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The Constitution for the United States, Its Sources and Its Application
Our Enemy, The State by Albert J. Nock
The Classic Critique Distinguishing 'Government' from 'STATE'
A History Of Lawless Government, Undermining The Constitution
By Thomas James Norton

The Tripwire
D. van Oort & J.F.A. Davidson
From The Resister

"How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive?"-- Alexander Solzhenitzyn, Gulag Archipelago

What would be the tripwire resulting in open rebellion? Examining the Bill of Rights, and considering EXISTING laws only, and not failed attempts, you will find that every clause has been violated to one degree or another.

Documenting those violations would fill volumes, and it is important to remember that only government can violate the exercise of unalienable individual rights and claim immunity from retribution. We omit martial law or public suspension of the Constitution as a tripwire. The overnight installation of dictatorship obviously would qualify as "the tripwire," but is not likely to occur. What has occurred, what is occurring, is the implementation of every aspect of such dictatorship without an overt declaration. The Constitution is being killed by attrition. The Communist Manifesto is being installed by accretion. Any suggestion that martial law is the tripwire leads us to the question: what aspect of martial law justifies the first shot?

For much the same reason, we will leave out mass executions of the Waco variety. For one thing, they are composite abuses of numerous individual rights. Yet, among those abuses, the real tripwire may exist. For another, those events are shrouded in a fog of obfuscation and outright lies. Any rebellion must be based on extremely hard and known facts. Similarly, no rebellion will succeed if its fundamental reasons for occurring are not explicitly identified. Those reasons cannot be explicitly identified if, in place of their identification, we simply point to a composite such as Waco and say, "See, that's why; figure it out." Any suggestion that more Wacos, in and of themselves, would be the tripwire, simply leads us back again to the question: what aspect of them justifies rebellion?

For the same reasons, we leave out a detailed account of Ayn Rand's identification of the four essential characteristics of tyranny. She identified them quite correctly, but together they are just another composite from which we must choose precipitating causes. These characteristics are: one-party rule, executions without trial for political offenses, expropriation or nationalisation of private property, and "above all," censorship.

With regard to the first characteristic of tyranny, what is the real difference between the Fabian socialist Republican Party and the overtly [Bolshevik] socialist Democratic Party? Nothing but time. Regarding the second we have the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team and the ATF's enforcement branch. In action they simply avoid the embarrassment of a trial. Regarding the third, we have asset forfeiture "laws," the IRS, the EPA, the FCC, the FDA, the Federal Reserve, the Justice Department's Antitrust Division, and a myriad of other executive branch agencies, departments, and commissions whose sole function is to regulate business and the economy. Regulating business for the common good (fascism) is no different in principle than outright nationalisation (communism).

However, the fourth characteristic of tyranny, censorship, is the obvious primary tripwire. When ideology and the reporting of facts and how-to instructions are forbidden, there is nothing remaining but to fight. Freedom of speech and persuasion -- the freedom to attempt to rationally convince willing listeners -- is so fundamental an individual right that without it no other rights, not even the existence of rights, can be enforced, claimed, debated, or even queried.

Does this censorship include the regulation of the "public" airwaves by the FCC, as in the censorship which prohibits tobacco companies from advertising -- in their own defense -- on the same medium which is commanded by government decree to carry "public service" propaganda against them? Does it include federal compulsion of broadcasters to air politically-correct twaddle for "The Children"? Does it include the Orwellian "Communications Decency Act"? Does it include any irrationalist "sexual harassment" or tribalist "hate speech" laws which prohibit certain spoken words among co-workers? The answer: unequivocally yes.

Although the above do not pertain to ideological or political speech, yet they are censorship and are designed to intimidate people into the acceptance of de facto censorship. We say that any abrogation of free speech, and any form of censorship, which cannot be rectified by the soap box, the ballot box, or the jury box, must be rectified by the cartridge box -- or lost forever.

Americans have been stumbling over tripwires justifying overt resistance for well over 130 years. On one hand, we submit that gun confiscation is a secondary tripwire only. It is second to censorship because if speech is illegal we cannot even discuss the repeal of gun control, or any other population controls. If only guns are illegal, we may still convince people to repeal those laws. On the other hand, gun confiscation may be a sufficient tripwire because the primary one, censorship, can be fully implemented only after the citizenry has been disarmed.

