles! And don't slip! I know you're sure footed and your tail helps balance you while you swing through the tree tops yet... 20 degrees! Oi! I don't know if I can stand another winter here. Of course there it will get much colder then ther eis the white stuff to consider and the space ships the NWO the OWO the, the, the...

Wind in the pine tree tops
Forecer blowing bubbles...

Great to see you A-d
I feel more and more
that the 14th is the
Planned New World Order
Mind control event...

"Mush, you huskies, mush!" - Renfrieux  

2 Nov 2008 @ 02:52 by maxtobin : Done been and went
Oh dear that event (14th de-cloaking) been and went!! Did not happen as many had hoped. (Thank God) Maybe our collective meditations assisted to inform the manipulators that we could 'see through' the illusions being planed and created (holographic bluebeam or other psy ooops programs) and demand integrity.

We collectively have the job of evolving through this 'mess' and rediscovering the potential within hu - manity; to co-create within this divine moment in partnership with the mothership is the cosmic plan. These seven steps ring true for me with the proviso that we none of us can see or know what is to be; for we are called to co-create within the movement of divinity, so all is as a mystery (but not without true harmony).

So my heart felt prayer has come to be decree, as we remember and grow empowered through our full sovereignty; so we decree through the power of the divine "I AM" that all be free to remember their sacred destiny. A heart sourced time of peace and prosperity FOR ALL to enjoy and experience, where harmony is reflected through the harmless choices we make in intent and activity. (so be it) For it is IN DEED we move beyond the greed and need of the dis-ease of separation we 'suffer from' or 'experience' collectively. BUT it is with and through our intent we co-create our karmic conditions.

** Where did this 2012 thing come from anyway? So the Mayans ended their calendar there. They had to end it somewhere, or they'd have been writing forever. They ended it at the point where the sun passed a certain meridian in their sky chart.**

This is simply not true; it is my experience that the Mayan calendars, (yes there are a number which are interrelated) and in particular the so called 'end date', do not have as a focus the measurement of the passage of time (it only seems that way as evolution for human is occurring within the confines of the space time continuum). The calendar as we know it is in fact a blue print for the divine plan with nine layers or underworlds with each of the first eight building upon the other and the ninth being as the 'capstone'(place of arrival???). It is a map for the evolution of the creation. The end date is simply the time when 'the perceived separated evolution of the divine "I AM" is done and we are emergent within the sun as co-creators within this divine flow.

And we know this to be true as the Mayan day keeper's have revealed themselves and confirmed this level of understanding. And just as 'outsiders' we needed first to crack the code, so too hu-manity is called to re integrate (integrity is needed to know ones divine aspect) with divinity as we mature as Galactic citizens and divine magicians (co-creators) to be welcomed into the multidimensional brotherhood (non gender focused) of the greater universe.

Hey in deed a time of great change is upon us.

I know that which I hold in my heart to be true, for me and for you.

We are looking forward to and sensing the increasing transparency of the 'sixth day' as we experience the renaissance and blossoming (no pun intended) of this the galactic underworld preparing the way for the universal consciousness(capstone)which will come to be just as it should be.

Blessings from down under.  

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3 Aug 2015 @ 09:43 by Children Health @ : good
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