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Bill Clinton's Cocaine Habit
by J. Orlin Grabbe

In the mid-1980s when I began developing and selling software to security firms and investment banks, I quickly discovered that the use of cocaine was pervasive in those environments. This was perhaps not surprising in a context of relatively young people making a lot of money in high-pressure jobs. But even in this free-for-all atmosphere, it was easy to distinguish between those that had a problem and those who didn't: two lines at a weekend party was not a problem; two lines to start off every working day was. (The day's consumption wouldn't stop with the two lines.)

At the same time over in Arkansas, Governor Bill Clinton did not have a problem, according to sources in an excellent position to know. His cocaine use was recreational, even if there was an occasional bash.

The same cannot be said regarding Clinton's coke consumption today. Both White House and other (medical) sources confirm that President Clinton uses "five plus" lines of cocaine a day. I do not know how big Clinton's lines are, but that amount would not be enough to make him a menace to society if he were an average Joe. But it is certainly enough to seriously affect his judgment and make him, in the office of the Presidency, a distinct risk to the security of the United States. It is also enough to destroy his nasal septum, as was pointed out to him on a recent visit to Bethesda Naval Hospital.

(Did coke-inspired hubris bring about all that talk about having Craig Livingstone go the way of Vince Foster? Or is someone else in the White House responsible for this?)

Mr. President, it is time for you to resign for unspecified "medical reasons" and to deal with your coke habit away from the official business of the United States.

August 9, 1996, will be the 22nd anniversary of the resignation of Richard Nixon. (He presented his resignation to the Secretary of State at 11:30 a.m., according the handwritten notation of Henry Kissinger.)

Surely, Mr. President, you can outdo Mr. Nixon, and make your resignation effective well before August 9.

July 3, 1996


Sam Donaldson Quotes Clinton Press Secretary Mike McCurry

On the David Brinkley TV show aired Sunday, September 15, Sam Donaldson stated that rumors were flying in Washington over the hidden item in Clinton's medical records. Donaldson repeated the evasive but unwittingly revealing reply given by White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry in justifying this secrecy on Clinton's records. He claimed that Clinton had not revealed his complete medical records because it would be "embarrassing." Sensing his poor choice of words (for Clinton), McCurry hurriedly changed that word to "confidential."

Compounding McCurry's blunder, Clinton immediately released a statement claiming to have taken both an AIDS and venereal disease test. Conspicuously absent from the long list of diseases not afflicting Clinton was DRUG ADDICTION AND RELATED ILLNESSES. We now know that the problem is one caused only by cocaine!

Clinton's Arkansas Was an Atmosphere of Cocaine Use

First Brother Roger Clinton and Arkansas political kingpin Dan Lasater both served time in prison for trafficking in cocaine. A banker and key Clinton backer, Lasater was pardoned by Gov. Clinton after serving a fraction of his sentence. Roger Clinton was arrested in the rotunda of the Arkansas State Capitol during Clinton's first term as governor. Many independent sources confirm that Governor Bill himself had "a nose like a vacuum cleaner" when it came to cocaine.

It is known (and reported in this paper) that Clinton's Arkansas was awash in cocaine brought in from Central America in the 1980's. Much of this was flown in by a pilot named Barry Seal. After federal authorities nabbed him for drug trafficking, he became a DEA informant. He also worked for the CIA in flying weapons from the Mena, Arkansas airport to the Contras in Nicaragua. Despite his work with the feds, he returned to cocaine importation. Seal's luck ran out and he was assassinated by Columbian hit men at the Baton Rouge federal halfway house while serving his sentence.


Americans Have a Right to Know if a SICK MAN is in the White House!

In 1945, Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office, after election to a fourth term in 1944. Had his medical records been known, this dying man could never have been elected. Prior to this, it was known that Woodrow Wilson was physically and mentally incapacitated in the last months of his term. For these reasons, it has been the policy that all serious candidates for public office release their medical records. Every one of them has - EXCEPT CLINTON!

During the 1992 presidential race, Clinton likewise refused to divulge his medical records. Bob Dole, age 73, has revealed his and is in good health. Dole has asked that Clinton do the same - but he has refused! We now know the reason why.

Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris told him that his red nose was a distraction. Clinton said he was trying to correct this. Clinton has refused to reveal the X-rays of his throat - perhaps because this would likewise reveal the ravages of cocaine! Could this explain his normally hoarse voice?