Resistance, in the context of this article, means those legitimate acts by individuals which compel government to restrict its activities and authority to those powers delegated to the Congress by the people in the Constitution.

The distinction to be drawn here is that the objective of patriotic resistance is to restore original Constitutional government, not change the form of government. To this end we believe:

The enforcement of any laws -- local, state, or federal -- that through the action or inaction of the courts makes nugatory the individual means of resisting tyranny, justifies resistance.

The operative terms of the above statement are the parameters that must be defined and understood if resistance to tyranny and despotism is to be honourable, and for the cause of individual liberty, rather than anarchy resulting from a new gang of tyrants. Rebellion can never be justified so long as objective means of redress are available, which are themselves not subverted or rendered impotent by further or parallel subjective legislation.

The goal of patriots throughout the country must be the restoration of objective constitutional law and order. The failure to enforce a subjective law (i.e. the Communications Decency Act) does not justify that law existing, but it also does not justify resistance. This is because non-enforcement leaves avenues of redress, including the forbidden activity itself, still available. Should a lower court uphold or ignore a case that challenges subjective law, peaceable means of redress are still open by higher or lateral courts in another jurisdiction.

However, should the U.S. Supreme Court uphold subjective laws, or refuse to hear the cases challenging them, then the legislative, executive, and judicial branches have all failed to guarantee individual liberty, from the widest principles to the smallest details. A single refusal by the highest court in the land to overturn a whim-based subjective law, or to refuse to hear the case, is sufficient to justify resistance to that law because there is simply nowhere left to turn for further attempts at redress. At such time nobody is morally bound by that law. Tyranny gets one chance per branch.

America is either a constitutional republic or it is not. If we can restore our republic it will ultimately occur through reason, and reason will then lead our representatives to make unconstitutional those laws which, by any objective standard of justice, should have never been considered in the first place. However, we cannot assert our claim to restore our liberty if we but accede to a single socialist construct. Freedom and serfdom cannot coexist. We cannot have it both ways.

Life, and the means to preserve it, cannot coexist with disarmament. Liberty, and its rational exercise, cannot coexist with subjective constraints. Property, and its acquisition, use, and disposal cannot coexist with expropriation. The federal government's first task is to obey the Constitution. It has refused. Our first task as free men is to force the government to obey it again. The Constitution of the United States of America is a constraint on the federal government, not on the individual.

Likewise, the constitutions of the various states are constraints on the state governments, not on the individual. The Constitution contains many provisions allowing the violation of our natural rights as free men by immoral and unethical men in government. The true heroes of the ratification debates were the Antifederalists, who secured Federalist guarantees that the Bill of Rights would amend the Constitution.

To their undying credit, the Federalists lived up to their promise. Nevertheless, only after constitutional limitations on government have been restored in their original form can we consider amending the Constitution to redress its very few remaining defects (for example, the absence of a separation of state and the economy clause).

Laws that make nugatory the means of resisting tyranny and despotism determine the tripwire. The creeping legislative erosion of the 2nd Amendment is not the only tripwire that justifies resistance. We submit that any gun control is a secondary tripwire. Not only because it can be effortlessly evaded, but also because it strengthens our cause. It is second only to censorship. If speech is illegal we can discuss neither repeal of gun control, or the repeal of any other unconstitutional "law." Censorship is not a tripwire, it is THE tripwire. Thus, by default, censorship morally justifies rebellion.

Under censorship, no other rights, including the right to be free from censorship, can be advocated, discussed, or queried. It is incorrect to say that after censorship comes utter subjugation. Censorship is utter subjugation. There is no greater usurpation of liberty while remaining alive. After censorship come the death camps, and they are not a prerequisite of censorship, they are merely a symptom of it. Censorship qua censorship is sufficient in itself to justify open rebellion against any government that legislates, enforces, or upholds it.

However, that is not the half of it. Censorship is alone in being the only violation of individual rights that does not require actual enforcement or challenges in court, before rebellion is justified. When the government forbids you to speak or write, or use your own or a supporter's property to address willing listeners or readers, that government has openly and forcibly declared that the art of peaceful persuasion is dead and will not be tolerated. Upon that very instant, all peaceful avenues of redress have been closed and the only possible method of regaining that liberty is force. Whenever we give up that force, we are not only ruined, we deserve to be ruined.

