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Pro-Democracy Means Anti-Fascism

By Cindy Sheehan
“The world is watching the people of Burma take to the streets to demand their freedom, and the American people stand in solidarity with these brave individuals,” - George W. Bush

09/28/07 "ICH" -- -- Watching the pro-democracy marches in Burma both inspires and sickens me. I am inspired by seeing thousands of red-robed monks leading the demonstrations and sickened by the violence they are being met with by the military.

Seeing the images of the monks and others being beaten reminds me of the Democratic Convention in 1968 where Chicago police beat the living daylights out of demonstrators who were there to try and force the party to come closer to the budding anti-war movement. It didn’t work. Instead of wonderful pro-peace candidate, Eugene McCarthy, the party nominated Johnson’s VP, Hubert Humphrey. We know what happened next: Nixon. After last night’s Democratic “debate” I am terrified and assured that the Democrats will have another pro-war nominee.

The other event in my memory that the pro-democracy movement in Burma reminds me of is Kent State, Ohio in May, 1970. Four students were killed and nine were wounded marching against escalation of the Vietnam debacle.. I have heard from many people who were of age to protest the Vietnam war at that time that the killings had the affect of frightening them into not protesting, or scaling their protests back.

Of course the present state of our nation is not as overtly oppressive as the government of Myanmar (Burma), presently where a Nobel Peace Laureate Aung Sang Suu Kyi has been under house arrest there for years, but we who have been paying attention to events can see that America is on the precipice of serious fascism and only the brave actions of Americans committed to freedom, democracy and peace will help stem the tide of this rising neo-fascism that doesn’t march through our streets in goose-step and swastikas, but is creeping into our lives like cat’s paws.

According to Chris Rowthorn, in his brilliant article, When America Went Fascist, we went fascist on December 11, 2000 when the Supreme Court appointed George as our unelected, un-democratic and illegal President. Although it is easy and tempting to blame everything on BushCo, this is about the only assertion that I disagree with in his article.

What about during the Clinton regime? Does anyone remember Elian Gonzales or The Branch Davidians in Waco? Let’s go back further. What about when Truman dropped to WMD on hundreds of thousands of innocent victims in Japan? What about Korea? Eisenhower and the Military Industrial Complex? What about the Gulf of Tonkin? What about Watergate? What about Panama? Kosovo? Nicaragua? Free trade agreements that hurt workers in all countries that are involved in them and what about the abuse of language in this country: Patriot Act; Homeland Security; Clear Water and Clean Skies—and the No Child Left Behind Act that leaves every child behind and is just a funnel to the recruiter’s office?

There are just a few measures that we can use to stop this slide and Rowthorn articulates what has become an important part of my platform. Only vote for candidates that promise the following things…for president, or any other federal elective offices:

* Repeal the Patriot Act
* Repeal No Child Left Behind
* Scale down the Department of Homeland Security and rename it so it loses its Nazi
tone and is brought under civilian control.
* Restore habeas corpus and close all torture camps by repealing the Military Commissions’ Act.
* Repeal all contracts with paid mercenary killer companies.
* Restore the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.
* Repeal all BushCo-Presidential directives (especially Directive 51) and review all laws that contain signing statements.
* Restore the 4th Amendment by enforcing warrants for spying on Americans.
* Impeach Bush and Cheney-post presidency so they can’t receive federal benefits.
* Bring all troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and review military needs for other bases around the world.
* Repeal all free trade agreements.
* Kick AIPAC and other lobbyists out of the halls of Congress where they have no business.

One of the most profound ways we can stop this descent into fascism is by impeaching, removing from office and incarcerating George Bush and Dick Cheney, et al. I am very skeptical of a complicit Congress, Inc doing anything about them in this term. I am also very skeptical of a “professional” and fascist military leadership taking their oath of service seriously and above their corporate-military allegiance to the Executive Branch recently and so tellingly revealed by General Betray-Us, so a military coup is out of the question and has the tricky element of becoming a military dictatorship.