If the Republicans are serious about bringing the House of Clinton down, they should make this the Number One issue TODAY! They should directly ask him if this new information ion his "perforated septum" is caused by his well-documented use of cocaine. Our Washington source tells us this is the answer to the mystery.

It is the duty of every American who wishes to see a decent, respectable, law abiding, person in the White House to spread the word to your friends and neighbors. Clinton is a COCAINE USER who has suffered physical damage as a result of his reckless conduct. Inquiring millions want to know! THIS DANGEROUS AND MEGALOMANIACAL CHARACTER MUST BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE!


t is known (and reported in this paper) that Clinton's Arkansas was awash in cocaine brought in from Central America in the 1980's. Much of this was flown in by a pilot named Barry Seal. After federal authorities nabbed him for drug trafficking, he became a DEA informant. He also worked for the CIA in flying weapons from the Mena, Arkansas airport to the Contras in Nicaragua. Despite his work with the feds, he returned to cocaine importation. Seal's luck ran out and he was assassinated by Columbian hit men at the Baton Rouge federal halfway house while serving his sentence.

The daily press has just recently picked up on this. Black leaders and congressmen have demanded an investigation of CIA links to cocaine and its cheap derivative, crack, that suddenly flooded Black neighborhoods beginning in the early 1980's. Many believe that this is ultimately what happened to the vast quantities of dope brought through Mena, Arkansas. Bill Clinton was fully aware of this secret operation, telling state trooper bodyguard L.D. Brown, "That's Lasater's deal."


Who said,"Gotta get some for my brother. He's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner!"



Even before ex-President Bill Clinton lost the Arkansas governorship in 1980, he was a "recreational user" of cocaine. But the defeat after just two years in office sent him into a "real tailspin," prompting the future president to commence a cocaine habit of "significant proportions."

More shocking still is the element of violence - whether realized or merely threatened - that has played a consistent role in Bill Clinton's political campaigns going back to 1974.

Those were the blockbuster allegations leveled Saturday night by noted historian and award-winning presidential biographer Roger Morris, whose 1996 best seller "Partners in Power" remains perhaps the best account of Bill Clinton's formative years and early political career in Arkansas.



Tragically, the cocaine-baby program, which was clearly saving lives, was effectively shut down by the Clinton administration. Under the president's direction, a swarm of federal officials came to Charleston making unfounded allegations of discrimination and accusing the hospital of violating the "privacy rights" of the addicted mothers. The Clinton administration warned us that a private civil-rights suit was pending, and threatened to cut off $54 million in federal assistance, or about 60 percent of the facility's annual budget. Last year, the hospital finally relented, ending the successful intervention program.

Now, once again, the babies cry out in agony. And once again, hospital staff with no legal recourse must watch pregnant women knowingly cause neurological damage to their unborn children. MUSC nurse Shirley Brown expressed the frustration eloquently: "You just have to sit around with your hands tied and watch them destroy a baby." Indeed she is right. If this is what President Clinton has in mind when he calls for a return to individual and community responsibility, then this administration faces a profound moral crisis.



In part one of this article, we examined a CIA-supervised
cocaine smuggling operation based during the '80s in Mena, Arkansas. We also detailed evidence of then-Governor Clinton's role in supressing evidnce, mishandling federal funds, even blocking a congressional level investigation into the affair. While Clinton's at-least tacit role in the Mena cover-up continues to this day (he has yet to authorize any investigation into the charges), behind the scenes are highly secretive, quasi-independent elements within the US intelligence community who are handling the actual machinery. In a high level deal between the National Security Council and the Medellin cartel, millions of dollars were paid to Felix Rodriguez, the CIA's commander at El Salvador's Ilopango Air Base, and others (including Manuel Noriega) in exchange for access to the CIA pipeline for Medellin cocaine. In this conclusion, we examine the secret network which laundered the Mena drug money. We also find that these same covert bankers, with close ties to BCCI, financed Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign. [It should be noted that since the publication of part one, this writer has learned that Buddy Young was appointed by Pres. Clinton to head the Dallas Regional Office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Young was Governor Clinton's chief of security, and the man who framed Terry Reed for trying to quit the Mena operation. FEMA, of course, is the agency empowered to sieze control of the country in the event of martial law.]

There is one estimate that Barry Seal ran as much as $100 million worth of cocaine a month--$1.2 billion a year--through the Mena airbase.