Censorship is already being "legally" imposed through accretion by compromisers, appeasers, and pragmatists within government at all levels. Note the demands by "progressive" organisations and self-appointed "civil rights" groups to ban so-called "hate" speech (they mean thought and debate), or "extreme" language (they mean principled dissent), or "paramilitary" books (they mean the knowledge of how to resist). When our government imposes censorship, it will be because our ability to use force to resist censorship no longer exists. Buying copies of The Resister is not yet prohibited; buying machine guns already is. Unwarranted search for unlicensed books has not yet occurred; unwarranted search for unlicensed weapons has already begun. As your unalienable right of peaceable discussion and dissent is being daily abridged, your right to peaceably assemble and associate in advocacy of your own self-defence, according to your own free will, has already been outlawed (courtesy of ADL's "model" anti-militia legislation).

Unconstitutional federal agencies now arm themselves with weapons that you may not own, and train in tactics that you are prohibited from mastering. Before a government is sure you won't resist, it will make sure you can't resist.

The most irrational, contradictory, short-range, whimsical notion possible to men who claim the unalienable right to resist tyrannical government is the notion that they must first let their ability to resist be stripped from them before they have the right to use it. This is the argument of so-called conservatives who pish-tosh the notion of legislative "slippery-slopes," and sycophantic adherents of a supreme Court that has no constitutionally delegated authority to interpret the Constitution in the first place. We reject the notion of mindless compliance with subjective "laws." Subjective laws must be resisted on metaphysical and epistemological principles, moral and ethical grounds, and on constitutional and historical precedence.

No rational man desires ends without means. No rational man can be faced with his own imminent subjugation and truly believe that, once things are as bad as they can get, "sometime" "someone" will do "something" "somehow" to counteract that trend. Any man who counsels another to appeal to those mystical equivalents of "divine intervention" for "deliverance" from tyranny is our enemy by all principles conceivable within the scope of rational human intelligence.

The time to organise resistance is not after censorship, but before it. The time to prepare resistance is when our ability to resist is being threatened. The time to begin resistance is when that threat has been upheld or ignored by the courts. The unalienable rights that safeguard our ability to resist are limited to those which, if not violated, allow us to plan and use all materials necessary for resistance. We submit that only the following meet that criteria:

freedom of speech and of the press, and the right to peaceably assemble--so that we may advocate ideas, report and discuss news, and instruct others how to carry out resistance activities (1st Amendment);

the right to keep and bear arms -- so that we may have appropriate force in our hands should we need it, and be trained to use such force as necessary (2nd Amendment);

the right to be let alone -- so that we may be free of government intrusion in our lives, liberty, and property (3rd Amendment);

the right to be secure in our persons, dwellings, papers, and property from unwarranted, unaffirmed searches and seizures -- so that our records, ideological materials, and weapons will remain in our hands (4th Amendment).

For the purpose of this discussion, we believe that no other rights are relevant because if every individual right other than those four were violated -- although it would be an unspeakably evil act on the part of the government, justifying immediate and unforgiving resistance -- their abridgement would not effect our ability to resist. If any of the first four amendments are infringed by legislation, enforced by executive power, and their abrogation is upheld or ignored by the courts, unremitting, forcible resistance, and aid and comfort to its citizen-soldiers, is a moral imperative for every single person who believes that life, liberty, and property are unalienable and self-existing, and not grants of government privilege.

"The United States should get rid of its militias." -- Josef Stalin, 1933

"The foundation of a free government begins to be undermined when freedom of speech on political subjects is restrained; it is destroyed when freedom of speech is wholly denied." -- William Rawle, LL.D. Philadelphia, 1825

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes ... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." -- Thomas Jefferson (1764) -- Quoting 18th Century criminologist Cesare Beccaria in On Crimes and Punishment

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12 Jul 2007 @ 17:02 by celestial : INVEIGH, as in
Timothy Mcveigh..."If they take away guns then I will build bombs."

Definition: make a violent verbal attack; to make strong denunciations. TO rail against; to utter invective.

Was Mcveigh a doer of the word?  

13 Jul 2007 @ 19:08 by vaxen : I...
think McVeigh was a Manchurian Candidate. And by "doer of the word" are you referring to Fundamentalist Christianitys' 'word made flesh?'

McVeigh was a puppet in a 'false flag' operation.

Now comes Iran and $100.00 a barrel oil. And more false flag ops so that Bush and his cronies can make even more insane "profits!" After all isn't that another 'word' for ''bottom line?''

