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Bush’s Defeated Foe: US Civil Liberty

American liberties are the result of an 800 year struggle by the English people to make law a shield of the people instead of a weapon in the hands of government. For centuries English speaking peoples have understood that governments cannot be trusted with unaccountable power. If the Founding Fathers believed it was necessary to tie down a very weak and limited central government with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, these protections are certainly more necessary now that our government has grown in size, scope and power beyond the imagination of the Founding Fathers.

But, alas, "law and order conservatives" have been brainwashed for decades that civil liberties are unnecessary interferences with the ability of police to protect us from criminals. Americans have forgot that we need protection from government more than we need protection from criminals. Once we cut down civil liberty so that police may better pursue criminals and terrorists, where do we stand when government turns on us?

This is the famous question asked by Sir Thomas More in the play, A Man for All Seasons. The answer is that we stand naked, unprotected by law. It is an act of the utmost ignorance and stupidity to assume that only criminals and terrorists will stand unprotected.

Americans should be roused to fury that attorney general Alberto Gonzales and vice president Cheney have condemned the defense of American civil liberty as "a grave threat to US security." This blatant use of an orchestrated and propagandistic fear to create a "national security" wedge against the Bill of Rights is an impeachable offense.

Mark my words, the future of civil liberty in the US depends on the impeachment and conviction of Bush, Cheney, and Gonzales.

November 22, 2006

Paul Craig Roberts




23 Nov 2006 @ 13:43 by triggs : Complacent as ever
Its unfortunate that most Americans are happy as fuck to jump into servitude.
I just bought me a new house , I got me a new SUV, Im lookin good and I will never be free because my ass has been brain washed into thinkin this is it. I don't care about the world or civil liberties. Im going straight to MacDonals for a Big Mac and then Im going to go buy somthin on my credit card and with my minimum payment I will only be payin about fifteen time what its worth and of course I will never live long enough to pay for my house.

But now the financing on my SUV is killing my ass now that they outsourced my job and I got the IRS on my ass to boot because I wasnt able to catch up with them before my unemployment ran out and now after all these years payin interest on my morgage the IRS wants to sell it at an auction for a fraction of what I got into it. And all this time I thought I owned it.

Wait a minute who is the IRS the only thing that I was ever told about them is they must be paid they will ruin you, they will raid your home, they will inprison you, but who are they? What gives them the right? Who would ever agree to such a fuck up system? Taxes for what? We got a tax for everthing we could possible need, why do they want to put a meter on my labor? What do ya mean its for interest on the money we owe THE FEDERAL RESEVRE.

How did we ever get to a point were we owe them trillons? who the hell are they? Oh I see they print the money, that explains it... I guess all that finacial stuff is over my head any way I'm sure they aint corrupt they print in god we trust on all there shit, I guess god is just tryin to teach me a lesson now I feel guilty God did say only humans can be homeless he was right I guess.

All that religious shit is over my head to. I guess I rambled on long enough I better go get me a job and find a place to flop see if I can get back on my feet again squezze that dollar bill till that eeeeagle grins.
Peace To you vaxen. Tom


Heh, heh! Thanks Tom. There are some interesting 'tit-bits' that you might find interesting in my latest bog entry ''Thanksgiving Mashups.'' Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one even if it is a ''Government Holiday'' inspired by the early communists of Plymouth Rock! Inspired by them? Hardly! A history replete with lies and innuendos doth not a history make. See ya bro... don't give up the ship! ;) Well, only if you want to.

"Mark my words, the future of civil liberty in the US depends on the impeachment and conviction of Bush, Cheney, and Gonzales."  

23 Nov 2006 @ 14:12 by ashanti : Is there life on Mars?
Yeah well.
Anarchy = the absence of government.
Works quite well when the population is small.
Doesn't work so well when we are overpopulated.
Overpopulation = totalitarian goverment control.
The Wheel turns.
Then you get the {link:|Children of Men}.
Personally, I want off this planet. I think its pretty well much on its way out, now. It is past the Turning Point, too late to turn it around.


Ashanti! Wow it is nice to see you back if even for a moment. I miss your 'blog' and your insights. Hope all is well with you though the ''I want off this planet'' sounds about how I feel, too. We must never give up! Well, be that as it may though, perhaps, R2-45 is not my cup of tea there are a myriad of ways within which to leave the body. ;)

I do hope we will see more of you. All the best to you KB! Miss you...

Wow, thanks for the warm welcome. :-)
Yeah, sorry, just not into blogging or hanging out at places like this much these days. Involved in too much Stuff. Nice to visit your spot, tho. Oh never fear, the R2-45 aint' never an option I'd take. I just want to relocate to another planet. I went to Seoul a while ago, pretty interesting all round - stood in the de-militarized border zone. Bizarre. Running the "Berlin" engram. North Korea will do what China tells them to do, and China will do what their masters tell them to do, and so on. See, its just not convenient for the Yoo-Blighted-Slates to take on Korea, no financial gain to be had by that.

Hope you are well, very nice to find your perpetually renewing Blog still going, nice to still find you out here in this here corner of cyberspace as well.... xxxxxxxxxxx  

25 Nov 2006 @ 02:12 by bushman : Hmm,
I think the average persons that come here, pretty much want off this planet, not taking into account the many who still think we can clean this planet up and make it better, but, I for one, don't see this planet surviving to a point where man can truly take proper care of it. Mars sounds good, probably an easyer challenge than the imposable challenge we would be facing on this planet. Least the world population of humans plumeted to an all time low. Truth hurts.

Oh, I like the planet itself OK but the pseudo governmental systems coerced by the IMF etc., Central Banking, must be confronted and destroyed in favor of more co-operative, and beneficial to all, systems wherein the frail human-orgs transcend mutual destruction in favor of just such projects. Getting to Mars when the worlds peoples are enslaved, exploited, starved to death that a few may live in absolute dominance and luxury is a system better suited to beasts.

Mind controlled, television and other forms of 'braintrainment,' educational systems meant to dull down and inhibit the human beings natural proclivity to survival...

It could, and will, be different once people everywhere stop kow-towing to supposed authorities which are naught but legal fictions called into being for one purpose alone...

Thanks bushman for your comment. Hope all is well with you and yours.  

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