I was supposed to be in court today in Washington, DC for my last arrest. I didn’t go because I am not under allegiance and repudiate the fascists that run our government and the enforcers who are doing their best Nazi-job of “following orders” in oppressing our rights as Americans.

Why are they beating up a Reverend who served in the Air Force, and honorably left after the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, for wanting to attend a hearing in Congress?

Why are they arresting a Gold Star Mother for exercising the very freedoms for which George Bush freakishly says her son died?

Why are my daughter and assistant under indictment for Contempt of Congress when BushCo have steadily refused to testify before committees under oath, or any other way? As a matter of fact, Betray-Us wasn’t even put under oath that day in the House.

Why are college students being tasered for asking the same questions that we all want answered from John Kerry who threw our Representative Republic in the garbage along with the 2004 election?

Why are nooses being hung in the South?

Why do any of us pay our Federal Taxes to a government that we abhor and which we adamantly disagree with? Why do we allow our hard earned money to be used for murder and oppression?

Why is Congress giving BushCo more authority to begin a New World War?

Where are religious leaders to lead us in pro-democracy demonstrations? Most of our mainstream religions suffer from the same neo-fascism that our governmental leaders suffer from.

Why do we march in DC on Saturdays and get arrested just to get arrested? It’s time to descend on DC on a weekday and make commitments to our world and our posterity to over throw this fascism right now?

When can we have a country-wide massive general strike?

Recent reports show that Saddam made overtures to America through the UAE and Spain to go into exile weeks before the March, 2003 invasion of Iraq. Of course, the overtures were rejected because George’s small mind was already made up to invade Iraq before he became president in some sick way to either show up or gain approval from a dysfunctional family. What if Spain’s former President Aznar had spoken up then? What if Colin Powell, George Tenet, or any of the criminal neocons had spoken up to prevent this horrible loss of life and pain before it even started?

I wouldn’t be under a bench warrant right now. Rev wouldn’t be recovering from a badly sprained ankle. Casey would be alive and hundreds of thousands of others would be alive.

We can’t count on anyone but ourselves. It’s now up to we the people to follow the example of our brothers and sisters in Burma to courageously confront the anti-democracy/pro-fascist elements of our society.

Contact Cindy at:

Cindy Sheehan is the mother of Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan who was KIA in Iraq on 04/04/04. She is a co-founder and President of Gold Star Families for Peace




29 Sep 2007 @ 18:21 by a-d : Cindy Sheehan's Rants....
are what they are because she, among BILLIONS of other people, have been taught that 'Democracy' MEANS PEOPLE-Rule!... One-Person-One Vote at the Village-Market-Square 'Weekly Meeting' Where- Common-Issues-Are- Vented/Handled in a FAIR-for All & All Are-Each-other's-EQUAL-Process and if BILLIONS of People have been brought up to see 'Democracy' that way, why then not have that meaning take effect???....  

29 Sep 2007 @ 21:47 by vaxen : Yeah...
purposefully deluded. Doublespeak, in other words. Look at how many times I've tried to illustrate the difference between a Republic and a Democracy here at NCN. Still the numbed and dumbed down just don't get it and continue to use the imbedded but wrong meaning for the term Democracy which people have been taught to equate with freedom.

Reading an article by Karen Kwiatkowski today at Lew Rockwells I was astounded to see that even she has fallen. Without equivocation she now says the Republic is stone cold dead and labels herself as one amongst the dissenters. Reminds me of the ancient Roman foibles.

Personally I'm over all their bullshit and will prepare for another kind of warfare. One they've never seen and know nothing about. Too bad for I'd rather spend the rest of my life doing something better like enjoying it.

Thanks for the comment, A-d. See ya sis...

Oh yeah, how about the searching passengers faces for clues of subtle terror. Let the idiots shake and quake in fear. Can't say as how we haven't warned them all our lives about the 'security state' which simply means the Oppressors of the human race are winning.