Israel says it has been given the go ahead, by Washington - of course, to bomb Iran. Then Iran will bomb those false Jews, then we will bomb Iran and kill, murder, rape, pillage, all in the names of our many corporate gods conveniently summed up under the one word God, which means absolutely nothing other than more carnage, murder, death, rape, pillaging.

Then the good little robot boys and girls (support our troops! Ra Ra!) will come "home" glistening in their insane robot uniforms, but inside they'll be slowly rotting to a hellish death.

The word? Support the troops? The word is: Fuck the troops!  

17 Jul 2007 @ 17:50 by vaxen : So much...
for tripwires and NCN and the whole stinking mess.  

18 Jul 2007 @ 17:37 by b : Too bad vax
that it really is that bad and even worse.  

18 Jul 2007 @ 19:05 by celestial : Hi Vax,
I don't understand why anyone would want to join the military during peacetime and make a CAREER out of it, to boot.

Some say they do it for the benefits, but I believe it is a subconscious desire to kill other people and get away with it legally. I say phuck man's law concerning divorce and war!

I referred to "doer of the word" as someone who acts upon the VOICE that dominates their mind; no Christianity involved.  

22 Jul 2007 @ 17:18 by vaxen : Cool...
Many join the military becasue there are no opportunities for them in the dying communities that they were born into thinking that they will have more opportunities in the 'service.' This is a line coopted by the recruiters, of course, that they might meet their 'quotas.' This is true.

But of course you have killers who 'get off' on war and death and the wretched smell of blood mixed with gunpowder as well as the screams and moanings of the dying...

Then there are those who love the seeming power that comes with 'rank' in that hierarchical robot world where your rise to stardom is based upon...

Old story. Glad to know the word ou referred to has nothing to do with X-Ti-anity. I'm afraid all hell is about to break forth in America. Be well brother man.  

22 Jul 2007 @ 19:01 by istvan : What if the opposite is going to happen?
First a question- You said: "all hell is about to break forth in America." Dear bro...Do you mean on the whole continent or only in the USA.
Another question- is it possible for just the opposite for all haven to break through? Or does haven does not break through, it only gently descends?
In any case it is kind of confusing.
Is the warrior ready and or able to lay down his sword. Is he ready or able to melt down his gun to make toys, dishes and furniture from the metal.
That is exactly what is happening in some countries in South America right now.
I agree some breakthrough is inevitable.  

23 Jul 2007 @ 19:40 by Vaxen @ : South America?
Thanks for the comment, anadistvan, but I can't agree that what you say is happening in South America, turning guns into toys, dishes, and furniture, is happening anywhere there! Ever hear of the NAU? The SPP? Know the plan for South America? Chavez does. Oh, The new Africa Command is about to come on line as well meaning more genocide/ Murder, destruction, hate...this is America.

Of course returning to the 'Republic' will challenge the tyranny of the concocted 'Democracy.' Mind washed, daily, by the PsyOps masters of the major Corporate media, most AMericans have totally forgotten the deep divide between totalitarian 'Democracy (doesn't mean freedom at all!) and the freedom for the individual of the COnstitutionally Guaranteed, to every State and being in the so called 'Union,' a Republican (not to be confused with the party that goes by the same name but isn't.) form of Government and the founding fathers even told us why they were so against 'Democracy!' So why do the so called 'people (another fantasia.) go along with the mind rot of the PsyOps controlled 'media?' Infotainment. Democracy is the next stage after 'communism.' Democracy must of needs end up just where the so called American Democracy has...FEMA and REX84! Here's and interesting little piece:

Friday, July 20, 2007

Dear George,

The reason we’re having so many problems in Latin America is because the Spanish were wimps. When they colonized the New World, they made the mistake of enslaving the indigenous population rather than annihilating it. Now we are paying the price for their lack of political will. You don’t see our natives putting leftist governments into power or rioting in the streets just because a political leader was a little authoritarian. Nor did the natives rise up when you stole the 2,000 election. That’s because the ones we didn’t kill, we impoverished while keeping them well supplied with firewater.

There is no doubt that whitemen of Northern European extraction are better equipped by temperament to keep natives in line than their Southern European brethren. There was very little intermarriage between Englishmen and natives because the English understood the benefits of racial separation. It is much easier to maintain a hierarchy based on race than one based on class. In a class-based hierarchy, it is always possible for a bright member of the lower class to ape the speech and mannerisms of the upper class. In an ethno-hierarchy, such chicanery is impossible since it is impossible to feign skin color.

