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NO Space Wars!
Songs for Peace in Space
We're Planning a War in Space
by Holly Gwinn Graham

(Note: Sing the chorus whenever asterisks appear.)

Earth's population is getting out of hand, so
*We're planning a war in space!
We've got to keep 'em in control and under our command, so *
Ever since we found the atom could be split and used to kill,
We know if we don't build the bombs, some other bastards will,
And we know because we spy upon them all from Menwith Hill, *
The Air Force and the Pentagon are willing, come on...*
Too much damn democracy is chilling, so *

The ignorant taxpayers don't know what they have in store,
The powerful among us always want a whole lot more,
Dominance and capital are what we're fighting for, so *
To hell with the Space Peace Treaty, *
We'll fight Koreans, Iranians and Iraqis, so *
We can spend 6 billion in the blinking of an eye,
And never have to see the children as they drop and die,
We'll really pulverize 'em from our platform in the sky, *
We pledge allegiance to the country we love best
And to the ruling corporations.
Hail Microsoft, Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin's
Greater GNP than many struggling nations!
(Where do you stand? Where do you stand? Tell me who ya' love! x 3)

Stop being wussies for the Brotherhood of Man, *
Why do we do it? We do it 'cause we can, *
We've got the right-wing Congress groveling down upon its knees,
We want another billion, Mr. Secretary, please,
So what if Russia and if China know they're in a squeeze? *

We miss the Gipper so damn much, *
Thanks to Clinton, Star Wars threats abound though Gipper's out-of-touch, and *
We'll rule the earth from heaven with our lasers aimed below,
With Echelon and satellites there's nothing we won't know!
They'll do just what we tell 'em or up in flames they'll go, *

For Aerojet, Hughes Space and TRW, *
For Lockheed Martin, for Boeing and for NASA, *
We won't be free of CEOs when ruling from the skies.
The money-hungry shareholders have profits in their eyes.
They fire the whistleblowers when someone falsifies, *
Nobody does it like the country we love best
For the ruling corporations...
Calling out the SWAT teams and the riot police to guard 'em
From protestors at peaceful demonstrations!
(Who do ya' love? Who do ya' love? Tell me where you stand ! x3)

We're talking irreversible denial, *
With Full Spectrum Dominance our style, *
NRO demands a Space Force, ISR, EELV,
The GPS is ready, we don't want CTBT! *

We're working with 3rd rate science, *
For Nuke-Based Laser reliance, *
The Demonstrator's on its way though problems may be rife,
The Interceptors miss and can't be counted on in strife,
But what the hell, just fake the tests and have a job for life! *
We abrogate the ABM Treaty, because *
Who cares if the world is needy *
We need 100 billion for our anti-missile base,
And Bush is happy to continue putting it in place.
So what if we obliterate the whole human race?
We're planning a war! (What're we fighting for?) We're planning a War in Space!

© Holly Gwinn Graham 2000

NO Space Wars is a benefit CD produced for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, 2002.
All Copyrights are the property/responsibility of the artists.

NO Space Wars!
Songs for Peace in Space
No Nukes in the Arctic
Lyrics by Brad Stevens and music by WATERBOUND

The tundra is gorgeous but grows OH, so slowly!
A lesson so hard to be learned.
The poppies so yellow, the lichens so lowly,
if damaged, take years to return.

The long arctic summer is great for the garden,
grows prize-winning carrots and cukes,
grows just about anything you can imagine
but one things it won't grow is nukes

No nukes in the arctic, no nukes in the ocean,
don't put deadly lasers in space,
the Earth is too fragile for that kind of notion
let's keep it a peaceable place.

The permafrost remembers all those who cross it,
the ptarmigan and the reindeer,
so lets salute it, try not to pollute it,
it's been there for thousands of years.

Now people all over the country are saying
the arms race has gone much too far.
So let's send a message to those who are paying
our hard earned tax dollars on war.


The Inuit lived here for thousands of years,
and never took more than they needed.
Then we brought them "progress", disease, and TV;
their warnings to us went unheeded.

The Soviet factories belch out their smoke,
their acid rain poisons our lakes.
We must pay attention, it's really no joke,
There's more than the Arctic at stake


© Waterbound 2002

NO Space Wars is a benefit CD produced for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, 2002.
All Copyrights are the property/responsibility of the artists.






NEW! The Iranian nuclear crisis: a risk assessment. Sir John Thomson, former UK ambassador to the UN, argues that the West is staking everything on an outcome - the permanent or at least indefinite suspension of enrichment by Iran - which the Iranians see as contrary to their national interest and are determined to resist. He discusses three options for breaking the impasse: Mothballing, pilot plant and multilateral enrichment. 9 March 2007.

Defense Tech: PENTAGON STARTS SPACE WAR TRAININGPENTAGON STARTS SPACE WAR TRAINING. sbl.jpg Just in case you were wondering whether or not the Pentagon was really serious about knocking other countries' ... - 30k



There is an arms race in space, but so far the United States is the only country in the running—devoting millions to systems like the Common Aero Vehicle, which is envisioned as a “hypersonic glide vehicle” to “dispense conventional weapons, sensors and payloads worldwide from and through space within one hour” of being fired. In 2007 the Common Aero was given $33.4 million in funding. The Air Force has requested another $165 million for Multiple Kill Vehicles, seen by some as the preferred interceptor for a space-based missile defense. Countless other systems are also being funded, like the “Space Test Bed,” which will be allocated $48 million in 2008 to “begin to exploit the natural advantages of space systems and integrate them” into the missile defense systems.

