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AD 2173, Tel Aviv

Israeli Prime Minister John Bull has expressed his deep regret at last Wednesday's disturbances in Tel Aviv. During yesterday's appearence as guest speaker at the annual conference of the board of Deputies of Israeli Englishmen, Mr. Bull attacked anti-English extremists for the violent demonstrations in which four people were killed.

Board spokesman, John Smith, took the opportunity to call a press conference and denounce the growing influence of the Jewish Nationalist Movement (JNM), something Mr. Smith described as a 'racist phenomenon which threatens to undermine our whole democratic process'. He went on to compare the JNM with 'their ideological predecessors, jack-booted murderers responsible for the systematic genocide of six million English men, women and children.'

As a throng of demonstrators gathered outside the King David Hotel, where the conference was taking place, one leading JNM activist - Benjamin Goldberg - told assembled reporters that his organisation 'will not stand idly by whilst English settlers continue to exert their pernicious influence on the affairs of the Israeli nation.' Goldberg then atempted to justify his hatred of English settlers by claiming there 'is growing evidence of an English conspiracy that has managed to penetrate the upper echelons of political and economic power in Israel. Ably assisted by their co-racialists within the corridors of international bankerdom, English immigrants have now managed to supersede the indigenous population. In proportion to the tiny percentage of English men and women in Israel today, their involvement in the governing, judicial and legislative sectors of the State far outweighs that of we Jews'.

As demonstrators clashed with police, there were sixty-three arrests. Police superintendent Tom Brown described the events as 'violent in the extreme. We have no objections to people voicing their opinions but, given the opportunity, the JNM would deny exactly the same rights to other people.' Some eyewitnesses claim JNM supporters were sporting Zionist armbands and selling copies of illegal publications like the Talmud, a virulent hate-sheet noted for its open encouragement of criminal activities of a blatant and perverse nature.

The JNM, formed three years ago in defiance of the 2170 English Supremacy Act and various other laws encouraging positive discrimination in favour of English minority groups, is rumoured to have a secretive cell-structure and links with other racist organisations around the world. In the wake of last November's bomb attack on the Centre for Merrie English Studies, nine JNM activists were arrested and charged. They are expected to be sentenced later this month.

The JNM's charismatic leader Gerry Kaufbaum, is currently serving four years in a labour camp on the outskirts of New Jerusalem. Earlier this year, Kaufbaum was found guilty of promoting Jewish culture, heritage and tradition. The revival of such anachronisms have been directly responsible for the current surge of extremism on the streets of Israel.

As the nation tries to come to terms with increasing tension between Jewish extremists and their victims, English lobbyists are beginning to call for the wholesale banning of the JNM and are planning to submit detailed evidence to the Select Committee's investigating into escalating atacks on the ethnic community. In reality, this may be the only option available if we wish to preserve democracy in Israel.

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