Witnesses Say Clinton & Brother Roger Used Drugs
These are all charges against Clinton for which there is solid evidence and can be used to impeach him as proposed by Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia. There are other even more serious allegations which should be investigated. They include former Clinton mistress and Little Rock TV talk show hostess Sally Perdue and State Trooper, L.D. Brown. They both charge that Clinton was a regular user of marijuana. Also, Sharlene Wilson worked at Clinton's favorite Little Rock nightclub, Le Bistro. She says that in 1979 she sold cocaine to Bill Clinton's brother Roger when they were both seated at a table in the club. Sally Perdue says that Clinton would smoke as many as three marijuana cigarettes over a two hour period. She also saw Clinton use cocaine and said: "He had all the equipment laid out, like a real pro."

State Sen. Jack McCoy, a Democrat and Clinton supporter, said that there was blatant drug use in the Arkansas state capitol building from 1978 to 1980 while Clinton was governor. He added:"I can remember going into the Governor's conference room once and it reeked of marijuana." Roger Clinton was convicted of dealing in drugs and was sent to prison. Bill Clinton obtained cocaine from Barry Seal who was a major drug smuggler. Seal was on contract with the CIA to fly arms out of the small Mena, Arkansas airport to the Contras in Nicaragua. On the return flight he woulld bring back cocaine. Seal was later assassinated by drug kingpins while finishing a sentence at a prison halfway house in Baton Rouge, La. This murder has never been solved.



Mainstream press reports surfaced in the early 1990’s that during the previous decade less than a dozen countries had weapons-grade nuclear components; but by the end of George H. W. Bush’s presidency, over 38 countries were reported to possess nuclear materials such as uranium.

Leonard Millman’s Citicorp Bank subsidiary was given a $2.5 billion dollar EPA cleanup contract to move uncontaminated dirt—the so-called missing uranium scattered over the Colorado countryside, reminiscent of Bush crime family profiteering on the front end and back end of wars.

Darlene Novinger’s report and investigation was dubbed by the FBI as “Operation Nimbus;” but the entire operation and her reports dealing with Jamaican drug operations linked to current Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the Dallas, Texas E-Systems Corporation, shadow government operations at Homestead Air Force Base and Colonel Oliver North’s Pier 66 drug cartel imports into Miami never saw the light of day.

The entire evidence was covered up by Novinger’s FBI superiors and delivered to the Redwood City, California government archives facility, which U.S. intelligence agents affectionately call “the government paper-shredder.”

Get your kicks on Pier 66


And you do the math, yourself, as to the Character, or lack thereof, of this man who so many dullards seem to worship. Why do you think that he was impeached? Because of his good works? Oh, the rabbit hole goes deep, very deep, on this one.



12 Apr 2006 @ 01:56 by vibrani : I'm sure
with open heart surgery, continual doctor's check-ups and other medical procedures, Clinton using coke would be easily noticed and the press would have a field day. He couldn't survive all of that being on coke! If you saw Clinton in person, you'd know this is not a man high on coke. What nonsense. As for being impeached - he had oral sex and lied about it. Wow.


Sorry, lady, but it went a helluva lot deeper than that. You need schoolin... ;) Oh, and BTW you might be interested in his Medical Records from Bethesda. Me? I could really care less. None of them have any power over me and I wish them all the best. 3 times and you're out...or so the story goes. His use is a matter of White House Record. Oh, but then you aren't in the OSS are you? ;)  

12 Apr 2006 @ 02:28 by vibrani : Clinton
Clinton is very centered, focused, calm, relaxed. He speaks clearly and intelligently. You don't go from one public forum to another using coke, maintain your sanity and ability to function, to do what he does and the effort that requires, and not be greatly noticed for doing so. No way. He'd fry himself. I'm sure not going to use your sources as any proof of it. If he used coke in the past, I can't say as I wasn't there. Were you? I don't think so.


He did fry himself or rather the white lady fried his 'brain.' But coke is good...I am not at all against its' use, even by a CEO. There is plenty of it to go around and it has been used by Shamen for thousands of years as an energizer. Perus' numero uno export is cocaine leaf tea. You can get some from Aphrodisia Herb 'Company' in New York City. New York City!? Besides, he's a very well trained asset, able to handle himself under extreme duress. Besides:

"At the same time over in Arkansas, Governor Bill Clinton did not have a problem, according to sources in an excellent position to know. His cocaine use was recreational, even if there was an occasional bash."  