Russia, China and India—which already have space interests—will try and catch up if the United States continues on the arc of militarizing space. Other countries that can’t compete in getting their own satellites and systems up in space will perfect methods of bringing ours down. As we militarize space, many of the space-dependent technologies and conveniences we take for granted—from weather reports to air traffic control, from cell phones to global shipping conveniences—will become vulnerable to attack.

In the Center for Defense Information’s analysis of the policy—titled “Contrasts and Contradictions”—they observe that:

by signaling to other nations that space is rapidly becoming a game of ‘every man for himself,’ rather than an environment that requires cooperation of all to ensure access by all, the U.S. undercuts 40 years of tradition that has kept competition in space to a dull roar and dampened drivers to conflict.

Got that? Please ACK or there won't be anything I can do for you. You'll become worm treat...

URL obfuscators
If you want (to hope) that your sysads don't know where you are surfing :-) ~ 62543 bytes
[A pleasure to play with, create synonyms for your preferred URLs]
Unfrozen3, by Glow Armageddon (glow(at)w3(point)to), beautiful small tool to obfuscate the URLs you are browsing to. "Hostname converter", must have for all those that prefer not to leak too explicit loggings... see PCHelp's essay How to Obscure Any URL for some explanations.


MP3Stego will hide information in MP3 files during the compression process. The data is first compressed, encrypted and then data hidden in the MP3 bit stream. Although MP3Stego has been written with steganographic applications in mind it might be used as a watermarking system for MP3 files. Any opponent can uncompress the bit stream and recompress it; this will delete the hidden information -- actually this is the only attack we know yet -- but at the expense of severe quality loss., source code, this program can easily be compiled. graphic interface by Frans Vyncke.

Whitespace steganography
The program snow is used to conceal messages in ASCII text by appending whitespace to the end of lines. Because spaces and tabs are generally not visible in text viewers, the message is effectively hidden from casual observers. And if the built-in encryption is used, the message cannot be read even if it is detected.

Snow, page at darkside

Snow, sources

Snow, 32-bit executable

This said, let me point out once more that if you really need absolute secrecy, the BEST "simple" privacy device is nowadays simply uploading and downloading PGP encrypted files while wardriving in a different part of the town with a portable *you bought cash* in another State, and that you use ONLY FOR THIS (of course spoofing its Wifi-MAC address, every time different, when wardriving :-)
But steganography will do almost as well, from home and without hassles :-)


The word steganography is derived from greek and means "coverted writing", from stegein: to cover... the same root as in Stegosaur, a quadrupedal, herbivorous ornithiscian dinosauar of Jurassic films celebrity and early Cretaceous times, well known for being quite 'covered' through an armor of triangular bony plates on his back spine.

Steganography is the art (and science) of communicating hiding THE EXISTENCE of communication, in contrast with cryptography. Ideally, your enemies, or those you are fighting against, or even your friends, should not even imagine that there IS a message concealed somewhere.
This very characteristic makes steganography the IDEAL science for hiding messages on the web, which is flooded by noise: non-significant data. Your whole passwords and everything you need can without any problem be hidden inside three or four 'fake' pages you'll have uploaded somewhere, with images like 'my sister Sally and her favourite banana fishes' or whatever.
You will download all fake images from the web (web homepages are a never ending source of incredibly dull lifes and fotographies :-), you will MODIFY them (the greatest risk for steganography is the confrontration between the 'original' image, without concealed message, and the 'steganated' image which contains a message, of course), and only after these modifications you will hide your concealed message inside them with one of the many programs ad hoc.

Basically, using steganography, you can smuggle ("embed") any file, or set of files inside a format ("cover" or "container") which leaves the smuggled data untraceable and unreadable ("stego": the final data containing both the cover noise and the embedded signal).


Be warned: you cannot trust all stego programs on the web, and you should definitely NEVER trust any software you do not possess (or re-construct) the source code of.
See the bangla section for more info on gratis software you can trust. If a security software does not explain how it works precisely, don't trust it for serious purposes. In general searchers love working with programs (and onto programs) they have been given the source code of (or else have "reconstructed" it on their own :-)

I'm sure therefore that you'll appreciate the presence of the source code for all these programs, this will also allow you, if you feel like working a little, instead of just leeching ad nauseam, to delve pretty deep inside all mysteries and vagaries of our applied and advanced steganography. Who knows, maybe hundreds of small new steganographical programs will blossom. Each one with a slight different embedding algo.
The NSA clowns, the Echelon wankers and all other slavemasters' lackeys will definitely love this :-)

Data and files can be hidden inside graphic files, inside music files, or even inside executables files, so we will divide the applications by cover.



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28 Jul 2007 @ 18:04 by Mango James @ : Sheesh...
Thought I'd give you a comment after viewing the subject matter and seeing that...the "New Civilization" apparently doesn't give a fuck! I'm sure they sell a lot of 'fuck' though...

Screw it and do NOT get dis-couraged by the mindless, heedless, rummies of this world...this world doesn't really exist. Find out what does and who you are. ;)  

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