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This important online book invites the reader to look behind America's facade to see how Western Democracy really works!

The book presents overwhelming evidence that masquerading behind a democratic facade, an economic elite comprising less than 1% of the population is quietly and cunningly ruling America. Their immense wealth and power enable them to exercise so much control over the governmental process, that they effectively operate the country as a Feudal oligarchy. The book will leave little doubt that Government has been serving as a tool to subsidize and legitimize their exploitation of national and international resources, while legislative tax changes have left the nation with a Feudal wealth distribution system.

Presenting the evidence to substantiate this argument is not the main reason the book was written. Documenting the methods used by the elite to manipulate, control and exploit those with less money or power is the real purpose. At least 80% of the book is devoted to documenting their very effective methodology.

The cornerstones of American Society... Social Equality, Democracy, Justice, and Freedom of the Press are all reexamined closely to expose what is real, and what is carefully Serfdom & Feudalism!

Four of the five senators used by (pro-elite) Charles Keating of Lincoln Savings and Loan, to lobby on his behalf were also Democrats. The distinction is becoming progressively academic, and really only seems to matter when all the congressional showmen take part in the electoral farce every few years.

In Western Society, labor-oriented interests (whom the Congressional Democrats are supposedly representing) never truly ever get controlling power over their nation's destiny. Why not? because...

The economic elite exercise an operating control over the economy, the media, the legal profession, the military, the secret services, as well as the majority of congressmen to whom they provide campaign funding, no matter which party is in power.

Of course getting control means more than just winning a Presidential election, because the elite are as capable of using a Democratic president as a pawn for their purposes. The previous discussion of the Trilateral Commission under the topic of The Covert Takeover of America should have left no doubt about that. The infiltration by elected and appointed members of the government who swear allegiance to the Trilateral Commission makes it increasingly irrelevant which major party is seen to be in power at any given time.

Elections serve two main purposes. For the Republicans and Democrats alike, it is a time of arranging future rewards for the lower echelon business communities in return for their support. Secondly, they are festive events to cleverly create a happy atmosphere in which to reinforce the illusion that America functions as a democracy.

It is at least theoretically possible for labor oriented interests to "get control" of the government, but important changes would be required first. Legislation would have to be introduced to eliminate the campaign support dependency of candidates and to cut the ties between politicians and the media. Without doing both of these, the job cannot be accomplished.

The level to which the elite have succeeded in their control of both politics and the public mind, is attested to by the fact that few people see anything wrong with a political democracy that would elect as President, a Hollywood actor who made a career of memorizing scripts and parroting them back, ...followed by the ex-head of a secret service.

When George Orwell wrote "1984", it was the elite who took the most notes.

As long as big money effectively determines how the country is run, and even who rules the country, democracy will exist in name only. Through their influence over both the elected and appointed politicians, the low profile economic elite quietly dictate new policy and legislation that support their national and international business ventures. The Trilateral Commission provides a clear and excellent example of how such control is exercised. Members of the elite make international deals such as loans and economic co-ventures with the elite of 2nd and 3rd World countries like South Africa, Panama, El Salvador, etc., and then manipulate the people's representatives into adopting foreign policy that supports and protects their interests. The ethical and moral reputation of the American people is compromised when the deals involve the world's dictators and human right's violators.

Increasingly, the tail is wagging the dog.

International foreign policy is being shaped in response to lobbying by the multinational corporate body. Government has taken on the role of acting as an extension of the legal department of the corporate world. As well as successfully maneuvering it's members directly into powerful positions in the White House, the Trilateral Commission simply includes among its membership anyone whose help it needs. The Webster's dictionary definition of Feudalism stands as a reminder for those who still think objectively: ...3: control by an entrenched minority esp. for its own benefit : social, political, or economic oligarchy.

Let there be no uncertainty about the following:

Attaining a proper democracy will require much work, and maintaining it will require even greater vigilance.

To refer to the existing hoax as Government of the people, for the people, and by the people, ...borders on the absurd.

