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The Plan

The current state of the economy is not the result of 9/11. The events are tied together in an odd way, but the war on the US economy began earlier and has nothing to do with terrorists, arabs, oil or the middle east.

Let me back up. It has been the stated agenda of the globalists to slowly squeeze the US economy for the last 50 years. This served two purposes: first, it provided trillions of dollars for all their other projects worldwide, and second it blurred the distinction between our formerly free economy and the planned economies of the collectivists. The goal was to peacefully merge the US into a coming totalitarian world government. Our economy had to be constricted by pointless regulations, lottery lawsuits, confiscatory taxation and runaway government waste, so that the shock would not be too great when we all became one happy family.

Then came the technology revolution. The US became the world's leading exporter of intellectual property and the vast new enterprises seemed to defy all the old logic. They lacked armies of easily controlled union employees, they were often run by persons not from the traditional elite "masters of the universe" prep schools, and they empowered many commoners to rise above their class and become rich enough almost overnight to become "sovereign individuals".

The tech revolution presented a paradox to the would be tyrants. On one hand it provided all kinds of new toys, which could be used to surveille and subjugate the masses. On the other, many of these same technologies presented a direct threat to traditional power bases. Plus way to many peasants were getting rich, rich enough to stop slaving away for the man.

Then came the internet. Suddenly all these trends went into hyper drive. Twenty-year-old dropouts were becoming multi millionaires. Much more ominously for the Beast, this new technology allowed anyone to communicate with everyone else. In less than a year the World Wide Web shattered their carefully built monopoly on news and publishing. Suddenly the serfs were able to publish their anti government rants and everyone could read them. Next came the perception that all the traditional multinational oligopies were about to be unseated by upstart dotcoms run by nobodies (or at least nobody under the control of the machine)

This had to be stopped. The strategy used was borrowed from the crash of '29. First pump the market into overdrive with easy money and nonstop stories of secretaries and average investors becoming billionaires. Then pull out the rug. The brush off came in march of 2000. In one month all of the institutional money left the Nasdaq. The market dropped from almost 6000 to below 3000, with all the remaining stock being held by the poor marks. The rest of the year and up to the present has been the slow agony of all these individual investors finally giving up hope of a rebound and selling at huge losses. The other symptom of the excess which preceeded the crash was that thousands of major corporations had to resort to fuzzy accounting and bizarre measures to measure up to the dotcom miracles. The price for these excesses has not even yet been fully seen.

The next card ready to fall is the derivative implosion. I will not explain it in detail in this post, but the short story is that derivatives are financial instruments, which allow (non club) banks and other investment players to gamble on trends in the market. When the boom was going derivative bets made on the markets going up yielded fantastic returns. So lots of these bets were made. Estimates range widely but it seems at least $20 Trillion were made by publicly trading US financial institutions. These bad gambles are about to be called. This will be the final coup de grace for the embattled US economy. They have managed to forestall it so far, but expect it soon.

The loose connection to 911 comes from a look at the goal of 911. The US intelligence services have been aware of the threats posed by radical islam for years. After all, they created or at least egged on these threats. Remember that the CIA created Al Quaeda in the 80's. Our policies have been specifically crafted to push the islamics into this fight. Yet our media shielded the masses from these facts and the growing threats they represented until after all the other pieces were in place. After the economy had been crushed, the internet dethroned, and all their new technology was in place, it was time to move.

Whether there was active collusion by the globalists in the 911 attacks or they just knew they could count on Osama and the boys to deliver, there is no doubt that the event has been leveraged to the hilt. The constant drum beating and terror alerts have further destabilized an economy teetering on the abyss. And they have warmed the masses up to crying for the state to do "whatever is necessary" to provide security.

The remaining piece of the puzzle is to thoroughly isolate and alienate the US from our few remaining friends in the world. This will be accomplished by the coming unilateral campaign against Iraq, and very quickly against the entire arab world. Europe has already indicated it wants no part of this, Brits possibly excepted. Most of the neutral nations of South America, Asia and Africa will quickly realize that they want to stay clear of this fight too. The US will be left alone while all her enemies circle in. The derivative explosion will kick off in the middle of this mess and flatten the domestic economy.

All very dire predictions. Why would anyone want this to happen? The globalists know that all the pieces are in place for them to make their big move. They have been for years. The only stumbling block is the armed, educated, ornery subset of the US population, I would call patriots.

Thay hate us and will use any means to eliminate us. We stand as a shining ray of hope to the boot licking masses of the planet and we cannot be allowed to continue preaching freedom and individual rights. The global collective demands that we be purged.

So yes, the war on terror, the attack on Iraq and the sorry state of the US economy are all related. They are all part of the strategy to remove the last obstacle to global tyranny.

Get ready because here it comes.


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30 Mar 2006 @ 11:37 by joda : resistance movement
Those patriots really need consistent dissemination strategy. Information has to be spread as far and wide as possible, for You'll really need backup from ordinary folks, if there comes a moment of confrontation with the Empire forces.
Guerilla cannot function if it hasn't resources, food, means of transport, safe shelters, means of communication unpenetrable to state surveillance - to name the most needed things. Fortunately, the size of the army and the scope of US military operations provided large group of people, who are trained in the art of war, able, experienced and wise. All those veterans, ex-military, they are Your hope, for among them are many honourable, decent people. really looks like there is going to be civil unrest in US. Economy is collapsing, people are losing their jobs and fall into debts they cannot get out of. I've been observing New York transportation workers strike and it clearly demonstrated PTB helplessness in the face of people's unity. On the other hand, what worried me was - strikers gave up too soon. Obviously they let themselves be intimidated by a state.. but that's really no strange, when their own labour unions betrayed them and the media brainwashed the public against them.

Much is to be done, but recent fuss around Charlie Sheen's allegations regarding 9/11 and following polls which show that over 80% of Americans isn't buying official government bullshit gave me hope.

American Patriots - the world is watching, and there are people who keep your side from overseas!

Joda! So good to see you again. Thakyou so much for your encouragement. As you know the fraud being perpetrated upon the American, and other, peope where 'money' is concerned is the basis of it all. The end of the traitorous Congress' support of the Federal Reserve System (Based totally on fraud) is the crux of it all. The destruction of America was planned so very long ago that there is no way that things will ever return to normal without some deep understanding and action on the part of the real people of America. By normal I mean Liberty and Freedom and Justice for all.

Those very same forces of tyranny and evil which are striving to create the one world government of every totalitarians' dreams are flirting with disaster and think they've got it made now that the real America (The Republic) has been silenced. We are rapidly discovering the ways and means to defeat these ghouls and our earnest hope is that this victory will come without too much blood being shed.

Thanks so much, freeman, for your stance and for your support for the battle rages on worldwide and we are all involved whether we can see that or not. Our final victory over Marcab (The old Lex Mercatoria/Mercantilism) will be sweet and, hopefully, long lived - that this worlds' dynamics may once again experience the freedom known by all true beings everywhere.

See ya bro...  

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