Hey, beyond all that crap here is a cool link with lots of the right 'stuff.' Enjoy, and laugh as AmeriKKKa suicides, but stay out of the path of the stormtroopers...  

30 Sep 2007 @ 06:50 by a-d : what !
"those guys" do Double speak everything they talk; Freedom is Slavery. Slavery is Freedom & such!.... sooo.... do we not believe in (the possibility of) Anything Good, because there's a twist somewhere, made by the Dorks!?!?... Sometimes 'you' just have to take a Chance on Life -or lose it altogether!
[ ]. A FANTASTIC Story, a TERRIFYING Story -but luckily with a Happy Ending -or at least an ending without the HORROR it COULD have ended in -all "ingredients " considered) by a WONDERFUL Woman!... a Cindy- kind-of "Gal" who also uses the Word "Democracy" the way I described / defined it! : ) (... and, besides, what is a few (hundred-)thousand Doublespeak'ers against a few BILLION "Straight Shooters" heheh...?!?... /a-d; your democratic Anarchist Gal-friend 4 evah... : )  

30 Sep 2007 @ 13:37 by vaxen : Ha Tikva
"The copper mines in Dimona were in reality Israel's secret nuclear facility, which in 1960 was just being built with the help of the French government. The workers at the facility might have suffered some low-level radiation exposure, which has been associated with uncontrollable sexual urges. But this gang-like attempt to snatch us off the streets and use us for sex was outside the pale of civilized behavior! Obviously, we weren't the first ones to be accosted this way!..."

"Today, I no longer identify with Zionism that celebrates arrogant, deadly abuse of power, the kind practiced by the State of Israel. Reports of Israel's unprovoked attacks against the people of Gaza, Lebanon and Syria are consistent with the belligerence I myself experienced on a much smaller scale, forty years ago. I understand that Israel will do anything to get what it needs, whether it is more secure borders, greater military prowess, more political control over allies, or a larger land mass..."

"Twenty-first century Zionism has matured into neo-colonialism and this new colonialism has no room for human rights or the survival and dignity of ordinary people. It is as dangerous as it is despicable and inhumane..."

"The great struggle of the 21st century is not the race to the top of a golden pinnacle by a privileged minority, but a social and spiritual movement sweeping up all in its path..."

You can reach Dr. Light on her website,, by email,, or by phone, (802) 460-1060.

Thanks A-d. A wonderful article that brought back many memories I'd prefer to forget. I wonder if she is related to an old friend of mine that I worked with in America, Europe, and Russia...smuggling Russian Jews out of Russia to Yisrael. His name was Hal Light.

And the centuries pass yet still our hope remains, Ha Tikva. How can this be seeing all the inequality, hatred, and harm in this world that humans do to one another?

One thing she brought out you won't find many talking about is the way women are bought and sold in the 'Holy Land.' But, then, what do you expect from Patriarchs descended from Abraham of Ur.

Ask people who think they are Jews if Abraham was a Jew? ;) Thanks, kiddo, for this article...  

1 Oct 2007 @ 07:35 by vaxen : And...
I think I'll hide this here for those who really want some poop and are willing to go the X-Tra mile for it...

The next incarnation of will find me trailing the dust rabbits of Helljas proud Queendom into the four corners sunset. Got Quad?  

2 Oct 2007 @ 16:02 by vaxen : Well...
here is another link to the Rockridge Institutes' `Thinking Points' which I think can be of value in formulating thought sets with which to change the rules of the current money game which was instituted by Kings and Queens in order to centralise their 'authority' which, of course, they do not have!

In todays world ALL authorities must be challenged cause they are wrecking humanity and this world. In fact I don't think they are human at all for the most part.  

3 Oct 2007 @ 04:43 by vaxen : I'm...
placing this link here in the hopes that maybe one or two more people will read it and understand the in depth implications of it for all Americans. It is over at jazzologs, too, and if I had the time I'd put it in everybodies newslog as well.