And, or course, it was the Northern Europeans who were the first to recognize the efficacy of the bomb as an instrument of ethnic control.

But, the Spanish blew it and we’re left to clean up the mess. I guess it’s going to take some tender Northern European tough love to set things right again. Only in the north do you find the political will to maintain the order so necessary for our continued prosperity.

Your admirer,

Belacqua Jones  

23 Jul 2007 @ 21:04 by a-d : Spiritual
Brainwashing: [ ]
I hope this link can be seen as added Info to your Article, Vax. : )//A-d  

24 Jul 2007 @ 03:56 by Yes Mam... @ : Brainwashing...
Pavlov & Conditioning
The Christians may have been the first to successfully formulate brainwashing, but we have to look to Pavlov, the Russian scientist, for a technical explanation. In the early 1900s, his work with animals opened the door to further investigations with humans, to discover how the use of rewards and punishments can "condition" human behavior. After the revolution in Russia, Lenin was quick to see the potential of applying Pavlov's research to his own ends.

The ways to achieve conversion (i.e. conditioned acceptance of an idea or belief) are many and varied, but the usual first step in religious or political brainwashing is to work on the emotions of an individual or group until they reach an abnormal level of anger, fear, excitement, or nervous tension.

The progressive result of this cathartic mental condition is to impair judgment and increase suggestibility. The more this condition can be maintained or intensified, the more it compounds. Once catharsis is reached, the complete mental take-over becomes easier. As the painful emotions are discharged, the mind is ready to accept new solutions, especially if they offer safety, rightness and rewards. Existing mental programming can be replaced with new patterns of thinking and behavior.

Other often-used physiological weapons to modify normal brain functions are fasting, radical or high sugar diets, physical discomforts, regulation of breathing, mantra chanting in meditation, the disclosure of awesome mysteries, special lighting and sound effects, programmed response to incense, or intoxicating drugs.

The same results can be obtained in contemporary psychiatric treatment by electric shock treatments and even by purposely lowering a person's blood sugar level with insulin injections.

Before I talk about exactly how some of the techniques are applied, I want to point out that hypnosis and conversion tactics are two distinctly different things--and that conversion techniques are far more powerful. However, the two are often mixed . . . with even more powerful results. - Sutphen

Yeah, I used to use a tape of the same info of Dick Sutphens in my Dojo to allow people to make up their own minds about the ifs ands and buts of conversion, mind rape, dehumanization. Way beyond Vth Invader Force capability. Wathc the Bush administration...oh, I'm sure you are aware of all of it. Thanks A-d.  

24 Jul 2007 @ 04:03 by Arboreal @ : Constitution
Life, and the means to preserve it, cannot coexist with disarmament. Liberty, and its rational exercise, cannot coexist with subjective constraints. Property, and its acquisition, use, and disposal cannot coexist with expropriation. The federal government's first task is to obey the Constitution. It has refused. Our first task as free men is to force the government to obey it again. The Constitution of the United States of America is a constraint on the federal government, not on the individual.  

24 Jul 2007 @ 04:25 by Vaxen @ : Sejocu...
"To each individual who is terrorized, threatened, hounded and imprisoned by the fbi/cia and other government bodies:

"You must recognize that you are being targeted because you are purely human and creative in your work, play, or home; those who target you intend that you collapse and that you surrender your beautiful psyche unto the mental dwarfs who want to kill or to imprison you. Hold your sanity with the idea that others not yet targeted need you to survive so that you may share with them the tools (both intellectual and spiritual) associated with your survival. Further, you must survive because our dear Maker (the Creator of all that is beautiful and holy in our world) needs your service for all of mankind. Understand, if you
will, that the mind games being played on you by the most manipulative and sinister government agents on earth cannot defeat you when you refuse to play their games. They are the sick and criminal ones among us, in that many of them are regularly committing heinous offenses against their brothers and sisters the world over for their own personal gain and enrichment, or for an obscure political/economic interest; your conduct (whatever it may be) is most likely perfectly honorable, acceptable and in any event de-minimus (compared to the severity of those offenses perpetrated against you and others by your accusers) and explainable under both man's law and God's law.

