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Gregg Junnier and another narcotics officer went inside the apartments around 2 p.m. while Jason Smith checked the woods. Smith found dozens of bags of marijuana -- in baggies that were clear, blue or various other colors and packaged to sell. With no one connected to the pot, Smith stashed the bags in the trunk of the patrol car. A use was found for Smith's stash 90 minutes later: A phone tip led the three officers to a man in a "gold-colored jacket" who might be dealing. The man, identified as X in the documents but known as Fabian Sheats, spotted the cops and put something in his mouth. They found no drugs on Sheats, but came up with a use for the pot they found earlier.

They wanted information or they would arrest Sheats for dealing.

While Junnier called for a drug-sniffing dog, Smith planted some bags under a rock, which the K-9 unit found.

But if Sheats gave them something, he could walk.

Sheats pointed out 933 Neal St., the home of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston. That, he claimed, is where he spotted a kilogram of cocaine when he was there to buy crack from a man named "Sam."

They needed someone to go inside, but Sheats would not do for their purposes because he was not a certified confidential informant.

So about 5:05 p.m. they reached out by telephone to Alex White to make an undercover buy for them. They had experience with White and he had proved to be a reliable snitch.

But White had no transportation and could not help.

Still, Smith, Junnier and the other officer, Arthur Tesler, according to the state's case, ran with the information. They fabricated all the right answers to persuade a magistrate to give them a no-knock search warrant.

By 6 p.m., they had the legal document they needed to break into Kathryn Johnston's house, and within 40 minutes they were prying off the burglar bars and using a ram to burst through the elderly woman's front door. It took about two minutes to get inside, which gave Johnston time to retrieve her rusty .38 revolver.

Tesler was at the back door when Junnier, Smith and the other narcotics officers crashed through the front.

Johnston got off one shot, the bullet missing her target and hitting a porch roof. The three narcotics officers answered with 39 bullets.

Five or six bullets hit the terrified woman. Authorities never figured out who fired the fatal bullet, the one that hit Johnston in the chest. Some pieces of the other bullets -- friendly fire -- hit Junnier and two other cops.

The officers handcuffed the mortally wounded woman and searched the house.

There was no Sam.

There were no drugs.

There were no cameras that the officers had claimed was the reason for the no-knock warrant.

Just Johnston, handcuffed and bleeding on her living room floor.

That is when the officers took it to another level. Three baggies of marijuana were retrieved from the trunk of the car and planted in Johnston's basement. The rest of the pot from the trunk was dropped down a sewage drain and disappeared.

The three began getting their stories straight.

The next day, one of them, allegedly Tesler, completed the required incident report in which he wrote that the officers went to the house because their informant had bought crack at the Neal Street address. And Smith turned in two bags of crack to support that claim.

They plotted how they would cover up the lie.

They tried to line up one of their regular informants, Alex White, the reliable snitch with the unreliable transportation.

The officers' story would be that they met with White at an abandoned carwash Nov. 21 and gave him $50 to make the buy from Neal Street.

To add credibility to their story, they actually paid White his usual $30 fee for information and explained to him how he was to say the scenario played out if asked. An unidentified store owner kicked in another $100 to entice White to go along with the play.

The three cops spoke several times, assuring each other of the story they would tell.

But Junnier was the first to break.

On Dec. 11, three weeks after the shooting, Junnier told the FBI it was all a lie.

Note: Junnier will face 10 years and one month and Smith 12 years and seven months. No sentencing date was immediately set, and the sentences are contingent on the men cooperating with the government. Arthur Tesler, also on administrative leave, was charged with violation of oath by a public officer, making false statements and false imprisonment under color of legal process. His attorney, William McKenney, said Tesler expects to go to trial.


New Studies Destroy the Last Objection to Medical Marijuana [link]
AlterNet. May 2, 2007.
New research on "vaporization" has demonstrated that all those fears about the ill effects of smoking marijuana are 100 percent obsolete.





2 May 2007 @ 22:49 by bushman : Ya,
to bad Americans like being the victums of thier own creation, too bad they were so weak that they had to hire mercinaries, there is no such thing as a peace officer these days, sure there are a few real cops, but Americans are pussys, they fear everything that gives back thier power. Those thugs are scum, in the color of law. Is ok, we knew it would happen, and now Americans feel alive when they beat people like slaves, and feel alive when they get beaten. I guess its the same reason I dont take pain meds for my back, I like the pain, it prooves to me Im alive. lol. We cant fight them or we become barbarians too, just let them kill maime and ruin lives, they wont have any good works to judge. It turns them on when we play the victum. It makes them spunk in thier pants just to hold thier baton firmly. :}  

3 May 2007 @ 04:58 by vaxen : Yes, bro...
the hills are sweet, though, with the sounds of silence. As you know, there is little silence in the forests at night. There are camps of Vets, however, that have been there for years and, I hope, other real people, too, who have left it all behind and a hearty good riddance.

Have you ever heard of the mountaion mens society? People who live the old mountain way and live in teepees etc., deep in the uninhabited places from here to Canada. Must be desert dwellers as well somewhere here in America.

Like the Beduin of the Empty Quarter of Il Saud, who refuse to give up the old ways for so called modern tech.

The 'modern state' is so afraid of us. Isn't that a shame? Thanks for your comments, bro. I, too, do my own chiropractic. I use a variety of techniques with hefty sticks I find in the forests which call out to me for use.

I can't spend a day out there without having a million and one sticks and stones, we have lots of gems around here, call out to me to take them back or with me. They work wonders on the body. Thus, no need for Doctors of anything. Have a lot of herbs and foodstuffs such as Rampions, dock, lambs quarters, game...

Easy to leave this old yucky system behind. But as Vibrani once said: A helicoper could find you. We'll see. They never have before. ;)  

3 May 2007 @ 06:36 by skookum : gawd thats awful
just when you think people stoop as low as they can..

they have to make sure they can surprise you  

3 May 2007 @ 14:20 by vaxen : The benefits
of Democracy. I call it Demonocracy. The Corporate State with all its' little murderers for hire. Can't tell people much of anything and history seems to repeat itself, though I can't be said to be a Toybeean by any means, still...

And Adolphs' party was brought to power by the likes of Wall Street Investment Banking concerns and US Standard oil of New Jersey, and lots of Jewish money too... ironic?

Same old game, same old spirits in new bodies. We need to end the old game and start a new one.

"The officers 'handcuffed' the mortally wounded woman and searched the house."

And no one seems to be up in ''arms'' about this. Arms? Brady bill. Thus... war war and more war. And the ones supplying the fiat currencies howl in derision at the endless stupidity of humanity.

Oh, but she just thought this all upon herself. Yup... and with that little word all is forgotten. Till the next time and the next time and the next time...

Aushvitz, Daschau, Treblinka, Jericho...  

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