The Killing of Carol Ann Gotbaum?

Contortionists worldwide must be mourning the death of Carol Anne Gotbaum. She was an artist of unparalleled talent, if you believe the cops who arrested, trussed, and imprisoned her at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. She died in their custody last Friday because "[she] had possibly tried to manipulate the handcuffs from behind her to the front, got tangled up in the process and they ended up around her neck," according to Sgt. Andy Hill.

Go ahead: try it. Hold your hands behind your back and raise them. Now you truly appreciate Mrs. Gotbaum’s unbelievable skill: it’s impossible to lift your arms more than a few vertebrae upward. They won’t go anywhere near your neck.

Oddly, no account of Mrs. Gotbaum’s death mentions her prowess as a pretzel. We learn instead that she was 45, that she held an MBA from a South African university, and that she leaves behind "three very small children. It's a very delicate matter," her grieving mother-in-law told the New York Daily News.

"Delicate." Hmmm. Not exactly the word I’d use.

And, again, I must note the absolute apathy of all the people that watched the airport swine haul this lady in. You say Germany didn't win WWII? Right. I guess NAZI Amerika did.  

3 Oct 2007 @ 05:50 by bushman : Ya
Thats why I say, its obviouse no one wants to stop them. Because they cant be stoped, and now the world. Everyone knows here in AZ, but they dont want to end up like her. They even pull people over and charge them with DUI, even if they have no alcohal or drugs in thier system at all, they still get charged. They want a cival war so GW can stay king.  

3 Oct 2007 @ 18:18 by koravya : Thanks,
for all the sources and information.  

3 Oct 2007 @ 21:17 by vaxen : Yes...
John. You are welcome. They can only do that, bushman, because the people allow it. That's why Mrs Gotbaum is now dead.

"Not counting crashes, this is the second fatality to American aviation’s credit since 9/11. Air marshals killed a 44-year-old missionary in December 2005 when they shot Rigoberto Alpizar in a jetway. Mr. Alpizar had changed his mind about flying and tried to disembark from a flight preparing to leave Miami. Two marshals followed him off the plane and slaughtered him. They claimed he was shouting about a bomb. Other passengers aboard the flight flatly denied that. Many insisted the only time they heard the b-word was when authorities later questioned them.

"But the government’s version triumphed over the truth. Florida’s State Attorney refused to indict the marshals for murder; the White House even commended them. Those who never knew Mr. Alpizar as a "loving, gentle and caring husband, uncle, brother, son and friend" quickly forgot his death. He had no politically powerful relatives.

"Mrs. Gotbaum does. Her mother-in-law is Betsy Gotbaum, a Democratic hack who’s pestered New York City for decades. Betsy now reigns as Public Advocate – an office one step below the mayor’s. When she says, "We are very concerned about what happened at Phoenix airport. It's under investigation and we are following that investigation," goons in Arizona tremble. They know that enforcers in a police state can murder folks like Rigoberto Alpizar with impunity. But snuffing a politician’s family or friends…that’s as big a no-no as a passenger’s protesting shoddy service."  

3 Oct 2007 @ 23:16 by bushman : Still,
What are people to do about it? You keep saying that they allow it, are you saying they allow it because they don't want to ber killed too, or lose everything and thier kids? Or are you saying we should just lower ourselves down to thier level and beat the snot out of them? Or are you saying people who saw it go down should quietly file a law suit and try to make a citizens arest on the evil officers, as if the courts and local sheriffs would somehow do thier jobs and arrest the thugs? lol. Please tell me exacly what the sheep should do that you cant do and I cant do, and the news medias wont do.  

4 Oct 2007 @ 17:48 by vaxen : The sheeple...
must begin to resist. At such an incident the onlookers far outnumber the perps. If you see a crime in progress of course the easiest thing to do is turn the eye and pretend that you don't see it and go on your way if you can. This is what I mean by mind control which is non other than the famous 'behavior modification' of the Skinnerians and the Pavlovians. Oh, Frodo is guilty of it too...