"I and many others are with you. Hold and a brighter day awaits you as we individually and collectively tell the thugs, executioners and hate mongers of the world that their reign is over."

"Love." Geral Sosbee

"He best resists mind control efforts whose artistic vision and flair prevent such programming in the first place." Geral Sosbee


24 Jul 2007 @ 04:32 by Vaxen Var @ : Order:Fascism
The following events took place in a suburb of Cleveland (Maple Heights, Ohio) continuously from the year 1973 to the present. They constituted a real life Nightmare on Elm Street for this author (the victim of an awful organized criminal conspiracy). It was important to bring this incident to public attention because it reveals a new technology which constitutes a threat to freedom and democracy wherever they exist to an extent which must not be ignored. It is in the hands of vicious organized criminal cliques who represent a major threat to the health and safety of everyone on the planet. This is truly usage of the Internet as its founders at DARPA intended it--as a nerve network for the common defense. You are not being told the truth by the U.S. government or controlled news media, who maintain a solid smokescreen, because, face it, they are all a bunch of goddamned crooks pulling the wool over the public's eyes while trying to maintain a defacto totalitarian system. Vicious criminal elements have committed atrocious violations against the human rights of their victims, and there is little chance of them ever being brought to justice because of the gullibility of the public, which certainly would have swallowed Hitler's rhetoric in the Nazi era with a ra ra wave the flag response. I present to you here serial crimes against numerous defenseless people, of which I have been one, involving acts of torture, cruelty, and degradation.

I'm sorry to have to state this awful truth and to disappoint you, but Timothy McVeigh was actually a courageous war hero who sacrificed in the course of a civil war against a rotten totalitarian system which the crooked press had camouflaged as a wonderful democracy. He actually deserves to be canonized as a martyr for Freedom. That crooked news media never allows to come to light the Stalinist-type purges and tortures of innocent people who were only demanding to experience their most elemental human rights and who were denied them by a government bent on military and technological superiority which had abandoned all human values. The crooked press will never present the real meaning behind 9-1-1. The only real values in evidence are dominance over the rest of the world, as evidenced by recent invasions of weaker countries (to gain control over oil reserves being the unpublicized real reason). Is it a real wonder that Bush's family just happens to be in the oil business? Witness for all to see an America rotten to its very core and a disgrace to anything our founding fathers ever dreamed.  

24 Jul 2007 @ 04:35 by El Elion @ : Tacticians:
I would appreciate if anyone who is able to contribute any information toward the solution of these crimes, or about mind control in general, post it in a public forum like the Mind Control Forum (the new address of which is ( or the newsgroup alt.mindcontrol (a very good ground for exchange of information). Citizen action -type help is also needed with law enforcement and apprehension which the authorities have not done effectively for thirty years because of massive organized criminal corruption. They are without a doubt deliberately failing to disarm violent organized criminal bullies (whom I have concluded are actually government stooges) and allowing tortures and de facto killings to take place. Armed criminals are allowed to maintain a network in place for the purpose of intimidation and terrorization of the citizen who demands his elemental human rights. These criminals would stop at nothing to control the United States or the rest of the world illegally, so you might ultimately be acting in your own self interest if you could contribute toward relief of the problem. Original participants are suffering a lot from burnout (in the literal and ironic senses of that word), but the threat to freedom remains the same. Our most elemental human rights are in jeopardy (to think, speak, emote, and even to breath free). We have in this development a technology which could have been a double-edged sword, but human nature being what it is it will never again be seen in a positive light. It diminishes to a nightmare in the hands of people with bad intentions, who fetish torture methods above other interests.

Carol Paliwoda
5333 East 141 Street
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

Yes, I seem to myself to be the only man-woman alive to stand behind what I say with my face showing and full integrity and not hiding behind cowardly anonymity, not lying about identity while trying to screw fellow man.  