Possible Corrective Actions 1) Install a More Democratic Election Process In order to prevent the economic elite from controlling the outcome of elections as a result of their financial power and subsequent influence, consider the following election system.

Let's say a country wished to elect a government of 100 elected members.

To eliminate the theatrics and monetary waste involved in current election campaigns, and to prevent any party from requiring or in fact being helped unfairly by contributions from the economic elite, put all parties on an equal footing. First have each party prepare a platform which makes clear its stand on all the key issues of the day, and let the platforms be debated first nationally by relevant party authorities, and then exhaustively in local public forums. A fund of money from taxes would be set aside for televised interparty debates concerning the merits and flaws of each others platform planks. At party election time, have the party's previous contributions to society posted for all to see. Make each political party prepare a written platform that if elected will stand as a matter of record.

Then at each polling booth let the people initially vote for a PARTY (and its platform), ...instead of for a candidate. After a party is chosen by the most per capita votes in the country, the respective number of members of each party are determined by the relative ratio of total votes received. By electing a party by the number of per capita votes, the abuse of gerrymandering would be eliminated.

Let money from taxes, necessary to elect the 100 candidates, be then divided among the winning parties accordingly, to cover the cost of electing their members. The respective parties would then hold elections to field the appropriate number of candidates nationally. In other words, if one party received ten percent of the country vote, then that party had the right to elect it's ten candidates. Only those who had originally registered as voting members of that particular party would then be eligible to vote in the secondary "candidate" elections.

At CANDIDATE election time, have the candidates' previous contributions to the community, be posted for all to see. Make each political candidate prepare a written statement regarding his stand on the key issues of the day. If elected it would stand as a matter of record. Then each party would elect their representatives.

Once in power, the incoming party then has the right, not the obligation to replace ministers holding portfolios.

Ensure that a minister only holds a portfolio for which he has special qualifications and training.

Elected politicians should be considered ineligible unless they have a history of community service as opposed to economic self- service. This should be just as mandatory a condition for the unelected appointees.

Slowly elevate the role of elected official to a position of honor and respect by making the penalties socially devastating for serious abuse of public trust. Influencing peddling, at least 10 years.

Serious abuses of public trust by a President or Attorney General should carry a 10 year minimum sentence, not merely impeachment. Let's get rid of the Divine Right of Kings once and for all.

Strip a convicted elected official of his special pension rights. ************************************

And last but not least, it may come as a shock to some Americans, but:

In a real DEMOCRACY, its leader would not be able to veto the wishes of the elected majority.

The scandalous hoax being perpetrated on the American people by a mere handful of their most cunning, and I might add most respected citizens, is of epic proportions. So, before we go any further it would be beneficial to expose the hoax that makes all other hoaxes possible, ...Manipulation Of The Mass Media.




9 Oct 2006 @ 00:16 by triggs : absolutely
Take the money out of politics!


Destroy the elite 1% and reclaim all that stolen wealth redistributing it back to the real people of this country. Now along the pike comes the North American Union! Do you not see a pattern here? Hope you read the whole book and begin to glean some real insight into what these wretches are doing to the world... the 1% who have stolen most all the wealth of Nations and have turned this planet into a slave planet...

Their methods must be understood and they must be challenged eveywhere! They will be found to be the most wretched of human beings if that indeed is what they are...

Thanks Tom...  

9 Oct 2006 @ 19:56 by vaxen : The Money Hoax...
Instantiating a real money system not based on FRAUD, not based on eternal debt, taking the money making power out of the hands of 'government (look what they did with it!)...' Now, there is no real money! that's the big HOAX! Endless debt! Sweet dopr those creating ''money'' out of thin air and via their chicanery grabbing up everything in site!

Giving the ''locals'' shiny plastic promises then charging interest! Out and out thievery is what the 'money systems' practitioners are and have been practicing! Get rid of the central banks and the wretches that run them worldwide!