12 Apr 2006 @ 04:16 by frank4zen : and
so what?


Heh, heh...yeah. You must be Jewish Fran? ;) It doesn't seem to matter to those countless Americans who have sold their sovereignty to become chattel (so very remeniscent of Caine and Abel,) eh? For security? The STRAWMAN is the debtor. If you ever want to play the commerce game you've got to get your 'dummy corporation' back! You must become the 'holder in due course' ... not the Treasurey!

Heh, heh ... ah, The secret way of liberty! I love it!  

12 Apr 2006 @ 04:23 by frank4zen : George W. Bush is a liar
George W. Bush is a liar. He has lied large and small, directly and by omission. His Iraq lies have loomed largest. In the run-up to the invasion, Bush based his case for war on a variety of unfounded claims that extended far beyond his controversial uranium-from-Niger assertion. He maintained that Saddam Hussein possessed "a massive stockpile" of unconventional weapons and was directly "dealing" with Al Qaeda--two suppositions unsupported then (or now) by the available evidence. He said the International Atomic Energy Agency had produced a report in 1998 noting that Iraq was six months from developing a nuclear weapon; no such report existed (and the IAEA had actually reported then that there was no indication Iraq had the ability to produce weapons-grade material). Bush asserted that Iraq was "harboring a terrorist network, headed by a senior Al Qaeda terrorist planner"; US intelligence officials told reporters this terrorist was operating ouside of Al Qaeda control. And two days before launching the war, Bush said, "Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised." Yet former deputy CIA director Richard Kerr, who is conducting a review of the prewar intelligence, has said that intelligence was full of qualifiers and caveats, and based on circumstantial and inferential evidence. That is, it was not no-doubt stuff. And after the major fighting was done, Bush declared, "We found the weapons of mass destruction." But he could only point to two tractor-trailers that the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency had concluded were mobile bioweapons labs. Other experts--including the DIA's own engineering experts--disagreed with this finding.

But Bush's truth-defying crusade for war did not mark a shift for him. Throughout his campaign for the presidency and his years in the White House, Bush has mugged the truth in many other areas to advance his agenda. Lying has been one of the essential tools of his presidency. To call the forty-third President of the United States a prevaricator is not an exercise of opinion, not an inflammatory talk-radio device. Rather, it is backed up by an all-too-extensive record of self-serving falsifications. While politicians are often derided as liars, this charge should be particularly stinging for Bush. During the campaign of 2000, he pitched himself as a candidate who could "restore" honor and integrity to an Oval Office stained by the misdeeds and falsehoods of his predecessor. To brand Bush a liar is to negate what he and his supporters declared was his most basic and most important qualification for the job.


Yeah, but then who cares? Well, I for one do. Obviously, with all the ad-hominem attacks on the mans person lots of others seem to as well. I wish him well. Again...they have no power over us. We put them here, we put them there, and we polish up our crowns and we sit upon our thrones and we lay claim to our ancient rights of sovereignty guaranteed by us to us. Even his redemption draweth nigh...if he could but see how he is being used...and lay claim to his own sovereignty. But then he works for a foreign power. So be it...Let us prey. ')

cf: UCC-1 and Security Agreement.

Here's a fun, relevant, site...frank. Please check it out when you've the time:

Here's a toast, then, to that Wolfs-head of old Nottingham's shire!
(Actually twas more up Yorkshire way, but Mythos is Mythos, and of the herren-volk. May their burdens be mine!) ;)

Now, children, repeat after me: "I Am a Sovereign Political Power Holder."

I am the holder in due course of my STRAWMAN Corporation and do rebut their claim with my Affidavit of truth, my long bow bright, and my mighty arm!

Das Verbotene Thema
Le Sujet Interdit
Carpe Libertatem!

Apostille and Cancellatura  

12 Apr 2006 @ 06:39 by vibrani : Funny how
I attempt to justify whatever I say however I want to - talk about myths.


A little less 'ad hominem' and a lot more 'sticking to the subject' just might get you somewhere...  

23 Feb 2007 @ 21:56 by Gina @ : First Comment "I'm Sure"
People really do think they know a person because they see them on television or they voted for them. People really do believe that official records can't be dummied up. People really do think that if the average Joe really could get a hold of Clinton's records that the part about drug use wouldn't be blacked out for "reasons of National Security". PR groups can work miracles polishing up anyone's dirt. Be smart and realize you don't know shit when it comes to politicians!  

24 Feb 2007 @ 04:22 by vaxen : Hahahaha
We know that about them, Gina...

Hahahahaha Thanks. ;)  

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