Conditioned reflex response. Yes, resist with all your heart and might the fascist state. It won't go away by itself.

Stop the police brutality by taking their arms and even their lives, if need be. We far outnumber them! Mental lockdown is the worse form of tyranny. The woman died in handcuffs! Boycott these creeps, stop flying, do whatever it takes to make the iron heel heel!

Look at the clowns in the White House and spit in their ugly faces! Tear this faux Government apart! So what if you have to get your hands dirty? By not addressing the issues we become infinitely worse than the cowards who are perpetrating this nonsense! tells the story of a man. Please read it if you can. It will soon be going offline. Inherent within this mans experience is the experience of millions of others.

When you are knee deep in mud with vermin crawling up your nose and in your ears, hanging from a wall in chains, with rats gnawing at your elbows and your lips, it is too late to do anything about it. Knowing that you are innocent doesn't matter one iota!

The man asks the question why. I know why and will address it for him to him. In the meanwhile you must prepare yourselves for the advance of the Amerikan totalitarian police state. But even more than that you must understand who is behind it. Yeah, lock and load but do that non hierarchically. An Army of one? Says, and means, a lot. We don't wear rank we kill it.  

4 Oct 2007 @ 18:46 by bushman : Right,
Lets all be like Timothy Mcveigh, lets all get locked up in thier camps, lets give them what they want. The only way is if everyone agrees to fight, if everyone stops working, if everyone stops paying tax, if everyone , not half, everyone has to be willing to starve to death if need be and be kickout onto the streets.  

5 Oct 2007 @ 03:26 by vaxen : No...
we need not be like TIm McVeigh. He was a symptom. He was used by the very beast whose minions we are up against whether we like it or not. The NWO is NOT going to stop its' "Iron Heel" roll till it has oppressed and suppressed everything in its' path. Till there are no more thinking humans left alive to question their tactics. Guerilla tactics work best against such an Omnipresent foe.

The best weapon of all is your mind. This war we are fighting, whether we want to or not, is the battle for your mind! Because the human mind has infinite potential in all dimensions it is a prize truly worth garnering. Garner it they will. Who are ''they?''

"By their fruits you will know them." Yeshua Ha Notzri
"By their smell ye shall know them." Necronomicon

Let your methods be yours, Anthony, but never cow your head to those who would enslave you! Not ever! Remember the genocide in Armenia lest it be swept under the rug along with every other holocaust against humanity by humanities rivals.

I sincerely hope that you do read Sargeant Herringtons' site. At least scan it. Towards the end, round about 22 through 24 there are some interesting items which should give cause for thought. Thought really has no frontiers. No fences. No prisons though it can be encapsulated for awhile.

Lets be who we are. Freedom loving, and granting, humans --- being all that we can be. Being self knowing and self directed, self determined, free, under no Iron Heel. Thanks bushman san...  

5 Oct 2007 @ 04:44 by bushman : Ya
ok, spose we could just stay out of thier way, and we could always pull a Masada on them and steel thier victory away at the last second, lol. Hmm dont they call that an SBC now?  

5 Oct 2007 @ 06:27 by vaxen : SBC...
Southern Baptist Convention? Lol. I guess so. I see no need for A Masada. Not this time around. I see a definite struggle that we are going to win. Salvation is not out there it is in here. ;) We win the struggle in the mind. The mind is vast. So vast...and that is why the forces that would enslave us want to harness ours so very badly. But, as the old saying goes, theyneed us...we don't need them. ;) As Martin Heideger used to ask his students: Who are they? And, no, they is not we! ;)

Of course the old arctic circle dot com is still blaming the Jesuits and the Pope and satanist buddies and illuminati buddies for everything! ROTFL! ;) Have a great weekend, when it gets here, Antonio. Wish I was there to spelunk a few old Spanish caves with you...for the gold, of course.  

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