THE RICHEST 1 (ONE) PERCENT OF AMERICANS possess more wealth than

How did that happen? Fairly, via equal opportunity for everyone? Hardly!  

9 Oct 2006 @ 23:03 by freo7 : HOAX of USA perpetrated Democracy
TO BE EXACT, and & ~AMEN!!!!!!! I am, after all, the reincarnation of ZENO of ALANO, Greece - who was known as The Father of Actual Democracy. You know, with a basis of intelligence and actual education (rather than commercial brainwashing = The Trained To Consume) and with the highest good of all participants as the actual ethic.

LET US FOCUS on what CAN be our experience of government come October 17, 2006 and let us DO IT = FOCUS for just 17 hours each in our own time zones. SO MOTE IT BE!

*WAIT A MINUTE, that can't be...In this life I AM THE NOW Generation!!! LOL!!!

OK forget all of the above and let's just do this right NOW!!!  

10 Oct 2006 @ 03:57 by triggs : I'm thinkin revolution!
Thanks vaxen for posting this all to important free online reading.
I have added the link to my site. It is precisly this kind of information that needs to be promoted.
If you are one of the elitist (one percenters) and you are reading this comment know that we consider you swine. How comfortable do you need to be in your disfunction?

10 Oct 2006 @ 04:25 by jobrown : Here guys
: /// Check this out!
America's Collective
Delusion Must Endure:
Domestic Genocide Of
An Economic Nature
By Jason Miller

There's -of course- a lot I could say here... but not much that I haven't already iterated and re-iterated a thousand times in my a little more than two years on NCN, so.... You know I am all with you!

10 Oct 2006 @ 04:43 by triggs : Astrid
Now Im totally depressed, but I will be adding that link to my site as well!!
Thanks, Tom  

10 Oct 2006 @ 05:25 by jobrown : Oh., Tom!....
...what did I say to make you feel so depressed??? ... What ever it was, I take it right back now! Does it make you feel any better, eh? : )
Here is a site about Economics, that we really need to give a lot more attention! If we do all these things we need to -on all frontlines ,heheheh ... --an' there's only a few gazillion of those,huh?...sigh!... --then this is what Life (and Mother Nature) will do for us in return -as it were: "... Du ska få en Dag imorgon, som ljus och öppen står...."

.... but for now; this is where it's at!
// Bb A-d  

10 Oct 2006 @ 05:41 by vaxen : Knowledge...
Empowerment will come through confronting the purveyors of deceit. That can only be done by networking, albeit secretly, and accepting the challenges being laid out for us by those who are destroying free spiritual beings everywhere on this planet. The fault is not with this government alone for they are but pawns of a greater evil. Accepting the mantel which will lead to victory over these dark forces isn't easy for it is so much easier to accept the lie...

But, you must never give up! Not even after we have won for the price of freedom truly is 'eternal vigilance.' Let us, then, get the message out to those for whom it is meant that they/we might be empowered to live above and beyond the lie that is so tempting; till you see its' real face...

Thankyou all for your comments. Realising that you are not alone, Tom et al, may mean the difference between opting out and continuing on into the light of eternal victory! Depression is not allowed! ;)

Another link from the site that A-d so lovingly lent us:

Jason Miller is a wage slave of the American Empire who has freed himself intellectually and spiritually. He writes prolifically, his essays have appeared widely on the Internet, and he does volunteer work for a homeless shelter. He welcomes constructive correspondence at or via his blog, Thomas Paine's Corner, at  

10 Oct 2006 @ 10:05 by triggs : Im ok astrid
It was just the image provoked, reading about the poor homeless being attacked as they sleep. Yes Vaxen network,network,network until the whole world knows....  

11 Oct 2006 @ 04:30 by koravya : Srep by Step
Took the opportunity to share this article with my 17 students in
our class in World Cultures and Globalization this evening.
They are not surprised.
They just don't know what to DO.