28 Jul 2007 @ 06:43 by vaxen : Ce...
la de mucho mas:  

28 Jul 2007 @ 21:45 by koravya : Looks Like
A Good Article.
Cut and paste into Word is 28 pages.
Then I presume I will know how evil
evil can be.
Then - - -  

28 Jul 2007 @ 23:37 by a-d : The Truth Virus Is Spreading!!
“ "I think now people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking peoples property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever," lawyer Tom Cryer told WND just days after a jury in Louisiana acquitted him of two criminal tax counts. from: [ ]
also, check this one out: [ ]  

28 Jul 2007 @ 23:50 by vaxen : Munchniks Unite!
Editor's Note: Google News continues to reveal an almost total-complete black out of this story in the Old Controlled Media (OCM). Click here for the latest proof. (  

29 Jul 2007 @ 00:25 by a-d : ahhh, this is a "MUST-READ" : )
[ ]  

29 Jul 2007 @ 07:18 by vaxen : Tee Hee
IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability
By OffSite on Jul 26, 07

The Internal Revenue Service has lost a lawyer’s challenge in front of a jury to prove a constitutional foundation for the nation’s income tax, and the victorious attorney now is setting his sights higher.

"I think now people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking peoples property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever,” lawyer Tom Cryer told WND just days after a jury in Louisiana acquitted him of two criminal tax counts. Full Piece: (  

29 Jul 2007 @ 07:26 by vaxen : Thanks A-d...
Against Presidential Tyranny

By Tim Wingate


Oh Creator of equal people endowed with unalienable Rights, Hear our plea!

We have suffered under a long train of abuses and usurpations that evinces a design to reduce us under absolute Despotism.

Those that were instituted to make those Rights secure no longer derive their just powers from the consent of the equal people, but by threat of violence against them.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned the Usurper and his minions for Redress in the most humble terms. Our repeated Petition have been answered only by repeated injury.

A President, whose administration is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to govern a free people.

We ask that you justly uphold your Laws of Nature and Be not mocked but do unto him as he has done unto others.

May he reap a bitter harvest of his abuses!

May he collect the wages of his transgressions!

May the shed blood of the innocents he has injured be as an abomination upon his head!

Upon your Providence we have firm reliance, and ask you to Protect us, our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor!

May it be So!


May IT be SO?

YOU ARE THE CREATOR of all you behold! Don't try to blame everything on some nobodaddy in the sky! Won't work! There is NO "GOD (HU)" save you.

Yeah, YOU! YOU are IT! So take the above prayer and accept your own response-ability. Now, go to work at playing it all again, and again, and again...

Get it right this time! ;)  

1 Aug 2007 @ 19:54 by ashanti : And here in the south of africa....
...a group of people have suggested deducting all expenses citizens incur from the cost of crime in .za - from their tax returns. That includes the cost of alarms, private security companies, medical costs incurred, and so on. They say since the government is failing to protect citizens from crime, and citizens have to make their own arrangements to protect themselves at thier own private cost, the citizens are entitled to claim back the expenses from the government since it is not doing its job. Suffice it to say, SARS (South African Revenue Sevices) are not amused and have threatened dire consequences to any citizen who dares carry that out.

There are no tripwires to resistance in South Africa, docile as sheep, because the great revolution has already been fought and won, and its just not polite to say that things are not perfect.  

1 Aug 2007 @ 21:11 by vaxen : Hahahahaha
Mirthful laughter on that one, Ashanti san. Sounds like a good, and workable, idea to me but you are right. I can just see them now slobbering at the mouthy that the Israelis and AMericans will be blowing the hell out of any and every one who resists the almighty 'STATE.' Boy do they have some surprises in store for them. ;) 4 States in one state. And how goes it in Natal?

Well, keep up the good work and say hello to the old Transvaal if you get a chance. Oba Talla on Yeno Lo.

28 Aug 2007 @ 22:08 by dan1 : Changing The Government
From the original article above: "The distinction to be drawn here is that the objective of patriotic resistance is to restore original Constitutional government, not change the form of government. To this end we believe..."

I believe that We The People have work to do to improve the "Original Constitutional Government". It needs to be brought abreast of the realities of our own times. Certain limitations have to be spelled out and embraced as part of American life. Ambiguities need to be changed into specifics. The whole structure needs to be left open for Social Evolution.

For example:

I propose that personal wealth be limited to $7,000,000.00 for all individuals. All excess being turned over to the "National Coffers"...or somewhere else that would be good.

I propose that a "National Earned Guaranteed Income" be established in the New Constitution". A general "sketch" of this plan can be brought here for perusal if it is requested.

I propose that a lot of land be returned to the Original Peoples of this land and that this be sanctioned and protected by this new constitution. We must recognize the rightness and benefits of "Shared Sovereignty" with the Original Peoples of this land.

I'm sure there are many more changes and good ideas that could be instituted in the New American Constitution.

Respectfully Submitted, DAN 1  

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