17 Oct 2006 @ 09:51 by jazzolog : Follow The Money
but what good will it do if most of our tax dollars now sit in private offshore accounts? Fraudulent, based on nothing or not, money is what we believe it is. It can be shells, feathers, stones...but it must be important enough for the buccaneers to steal. If there is a shift in political power of some sort with this election, should they create some new monetary system by which to rebuild the country's social infrastructure? Thanks for the work you do Vax, to get us to the heart of the matters.  

28 Nov 2006 @ 16:03 by jobrown : Oooohhhh, Jazzo!......
Your comment here (above) just squuuuezed the Compassion Compartment of my Heart! Aaahhh....
"Fraudulent, based on nothing or not, money is what we believe it is. It can be shells, feathers, stones...but it must be important enough for the buccaneers to steal."

Ooohhh boy! You really nailed the "Whole Thing" to the very bottom line!
I will not talk for Vaxen and his Message ( which IS very similar to mine, but from another angle... -you know; the Classic two ends of the Elephant ). I will only share only what I have come to understand: Their Fraudulent money is the TOOL/MEANS they use to get to y/our (Life)ENERGY/Creativity and TIME! You/we all work FOR them, because we think that in so doing we are working for the highest good of all humanity/and especially our own Community. That COULD be the case, BUT IT ISN'T -certainly not any longer! ( and haven't been for a long , long time; like the last 6000 years or so!... ^!^ ).
The bottom line is, that the minute you/we KNOW from the core of our being that "I" and only "I" am thee Authority for me to me /my life as long as I conduct my life in as absolute harmony as possible with the Golden Rule, ONLY "I" can decide how and where I use my Creativity to fulfill my life's Needs & Promptings!
The TRUTH is that God/Life/Universe/The Great Spirit (whatever Name is your choice) makes Itself known every single second of y/our entire life THROUGH the Mental/Emotional; Inner Faculties you/we came with. These Life Skills are literally BUILT-IN and meant to be used for/in y/our life, not to further the indulgencies of the most selfish /least creative of all humans on Earth; the so called "elite" people!!!

Because these people have replaced their own life creativity ( to be used by them in their life) with cruel, canniving, sly methods to lure that from Everone and Everything OUTSIDE of them instead, they think that them being slier than 'you' makes them somehow "elite"!..... It doesn't!
The reason why any human ever have even believed (in) them is because we all originally were born trusting -including them!.... just that their trust in Life's goodness was destroyed very early on and very intentionally & methodically by their Up-bringers! This does NOT make a person "elite" -to be catered to at evey instance even to the detriment of y/our life! This is the Naked Truth we all have to arrive at.
This is where they placed the Money-Smokescreen SCAM ( along with a few -thousand-other like the "Religions", "Democracy" etc ) to dupe us from seeing the sadness of their own plague.

So many wonderful people here on NCN already are in the process of taking their own Power back (started to using these God-given faculties & skills in WHATEVER Workplace they have. ( the Work PLACE is only the physical "STAGE" for one's Life Performance -as it were/ as I see it.)
But they are AWARE OF to first and foremost serve their fellow human, who needs assistance in re-gaining the God-powers, instead of working to ease the indulgences of the abusers; the so called Employers.
And once at this point in their/our own "Taking our long-lost Powers back-process," we very soon run into the need of Vaxen's Knowledge and Wisdom!...coz' without that Next Step, we stifle our Life Energies AGAIN!... So we'd better listen to what heis sharing/showing the way (to ever MORE LIFE! )

Jazzo, I so wish I could just hug you for your "nakedness" and sincere exclamation (of defeat& despair; mixed into this ugly "soup " we call 'confusion').
I have right now two really good little articles posted on Blueboy/s Blog today; "Not Ballots" /// "Not Bullets" these are written by and for people, in the/ir Awakening-Back-To-Real-Life-Process; the Place where hopefully more & more of us will be -more for each passing day, growing like the proverbial snowball/avalanche.

Look at this link (very carefully!) as it gives clues for a better more Democratic -if and in places where "democratic" stands for a more FAIR way to treat ALL- way to do "the Money thing" plus more! : )  

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